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Anniebach Thu 13-Jun-19 22:12:59

Is joining the Liberal Party

Calendargirl Thu 13-Jun-19 22:16:10

Defected from Whatever They Call Themselves Today I presume?

EllanVannin Thu 13-Jun-19 22:21:17

I like the chap and was surprised that he'd initially joined the Labour party. Perhaps now he's found his niche.

Anniebach Thu 13-Jun-19 22:26:55

No, not today , he left Change UK

Yes I too think the Libs could be the right party for him

varian Thu 13-Jun-19 22:34:29

The Libdems have had a huge increase in membership this year and are leading the opinion polls.

I welcome Chuka and hope some of his erstwhile colleagues such as Sarah Woolaston, Heidi Allen and Luciana Berger also join the LibDems.

BlueBelle Thu 13-Jun-19 22:59:25

Yes good luck to him I think we need the middle ground we don’t want a Far right or a far left, go for it Chuka

Ginny42 Thu 13-Jun-19 23:03:15

Good luck to him. He has a lot to offer I think.

Urmstongran Thu 13-Jun-19 23:33:29

Hmm. Good luck with that in Streatham...

Grandad1943 Fri 14-Jun-19 07:39:20

It states it all about the man when you consider he Quit the Labour Party when things got tough.

He then joined the Change Party on its formation but quit them when things got difficult.

So, he now joins the Lib Dems, but no doubt will quit them if things do not go his way entirely, or things get tough in that party.

Therefore, his record demonstrates he is hardly a person who "stands and fights his corner", but one that runs off whenever he feels there is a battle ahead.

Perhaps he should now also change his name from Chuka Umunna to Chuka TheMoaner.

WadesNan Fri 14-Jun-19 07:47:54

I wonder if this is someone following their principles or someone desperate to remain as an MP - no matter which party he has to join.

Firecracker123 Fri 14-Jun-19 07:54:48

I think he's a hypocrite and a coward he wants a so called Peoples Vote on the referendum result but is not giving his constituents in Streatham a chance to vote for or against him in a by election.

Anniebach Fri 14-Jun-19 08:03:59

a man of principle, sadly lacking in many in the Momentum/Corbyn Party.

Grandad1943 Fri 14-Jun-19 08:11:21

WadesNan Quote[ I wonder if this is someone following their principles or someone desperate to remain as an MP] End Quote.

WadesNan, he most certainly has no principles whatsoever, along with no mental courage.

He does undoubtedly wish to remain an MP as no business would want to have him onboard, having demonstrated he is the sort of person that would ensure he was "not around" every time there was a difficult problem to be faced.

Iam64 Fri 14-Jun-19 08:16:08

Remember Thatcher "You turn if you want to, the Lady's not for turning". It isn't always a wonder to continue along the same path if you no longer feel you fit there.

I don't agree that he left the LP when the going got tough (Grandad above). He left the LP when he could no longer support the direction the party was travelling.

I was sorry but not surprised that Change UK fell apart so quickly. The UK has had its FPTP system for so long, it's not likely to embrace a Scandi type small party control any time soon. I was as cross as everyone when the Lib Dems supported Cameron's awful government but the support for their stand on Brexit seems to have given them a much needed boost.

I'd like to see Sarah Woolaston and others joining the Lib Dems. Rory Stewart?

Anniebach Fri 14-Jun-19 08:19:14

He should have sat on a fence like Corbyn .

Where is the great leader?

Grandad1943 Fri 14-Jun-19 08:19:35

Anniebach Quote [ a man of principle, sadly lacking in many in the Momentum/Corbyn Party.] End Quote

Anniebach once again bringing her total obsession of Jeremy Corbyn into yet another thread.

Absolutely Rediculas.

Grandad1943 Fri 14-Jun-19 08:21:30

Anniebach Quote [ He should have sat on a fence like Corbyn .

Where is the great leader?] End Quote?

And yet again.

Anniebach Fri 14-Jun-19 08:24:14

I can understand why he left the Labour Party, I left for the same reasons.

Anniebach Fri 14-Jun-19 08:31:48

The new MP for Peterborough who ‘liked’ a racist tweet -
she didn’t read it, she was careless

So Corbyn was careless when he ‘liked ‘ the wall mural, attended a wreath laying ceremony.

Went on holiday during the referendum campaign.

So careless

TerriBull Fri 14-Jun-19 08:53:17

Slightly off topic, but I don't think Change UK was the wisest choice of a name for their now defunct party, too similar to Change.Org.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 14-Jun-19 08:55:06

No surprise really.

Anniebach Fri 14-Jun-19 08:57:31

It couldn’t work, there is no room for a new party. Shirley
Williams and David Owens tried the same when they left the Labour Party when it turned far left.

Anniebach Fri 14-Jun-19 09:12:59

Chuka said this morning ‘I thought there was room for another centre party, I was wrong’

An MP who said ‘I was wrong’ , must be a first

NotSpaghetti Fri 14-Jun-19 09:17:53

No, Anniebach - I think it’s politically expedient to “be wrong” and expect him to try to take over the Lib Dem’s now...

NotSpaghetti Fri 14-Jun-19 09:20:11

I do wish we had a sensible system of proportional representation but why would the two-party system turkeys vote for their own demise...