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Edinburgh - Prof. Rosa Freedman to speak

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FarNorth Tue 29-Jan-19 11:42:57

Dr Rosa Freedman, and other invited guests, are to speak at a public meeting.
Here is how the meeting is described :

Important and far-reaching changes are affecting women and girls throughout Scotland. Our speakers will address the effects of recent policies and proposals in areas such as schools, NHS, prisons and sports, and consider how government, councils, and individuals can work to ensure we protect the rights of women.

The meeting is in Edinburgh this Thursday, 31st January, at 7pm (doors open at 6.30) and is for everyone, not women-only.
Tickets (£5.83) are available from Eventbrite:

TerriBull Tue 29-Jan-19 11:56:44

Hi Farnorth, Prof. Rosa Freedman, that name rings a bell, is she a Professor from Reading University who was subject to online abuse recently due to her stance on gender issues?

Grammaretto Tue 29-Jan-19 15:34:09

I clicked on the link but it doesn't give a venue!! It gives a time and a price only and a list of speakers. I hope they know where they're going.
How weird. Also £5.83 per ticket.
I'm not venturing out in a snowy night in January for something as badly organised as this.
It'll be the university perhaps. Edinburgh is a big place.

GrumpyGran8 Tue 12-Feb-19 21:17:32

Hi Grammaretto - it wasn't badly organised. These type of feminist meeting are always blackaded and protested by estreme transactivists - previous meetings have had bomb threats, security has had to be hired, and the venues get a storm of abuse on social media accusing them of hosting a meeting of bigots and transphobes. Because of all that, organisers now only give out the venue by email a couple of hours before the event. angry
You can read transcripts of the meeting here:

FarNorth Thu 14-Feb-19 13:43:47

Thanks Grumpygran8.
I should have come back to say that.