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POGS Wed 23-Jan-19 22:34:33

We have had many threads that have discussed the plight of Venezuela and tonight things are taking a turn it would appear in that forsaken country.

There was an interesting BBC programme ' REVOLUTION IN THE RUINS: THE HUGO CHAVEZ STORY ' shown 16th Jan 2019. I recommend viewing it for those interested in the politics of then and it's resonance with the politics of today.

It covered the rise / Socialist Revolution of both Chavez and Moduro and the subsequent impoverishment of the Venezuelan people.

It followed the Economy, Nationalisation , Shut down of the press, Total Compliance , Loyalty or Prison, Government Brutality, finally Dictatorship.

Yes it did cover the good side of their nature and helping the population but it followed a time line of why and how through Economic Mismanagement, Continued Corruption, Printing Money, Borrowing Money , led to a crime wave that worsened under Moduro.

We all know, although some do not accept , the Venezuelan people are starving, Inflation runs in figures of obscenity, mass migration in the millions, shelves bare of supplies even of toilet paper , medicines and health care destroyed.

There were two people interviewed in the BBC programme and what they said chimed with me thinking of the politicians who have declared we ' Could learn from Venezuala' and we know who they are.

One said on the subject of ' Cult and Personality ' , being 'Seduced and Controlled ' :-

" Whilst we had the positive side we also had the slippery side to authoritarianism "

The other said :-

" You cannot just vote for the shiny new thing and the promises of ' Romantic Revolutions ' you have to vote for the boring politician that has stable ideas to move people over time '.

Will Moduro the dictator still be in power ? Events are showing today this ' just might ' prove too much for even him but he no doubt he will survive. After all brutality and oppression has become the way to control the people in his Socialist Venezuala.

grannypauline Sat 23-Feb-19 21:27:53

I don't defend any corruption or torture or murder, but I think the US and UK stances are disingenuous. They support Saudi thugs (and sell them arms) but condemn (rightly of course) intimidation and murder elsewhere. In Chile it was the copper firms they wanted to control and in Venezuela it's the oil.

Hopefully the masses will insist on democratisation of the ruling party rather than a coup. If the latter, I am predicting a savage reprisal, which will be in no-one's interests except the transnationals.

POGS Sun 24-Feb-19 12:36:27


"Hopefully the masses will insist on democratisation of the ruling party rather than a coup. "

What do you think this all about?

The Venezuelans are living under a dictatorship feted by the far left who defend Moduro and what with, American sanctions .

Have sanctions caused the dictator Moduro to torture/kill his people . Have sanctions caused Moduro to carry on with the corruption of Chavez ?

At least Chavez started out being a good person Moduro is another kettle of fish and from the start he made his aims loud and clear.

Yesterday did thankfully not see more bloodshed but using live ammunition against those trying to get aid into Venezuela will no doubt be a case of ' give it time '.

grannypauline Sun 24-Feb-19 20:27:32

That is why Venezuelans must insist on full nationalisation of the means of production - ie a Socialist economy where there is state control of the distribution of food, medicines etc. Secondly they must have democratic control of these, not a dictatorship. And especially not a cruel and vindictive dictatorship on any side.