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Anniebach Mon 01-Jul-19 10:22:34

Please not Jo Swindon , she seems to be constantly in a state
of hysteria and she shouts

MaizieD Sun 04-Aug-19 23:51:15

I understood everything she said.

Excellent, POGS. I'm glad someone did. Would you be so kind as to tell me what 'storm/mess' she is referring to?

jura2 Mon 05-Aug-19 09:37:13

Yes, please.

POGS Mon 05-Aug-19 13:40:32

Maizied / Jura

You didn't get my attempt to make a sarcastic joke did you.

"POGS has decided to add to the confusion. [Grin]" - - -

"I understood everything she said".

Easy really!

As for your lack of understanding what another poster has said for the record I do understand her point but that is sufficient in my book and I do not feel the need to get into a spat with those who don't, that is your problem certainly not mine.