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Corbyn's long game - driving journalists crazy- and you?

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jura2 Mon 18-Mar-19 11:55:08

Certainly me- same with his close acolytes- never ever answering a direct question:

What about you? He is still going on about being able to quickly negotiate a Norway style deal without any of the strings and responsibilities attached.

Anniebach Fri 24-May-19 10:17:57

I am not condemning unions, I am against unions running the government, controlling the government. When I vote for a party leader I want that leader to lead

trisher Fri 24-May-19 11:37:13

AS you are not condemning unions Annie could you post anything to show you support them?

jura2 Fri 24-May-19 11:42:56

So here we are, Corbyn supporting remainers. May gone, and ERG in, alt right, No Deal, WTO...

Great hey! And Corbyn could have stopped it- he could have opposed it. But he wanted a GE at all costs- and he won't get one, and even if he does, he won't win it, I am 99% sure. Worth it? I'd say not.

And yes, Cameron and the Tories started it - and they will have to bear responsibility. But Corbyn is massively to blame- as he could have made a really convincing and very stron case for with a Conf. Ref or even revoke, and people would have listened, if it had been all clearly explained, with facts and figures, and conviction. He chose NOT to- and for me, he will always carry 48% of the blame!

Mycatisahacker Fri 24-May-19 17:54:11

Corbyn has always voted consistently against the EU!!!

How can you not know this? He’s always been a brexiteer. Always.

varian Fri 24-May-19 19:20:36

He claims to have voted Remain in 2016 but how many people believe him?

Anniebach Fri 24-May-19 19:37:39

His devotees who believe every thing he says no matter how much evidence proves he lies

Grany Sun 26-May-19 08:53:36

Happy Birthday to Jeremy Corbyn today.

trisher Sun 26-May-19 11:02:09

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

jura2 Sun 26-May-19 22:30:28

... and this is the result - happy now?

jura2 Mon 27-May-19 09:50:46

Is there anyone here who would not agree that those abysmal results are not due to JC's sitting on the fence, totaly lack of clarity, with Starmer, Emily, Watson, etc, saying one thing, and Corbyn and his close allies saying another.

One thing is clear- a GE would be a disaster for Labour - so it is time to make a very strong case for a PV- and campaign convincingly for remain.

jura2 Mon 27-May-19 09:54:03

JC has to go, for sure.

jura2 Mon 27-May-19 10:08:58

Comment copied from a LP friend:

'Yet the Labour leader STILL fails to realise that the main opposition party should be offering an alternative to those voters who do NOT WANT BREXIT. This is particularly the case when 75% of Labour members want to Remain. To actually agitate for a general election when the party’s main support is ebbing away is sheer folly. You couldn’t make it up...'

Grandad1943 Mon 27-May-19 10:11:36

Very many thought that the unnecessary General Election of 2017 would be a disaster for the Labour Party, that's why Theresa May called it.

However, we all now know what happened to those thoughts and prediction as it turned out to be a disaster for the Tory party.

That stated the next primary ballot in Britain will be a General Election, and I feel that the Labour Party should hold to its present "overall" policies as any General Election would have to be fought on much more than just Brexit.

Theresa May made the mistake of thinking that the Tory Party could fight a general election in 2017 on one major issue, and in that she lost her majority in Parliament.

Anyway, love to join the debate further, but we are just off for a walk on Exmoor and a slap up pub lunch.

See you much later. smile

Anniebach Mon 27-May-19 10:15:13

Where was the biggest party membership yesterday

Grandad1943 Mon 27-May-19 10:20:21

The grassroots rank and file in the Labour party/movement were polices are decided WILL NOT be changing the General Election as first priory policy in regard to Brexit any time soon for any number of reasons.

No recall delegate conference has received any support, and that is the only way that the above policy could be changed in any meaningful way.

And I very much agree with that.

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 10:42:46

Corbyn is hopeless though. John would be far far better as leader

Anniebach Mon 27-May-19 11:30:18

Quote of the day

‘something is wrong with our strategy ‘

Diane Abbott

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 11:35:20

Poor old Di!

Always last to get it!

Hopefully she will finally quit and hopefully take her old boyfriend with her let labour recover

jura2 Mon 27-May-19 11:38:16

Grandad - if they don't change their priority, they will be defeated big time- and then what?

Anyone unable to see when the time is right to change tack- deserves oblivion.

Anniebach Mon 27-May-19 12:06:01

So no change of policy from labour ?

‘If you keep doing what your doing, you keep getting what you get ‘

jura2 Mon 27-May-19 12:59:31

From Peston:

'And what is so toxic for Labour is that most Labour members and supporters were convinced that Jeremy Corbyn had a stunning victory within his near grasp.

But in the words of the Labour MEP John Howarth, who only just kept his seat, "had Labour's 'high command' set out to lose an election they could not have gone about it in a more convincing way".

Corbyn is being denigrated by all sides of his party - with the exception of loyalists associated with the powerful Unite union - for a triangulation as confusing as any perpetrated by Blair and Brown, in his refusal to state unambiguously whether he was in favour of Brexit by parliamentary fiat or a confirmatory referendum.'

Campbell also said 'no change in policy = deserve oblivion'

Anniebach Mon 27-May-19 13:06:44

Corbyn is still prattling on - we want a general election

Grany Mon 27-May-19 15:37:45

Jeremy Corbyn reacts to EU election results

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 15:55:12

He’s unbelievable isnt he!

Grandad1943 Mon 27-May-19 16:03:45

jura2 regarding your post @ 12:59 today, I would certainly not cite Preston and Cambell as being anywhere near the centre of Labour movement thinking at the present time.

For that I believe anyone only needs to look back at the Blair premiership years to see why the broader Labour membership in the country is very firmly holding to the present policies, including that on Brexit. Those often poorly paid trade union members have paid affiliation subscriptions to the Labour party for over one hundred years.

However, following years of Tory Government throughout the 1980s-90s, a Labour government was elected in 1997, and grassroots members throughout the movement expected much to change for them. That certainly did not happen in their eyes. Instead, they had the beginnings of the Gig Economy, Zero Hours contracts, the Banking Crisis and the Iraqi War to name just a few things that in the view of the grassroots members Blair and his cohorts were responsible for.

The rank and file members in the trade union side of the Labour movement also did not see any relief whatsoever during the Blair/Brown years in the draconian anti-trade union legislation brought in by the Tories. That included the naming of all who are to be involved in any industrial action to their employers fourteen working days before any action commences. That legislation apply's even after a postal ballot of members has taken place and a majority vote for the action, and that is viewed by today's trade union membership as a total betrayal by the Blair government.

The above has ended any prospect of the broader movement ever supporting a centre-left Parliamentary Labour party for the foreseeable future. What we now have in that broader movement are People who are working parents but need the support food banks being trapped in the Gig Economy or Zero hours contracts. They often live in Privately rented accommodation with no security of tenure for them or their families.

The above persons care little about Brexit it means nothing to them, for they are more concerned with where the next full day's work is to come from, or what they may receive from the food bank that week, or how long they will be allowed to remain at their current address.

At the Labour Movement delegates Conference held last September, those attending chose to go for a General Election as first priority as that they see as the only way to bring about change to the above. I believe that even at such an election if the electorate rejected current Labour policies and the persons leading the Parliamentary party, then those policies still would not change even in defeat.

Never again will the Broader Labour movement in the country support a Blair style government, for any Labour administration will have to come to power speaking for those grassroots members, or it will not come to power at all.

That is where the Labour Party/movement are at the present time and will remain for the foreseeable future, I believe.