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Theresa May to Quit

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Day6 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:16:53

"Downing Street have confirmed that if the deal passes this week, the UK will leave on 22nd May, at which point the process to elect a new leader will begin. May will remain in post until her successor is chosen but it will be the end of her negotiating anything to do with Brexit."

Day6 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:18:59

Once the deal has passed she will resign as PM and step down from further stages of negotiations.

I do not blame her at all. I hope she feels a sense of relief tonight.

Riverwalk Wed 27-Mar-19 18:22:06

Gawd, another Tory leadership contest - don't think I can take any more!

jura2 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:30:13

So ERG here we come - a terrifying prospect - BoJo, ReesMogg, Gove?

But I can't blame her, really- how she kept going so long, at her age and type 1 diabetic, is incredible.

Anniebach Wed 27-Mar-19 18:34:20

She certaintly brought dignity to the house

Day6 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:36:04

I agree Annie

I blame Remainer MPs entirely for the mess we are in.

What a rough ride as PM she's had.

gillybob Wed 27-Mar-19 18:37:25

I can’t blame her either . How on earth she hasn’t told them all to “get stuffed” before now is beyond me . She hasn’t looked too well of late , her stress levels must be through the roof . I honestly don’t think anyone ( from any party) could have done any better than she has, being up against that EU wall that they really don’t want us to climb over !

gillybob Wed 27-Mar-19 18:38:20

I agree Annie she has behaved impeccably.

lemongrove Wed 27-Mar-19 18:40:51

It’s not a case of ‘you can’t blame her’......she will not want to stand down ( what PM ever does?) A case of a bargain with her own Party to get behind her deal on the third run out.
Hope it succeeds.

boat Wed 27-Mar-19 18:42:17

I think she has been on massive amounts of tranquilisers for the whole process which will have helped her seem like a Maybot.

Day6 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:52:18

You do a disservice to all strong women with that unnecessary and nasty comment boat.

lemongrove Wed 27-Mar-19 18:55:24

boat what a crass comment.

Iam64 Wed 27-Mar-19 18:56:51

Day 6 - I don't agree with your political views on Brexit but I'm with you all the way in your last comment. May has shown real resilience and done the best she can when actually surrounded by back stabbing bar stewards.

Gonegirl Wed 27-Mar-19 19:00:01

Dreadful comment boat.

Gonegirl Wed 27-Mar-19 19:03:23

I feel sorry for her - amidst a huge amount of admiration.

Can't see a decent replacement for her anywhere amongst the [what iam said]. sad

Ginny42 Wed 27-Mar-19 19:05:49

Ah but Day6, TM was a remain MP and it is disingenuous to say that this mess is all the fault of the Remain MPs. Who started this bun fight and what did the Leave MPs do to mitigate against the worst effects of the Remain MPs?

Elegran Wed 27-Mar-19 19:07:01

What she is saying to them is, "Ok, if you think you can do any better, you can bloody well get on with it. I am booking a long holiday somewhere without wifi coverage and I'm not taking my mobile or reading a newspaper. I might never be back. Good luck!"

Day6 Wed 27-Mar-19 19:24:39

{smile] Elegran I imagine she is discussing that very scenario with Philip right now!

I agree Ginny42 she was a Remainer and perhaps she was the wrong person to negotiate with the EU. However, I feel sure she felt strongly that she had a job to do. She coined the phrase "No deal is better than a bad deal" but when Mps voted to remove the No Deal WTO option, her bargaining chips vanished.

How could UK MPs have weakened our dealing power like that? It seems stupid, given we were leaving anyway. The delaying strategies by various Remainer MPs, Bercow and the HOC sold the UK down the river.

I don't think any other MP with the Brexit task would have faced a smoother ride though.

We accept a bad deal or w

Day6 Wed 27-Mar-19 19:25:29

Last sentence irrelevant

jura2 Wed 27-Mar-19 19:34:14

Blame the remainers if you wish - but I firmly blame her own party in the form of ERG.

varian Wed 27-Mar-19 19:35:06

Many admire Theresa May for her stamina. That is not the most important quality we need in a PM.

TM was dreadful Home Secretary, author of the "hostile environment" designed to make immigrants unwelcome. She was an expert at blaming others for her many failures.

She is breathtakingly hypocritical, saying one thing and doing another. Her priorities were always- 1 her own career progression, 2 the conservative party.

She cares absolutely nothing for the good of the country, for democracy or for truth.

Ginny42 Wed 27-Mar-19 19:36:54

If we are to believe that she acted entirely alone (which I don't accept as I mentioned in another thread) she bought her bus pass the night she blamed the MPs for the Brexit impasse.

Supposing she did act alone, then she alone refused to take advice, she alone failed to involve Parliament fully in the Brexit process; She has procrastinated, shamefully running down the clock imagining that MPs would eventually give in as the final minutes ticked away; she alone then was intransigent about those blessed red lines; and she failed to listen to reasonable alternatives.

I would blame the Cabinet for not keeping her on a tighter rein.

Alima Wed 27-Mar-19 19:56:31

I think she has done the best she can given the circumstances. The EU, Common Market, whatever, has been the biggest stumbling block for the Conservatives for as long as I can remember. Such a shame she has to go to appease ‘the bastards”. Who will be in charge next? Just hope whoever it is has TM’s integrity.

Ginny42 Wed 27-Mar-19 19:57:04

Bercow didn't sell us down any river. He was upholding the precious sovereignty highly regarded by many. He simply ruled that she could not present the same motion a third time.

Jabberwok Wed 27-Mar-19 19:57:45

I think she's had an eextrodinarily rough ride mainly by her own side. I think she has an enormous sense of duty and dedication to the point of risking her own health. So many horrible comments that would have completely undermined most people, to the point where they would walked away like that lying coward her predecessor. I pray that her deal goes through and that she can retire with dignity and take that well overdue walking holiday with Phillip. She deserves it!