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Putting Humpty Dumpty together again

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grannyactivist Tue 26-Mar-19 09:20:06

There is going to come a point where, whether we have left or remain in Europe, we need to put this whole sorry mess behind us and build bridges between people. The issue of Brexit has been extremely divisive, setting even friends and family members against each other in some cases.

Looking forward to a time of reconciliation does anyone have any ideas as to how this may be achieved? Across the globe there have been many formal 'Truth and Reconciliation' Commissions set up to address conflict situations nationally, so I wonder whether there is something to be learned from those that will help us to heal our divided nation? I do think that in the short term it will come down to people intentionally wanting to move forward in some sort of harmony.

Suerussell Wed 27-Mar-19 18:00:37

I am of the opinion we will not leave the EU . I voted leave and would do again, but there is no will in Parliament for it to happen.

I also think if there was a ‘People’s Vote’ the options offered up would be such that the required result would ensue.

I voted leave because I think the EU is an undemocratic nonsense, EEC was fine and time has proved we were right not to join the Euro. The way Greece was treated was an abomination in my view.

jura2 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:02:45

Day6: 'It will be interesting to note which groups in society become the scab pickers, won't it? '

yes, that is a good question. Will it be Remainers who will say 'we told you so' if things don't turn out to be quite as expected by Leavers, especially in areas facing all sorts of problems.

Or the Leavers, when they realise they were lied to, that so many jobs are lost, agriculture and industry decimated, more immigrants rather than less, NHS privatised to Trump and co- especially when the investigations do take place properly into FRaud.

Or both? Your guess is as good as mine.

janeainsworth Wed 27-Mar-19 20:58:38
Plenty more if you look, gonegirl and gilly

NotSpaghetti Wed 27-Mar-19 23:01:01

grannyactivist - I too have friends who won’t speak to each other because of Brexit and even a family member who moved away, taking their family and business to Southern Ireland. They had NO intention of going abroad prior to the vote, but didn’t want their children brought up in “a country full of hate”.
I think it will be a generation at the very least before there is some sort of peace.
I have heard from a British Muslim friend that the abuse she has received since the vote is many times worse and happens more often than she’d ever experienced before, and a young Polish woman I know who has been living and working here for about 10 years has been threatened on public transport and told to “f - off” home. This IS her home.
I try not to talk about Brexit in “mixed” company now. It’s just too hot a topic. My friends tend to feel as I do about these matters but if I don’t know people so well (and how they voted) I try to steer away from the topic.
The pain, the anger and the despair on both sides is palpable. I fear it will be so for the duration of my life nd hope and pray that time heals.