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Corbyn's long game - driving journalists crazy- and you?

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jura2 Mon 18-Mar-19 11:55:08

Certainly me- same with his close acolytes- never ever answering a direct question:

What about you? He is still going on about being able to quickly negotiate a Norway style deal without any of the strings and responsibilities attached.

Urmstongran Wed 28-Aug-19 20:31:53

Has anyone seen Jeremy's performance in that brief ITV news interview ?

Is this a PM in waiting ?? - his mini speech was so poor that it's beyond parady.

Momentum have done this country a huge disservice.

Urmstongran Wed 28-Aug-19 20:32:09


lemongrove Wed 28-Aug-19 20:55:56

Yes, I saw that, Corbyn wasn’t in the least angry, his tone belied his words, and we all know that he wants us to leave the EU, but he not a good enough actor to convince anyone is he?

Opal Wed 28-Aug-19 20:58:05

Urmstongran - God forbid he's a PM in waiting, I can't think of anything worse for this country.

jura2 Wed 28-Aug-19 21:00:02

oh I can - Johnson or any from ERG.

Grandad1943 Wed 28-Aug-19 22:42:10

If a vote of no confidence is carried by the House of Commons next week or Britain crashes out of the European Union with no deal and there is widespread disruption in the supply chain, then Jeremy Corbyn will be very much a Prime Minister in waiting.

The above would certainly be the end of the ERG/Tory party without a doubt.

Stock up your Brexit cupboards Ladies ready for panic buying as Johnsons no-deal Brexit approaches.

Having had a working connection with the Road Transport industry for over forty years, we have.

lemongrove Wed 28-Aug-19 22:47:23

Ready for panic buying? But that would be panic buying if we did as you suggest!
I’m not stocking up with anything ahead of time.