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Corbyn's long game - driving journalists crazy- and you?

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jura2 Mon 18-Mar-19 11:55:08

Certainly me- same with his close acolytes- never ever answering a direct question:

What about you? He is still going on about being able to quickly negotiate a Norway style deal without any of the strings and responsibilities attached.

trisher Mon 27-May-19 16:05:01

It is unbelievable that some people still support a government that has no majority in parliament, that is in the middle of a leadership contest which means we have no idea who the PM will be in a fortnight's time and which is literally doing nothing. Of course we need a general election. The interesting thing will be if a PM is appointed who takes us into a no-deal Brexit. Then when a vote of no-confidence is introduced what will moderate conservatives from Remain areas do?

jura2 Mon 27-May-19 16:06:32

You can choose all you want - Conference was a long time ago- things have changed drastically.

Refuse to change tack, in the face of recent events and results- and it will be oblivion. This is what happens to dinosaurs who refuse to face facts and change accordingly.

jura2 Mon 27-May-19 16:10:10

Just wondering, is that you Len?

Witzend Mon 27-May-19 16:14:31

I'm not sure Corbyn really wants the top job. What he likes is being awkward and opposing whatever it is - after all it's what he did on the back benches when Labour were in power. He'd have to actually DO something, put his money where his mouth is.

He still reminds me of the people I used to see outside our student union in the late 60s, trying to sell the Socialist Worker and thrusting Marxist Society leaflets at you.

I don't think he's ever grown out of the student politics stage.

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 16:21:05

Yes but Blaire actually won ejections didn’t he.

That’s kind of the point isn’t it! Unless your aim is to stay in opposition.

Labours policy on Brexit is dither bluster and fence sitting.

Please don’t tell us jezza planned these losses and he really has a cunning plan. hmm

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 16:24:04

Oh totally agree Witzend but his adoring groupies just will not see it.

He’s killing labour.

Grandad1943 Mon 27-May-19 16:24:22

jura2 Quote [You can choose all you want - Conference was a long time ago- things have changed drastically.] End Quote.

Things have not changed at all for the people I have referred to in my post @16:03 today in fact they have become somewhat worse. In that as I stated, those persons could not give "a monkies" about Brexit it matters little to them in their everyday lives.

Others may care more about Brexit than the inequality those people face every day. Therefore they now no other option but to look to no one else but themselves.

Those that represent them now set policy in the Labour party, and stand by those policies and people they will.

No Change will come about even in any election defeat. Those days are gone.

Grandad1943 Mon 27-May-19 16:26:23

Apologies should be " have no other option above."

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 16:27:58

Absolutely cannot believe anyone thinks Corbyn is doing a good job!

How on earth can anyone be that deluded.

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 16:32:07

I wonder what labours policy would actually be in this GE they so want?

They would actually have to have a policy. What will it be

jura2 Mon 27-May-19 16:39:31

Well, some are getting the message.

Going further still in his BBC interview, Mr McDonnell said: "Of course we want a general election, but realistically after last night there aren't many Tory MPs that are going to vote for a general election. It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.

"So our best way of doing that, I think, is going back to the people in a referendum and I think that's what our members want.

"So we're saying quite clearly if there can be a deal, great, but it needs to go back to the people, if it's a no-deal then we've got to block it. And the way we're doing that, I think, is by going back to the people.and arguing the case against it because it would be catastrophic for our economy."

Asked if that meant he backed a referendum in all circumstances, Mr McDonnell replied: "I think it is, yeah."

I agree with you about things not changing for the most deprived, those really affected by austerity, job losses and the disparition of traditional industries - totally. But NOW is the time to explain why Brexit will NOT improve things for them, result in more pain and loss, and the very likely privatisation of the NHS, etc. It is up to Labour to make that case well and clear, explain the reasons and why WTO would be a disaster, for them- who mainly voted for Brexit as a portest vote- tragically and sadly 'Turkeys voting for Christmas'. The case will not be difficult to make, at all - it needs conviction and clarity from the top of LB, and that means JC and also the Unions.

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 16:49:07


That’s exactly what labour should do I think you put that really well.

But they won’t be able to do it with Corbyn.

jura2 Mon 27-May-19 16:51:10

Agreed, too late now for him.

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 16:54:33

Yes agree

trisher Mon 27-May-19 17:45:01

Firstly it is highly unlikely that this government will offer a referendum, by doing so they would lose even more support. It seems likely that the next PM will be a Brexiteer who unless stopped will take us into a no-deal Brexit. When this happens the only alternative will be to call for a vote of no-confidence. If moderate Tories continue to follow the party line they will not support this and we will crash out. So calling for another vote is fine but the reality is we probably won't get one as things stand. In fact the only chance of getting a second vote is to bring down this Tory government and vote in more MPs who will allow a second vote. In other words Corbyn is entirely right a GE is the only hope for a second vote. Expecting to get one without a GE is wishful thinking.

Anniebach Mon 27-May-19 17:47:52

John MscDonald now supports a second referendum not a general election, whilst Corbyn is still in la la land

lemongrove Mon 27-May-19 17:49:56

I agree with your view of the situation trisher but as we all know, a week in politics is a long time.

trisher Mon 27-May-19 17:51:18

If you could explain to me how a second referendum would be implemented when the government are Brexiteers I would really appreciate it Annie. Why would the Tories offer such a thing? They would lose so much support.

Anniebach Mon 27-May-19 17:55:12

Ask John McDonald trisher

trisher Mon 27-May-19 17:56:56

Thanks lemon it's not very often we agree grin
One thing I do wonder, if a vote of no-confidence was put to Parliament how would those Tory MPs from Remain areas vote?
Vote with the gov and they let down their Remain constituents. Vote against it and their party might lose power.

Grandad1943 Mon 27-May-19 19:59:38

Anniebach Quote [ John MscDonald now supports a second referendum not a general election, whilst Corbyn is still in la la land] End Quote.

As usual way off the mark anniebach. What John McDonald stated was that we are unlikely to see a General Election come about due to the current situation in the Tory Party. Therefore, to fully support efforts to secure a second referendum should be the way forward.

That fully supports the Delegate Conference policy of "to seek to bring about a General Election as priority, and if that proves not possible, to then seek a second referendum."

Straightforward support for the current Delegate Conference policy anniebach, simple as that.

Anniebach Mon 27-May-19 20:13:36

Really? If all settled at the conference why his email this evening saying after the results today ‘this issue will have to go back to the people, weather through a general election or a public vote, if the people settled this last year why not just carry on not go back to the people again

Grandad1943 Mon 27-May-19 20:24:44

Anniebach, he again stated the current policy of bringing Brexit back to the electorate either through a General Election or a public vote, meaning a second referendum.

Could not be clearer.

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 20:33:16

But what does he think? The man? He was always a Euro sceptic so is he still?

The trouble with Corbyn is you just don’t believe him.

Mycatisahacker Mon 27-May-19 20:33:51

And clearly neither do the electorate