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Sex education - periods

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Peppermint Mon 25-Feb-19 12:33:22

A welcome change - it's just a shame children will have to wait a whole year until 2020 for this to come into effect!

It did get me thinking though about how sex education has changed so much for us compared to our GC

mipmap Mon 25-Feb-19 12:38:53

I can't believe this is not in place already. It's ridiculous to be waiting another year. Both boys and girls need to learn about this. Times have changed. I don't remember ever being taught about it, just a chat with my mum, but it was all so secret and taboo and it's much better to have it in the open. It does affect half of society at some point in their lives after all

tanith Mon 25-Feb-19 12:50:44

I’m sure my GD 14 mentioned this had been talked about in class last term so maybe some schools have already moved with the times.

BlueBelle Mon 25-Feb-19 12:51:24

Well it is taught in some schools as my grandkids came home and told me all about it when they were in the last year ar primary with is 6-8 years ago

LullyDully Mon 25-Feb-19 14:21:49

We used to tech about periods in year 6 as girls grow up so fast now.

Peppermint Mon 25-Feb-19 14:51:27

I've heard of children learning about periods, but I haven't heard of any children learning about conditions like endometriosis in school before.

paddyann Mon 25-Feb-19 15:42:23

My GD is the last in her class to get her period ,shes 11 and its a very small class so they all know whats what with each other.She has a period tracker on her phone because she has monthly cramps though no actual period and she's quite prepared for when it does arrive .Wee soul is all excited about it .

callgirl1 Mon 25-Feb-19 17:25:12

That won`t last!

paddyann Mon 25-Feb-19 19:07:47

I know callgirl1 but I dont want to burst her bubble ,it'll happen soon enough .

SalsaQueen Mon 25-Feb-19 22:02:02

I haven't got daughters, but when my sons were in their last year at Juniors (aged about 11), I told them about girls having periods, and the basics about sex. I didn't want them to start Senior school and hear talk in the playground. I think 14 is too late to be teaching children about such things.