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Whitewavemark2 Tue 25-Jun-19 17:08:57

I believe that they intend to have an independent enquiry into this

Devorgilla Tue 25-Jun-19 17:12:15

That appears to be what Savid Javid got them to agree in one of the Leadership debates. Think Boris was there so that would be the BBC one.

Devorgilla Tue 25-Jun-19 17:26:01

Correction: Sajid Javid

Day6 Tue 25-Jun-19 17:31:11

That appears to be what Savid Javid got them to agree

I have to smile.

A few days ago a man of Muslim heritage was in the race to become Prime Minister - head of Government. He'd have been the UK's first PM from a Muslim background - (although he is married to a Christian and doesn't practise any religion.)

And the Conservative party gave him the opportunity to rise through the political ranks. Oh the irony!

I do think much of this is tit for tat nonsense, brought about because of accusations of antisemitism raised against Corbyn's Labour party.

I am glad any allegation of Islamophobia is being investigated. Any decent party would welcome exploring and solving such an issue.

Day6 Tue 25-Jun-19 17:32:41

Apologies - I copied and pasted Sajid Javid's name incorrectly too.

Anniebach Tue 25-Jun-19 17:42:37

They are having an independent enquiry. It was a mixture of shock, embarrassment and disgust when Labour held their enquiry , followed by Shami Chakrabarti racing off to the Lords

EllanVannin Tue 25-Jun-19 17:57:55

Sajid Javid should have been given the chance to be PM. He might have made a difference.
He couldn't have done any worse than what we'll end up with.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 25-Jun-19 18:04:24

Even if Javid had made it to the final two he still wouldn’t have got the premiership if the article is anything to go by.

Islamophobia is endemic

eazybee Tue 25-Jun-19 18:36:55

Sajid David was given the chance to be Prime Minister; he made it through to the final five, and was judged by his performance.

'Islamophobia is endemic' is your opinion, not a fact.

EllanVannin Tue 25-Jun-19 18:40:26

Why must every " phobia " have to be endemic ?
Just because the herd mentality says so ?? Simple minds !

Whitewavemark2 Tue 25-Jun-19 18:46:34

No not my opinion I was quoting Baroness Warsi, but there are other of the Muslim faith whom I could point to you of the same opinion or fact.

EllanVannin Tue 25-Jun-19 18:51:54

Anything can be a phobia if you WANT it to be.
The idea is to be strong and NOT to go with the flow. Try saying NO to phobias for a change.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 25-Jun-19 18:52:29

Of course we could use other phrases.

I could offer


Very common

Regularly found

Characteristic of

Lots more —you pays your money and takes your choice.

But it all means the same thing I.e. the Tories are islamophobic.

EllanVannin Tue 25-Jun-19 18:53:00

Never mind quoting others, go by your own opinion.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 25-Jun-19 19:01:42

I prefer to deal with facts if possible as without facts we could say anything about anything - therein lies madness.

My opinion?

Johnson is using dog whistle politics to attract the hard right vote, and taking lessons from Bannon and Farage in doing so.

I frequently read that Tory party members including councillors, MPs etc have used quite appalling language. It seems to happen too often to suggest its just the odd one off.

EllanVannin Tue 25-Jun-19 19:09:03

To me it boils down to one thing concerning politicians----they're very immature, particularly that big girls blouse who rowed with his girlfriend. Decent sensible people don't act like BJ did for all the public to hear-----just like the spoilt brat that he is.

None of them fool me !

EllanVannin Tue 25-Jun-19 19:11:38

Could you have imagined Churchill acting like that ? Or even Mrs Thatcher for that matter ?

Whitewavemark2 Tue 25-Jun-19 19:23:11

M0nica Tue 25-Jun-19 19:39:51

I am no Conservative apologist, but if Islamaphobia is as endemic among the Conservatives as anti-semitism in Labour we would have torrents of examples coming out day after day, after day - and we don't.

I am sure there are Islamophobes in both parties, but Islamaphobia is a candle to the football stadium lights of Laburs problems with anti-smitism.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 25-Jun-19 19:44:25


M0nica Tue 25-Jun-19 19:46:24


Anniebach Tue 25-Jun-19 19:58:14

Baroness Warsi speaks the truth

Margaret Hodge, Ruth Smeeth , Chuka Ummuna, Luciana Berger, Frank Field and many more , were just anti Corbyn

EllanVannin Tue 25-Jun-19 20:02:07

How does it sit with those who decry Islamophobia in the Tory party when those who follow Islam are also homophobic and honour killers ?

M0nica Tue 25-Jun-19 21:18:17

EllanVannin Do not confuse cultural traditions that justify themselves by claiming they are religiously decreed with what that religion actually teaches.

Many Christian groups are also homophobic, claiming that this is sanctioned by Gods teaching, but actually, no where in the New Testament is there any mention of homosexuality.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 02-Jul-19 10:45:51

Well surprise, surprise. Johnson has backtracked on the promise to hold an enquiry into Islamaphobia in the Tory party.

Almost certainly because he would be implicated.

I hope the Muslim Council make their feelings known.