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Our Crumbling Economy

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GracesGranMK3 Thu 02-May-19 11:42:40

I have just heard about Bombardier and feel it is another step along the way to the crumbling of our economy.

The aerospace firm, Bombardier, is putting its Belfast operation up for sale as part of a reorganisation of the business.

I thought we should have a post where all these things could be tied together i.e., business, job insecurity the breakdown in local services and just the general lack of stability in our countries.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 03-May-19 13:51:32

According to City AM London has jumped to second in the global rankings as best cities to invest in. Closest European City is France at seventeenth!!!

MaizieD Fri 03-May-19 14:23:12

Investment in London is partly a result of the pound being low and overseas investors picking up bargains.

Increasing the wealth of the City of London does nothing for the rest of the country. The UK may appear over all to be very wealthy but the wealth is not being distributed across the nation. It is still concentrated in the hands of a small proportion of the population. As crystaltipps pointed out a few posts ago.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 03-May-19 14:27:33

MaizieD still better to be second then 17th.

Local and County Councils have had a shake up yesterday, perhaps if they stopped paying salaries over £100,000 they would have more money to allocate into the local communities?

Dinahmo Fri 03-May-19 14:46:57

GG54 - Bruce Oldfield has a talent - not everybody does.

Lily65 Fri 03-May-19 18:16:56

Most people do but it remains untapped. Many children never fulfill their potential.
How to teach somebody when they are dehydrated, hungry and dirty and their class mates bully them?

MawBroonsback Fri 03-May-19 18:22:40

Add comment | Report | Private message GabriellaG54 Fri 03-May-19 09:37:37
They should stop treating health visitors who fly here to have ops or babies and leave the country without paying
Do you mean “health tourists” GG? confusedconfused
I think our Health Visitors are wonderful , massively overworked, understaffed but invaluable.