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Should Isobel Oakeshott be tried and charged for Treason?

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jura2 Mon 08-Jul-19 15:19:24

hiding the information about the Russian influence on the Referendum?

Dinahmo Mon 08-Jul-19 16:40:22

I haven't seen anything about I O and Russia but there is an interesting article today on and the leaks of Mr Darroch's memos to the UK government and I O's piece in the Mail on Sunday.

jura2 Mon 08-Jul-19 16:44:13

The extent of Russia’s interference in the 2016 votes for Trump and Brexit has been investigated by intelligence agencies, congressional and parliamentary inquiries, the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller’s office for more than a year.

For much of that time, a reporter in England has been in possession of extraordinary details about Russia’s cultivation and handling of Brexit’s biggest bankroller. Arron Banks was secretly in regular contact with Russian officials from 2015 to 2017, according to a cache of emails apparently not seen in those Transatlantic investigations until they were published in Britain on Sunday.

Banks, who ran the Leave.EU campaign group, was one of the first foreign political figures to visit Donald Trump—accompanying Nigel Farage to Trump Tower—soon after the shock presidential election of 2016. Farage is reportedly a “person of interest” in the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation.

Isabel Oakeshott, a former Sunday Times journalist who ghost-wrote Banks’ book, The Bad Boys of Brexit, was granted access to his emails in the summer of 2016 in order to help draft the diaries. The book mentions one meeting at the Russian embassy which has been the focus of great interest ever since, especially amid questions about where Banks’ sourced the multi-million pound funding of Brexit. He has denied the money came from Russia.

Oakeshott says she did not discover the stunning extent of Banks’ true dealings with Russia until last year. Even then, she decided not to publish saying she wanted to wait until the publication of her next book White Flag? in August. It is unclear whether the Electoral Commission’s investigations into Banks’ financing of the Brexit campaign would have been completed by August.

Oakeshott was keen to keep her treasure trove of Brexit/Russia revelations for her book launch, but she has not merely kept out of the debate about the legitimacy of the Brexit campaign. Describing herself as “a long-standing Brexit supporter,” who is close to Farage and Banks, Oakeshott has become a regular TV pundit shooting down “conspiracy theories” about the validity of the Brexit vote amid claims of Russian influence or reports about Cambridge Analytica’s disputed involvement.

Dinahmo Mon 08-Jul-19 16:50:05

Jura2 Thank you for that. I knew quite a bit but not about her involvement. Perhaps as a result of these revelations she will be kept of our TV screens. I'm sure
I'm not the only one to shout at the tv whenever she appears.

MaizieD Mon 08-Jul-19 17:28:22

The story is a year old. Widely publicised at the time.

Oakshottt has not been kept off our TV screens.

I don't think anyone cares about corruption these days...

Urmstongran Mon 08-Jul-19 18:10:25

I like listening to her. And Carole Malone on The Pledge and her articles in the DM. And reading articles by Camilla Tominey.

But they, like me, are Leavers so that’s probably why I think they talk sense!

jura2 Mon 08-Jul-19 18:26:22

Not asking whether you like listening to her or not - or even if you agree with her, or not...

it is about her being fully aware of Bank's actions and influence- and her hiding the truth, partly for political and partly for financial reasons - even when the Government was officially investigating. Your likes or dislikes are irrelevant here.

jura2 Mon 08-Jul-19 18:26:32

... and so are mine.

Urmstongran Mon 08-Jul-19 19:09:20

Just a bit of conversational input jura2
Lighten up!
We’re not in a court of law with me being grilled by a barrister.

jura2 Mon 08-Jul-19 19:15:04

She should be, for sure.

Urmstongran Mon 08-Jul-19 19:20:09

Very quick witted jura2
Point to you!

MaizieD Mon 08-Jul-19 19:20:33

I think you have your forums confused, Ug. this is News and Politics, not Chat.

Gonegirl Mon 08-Jul-19 19:25:15

I don't see why she should be prosecuted for withholding her journalistic information. It's not as though she is a paid member of the police force, or a security employee. She found the information out. Up to her how she uses it.

Urmstongran Mon 08-Jul-19 19:27:17

Stop being so sniffy MaizieD
Many threads on all forums often morph about somewhat. It’s not a hanging offence.

And there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of comments on here that I’m derailing ...

Gonegirl Mon 08-Jul-19 19:38:27

Oi! There's mine there. See? hmm

Gonegirl Mon 08-Jul-19 19:38:38


Urmstongran Mon 08-Jul-19 19:47:30

Haha! Love it Gonegirl that made me giggle.

Sorry jura2 I’ll not post again. Let your thread get back on topic.

MaizieD Mon 08-Jul-19 19:49:47

I don't see why she should be prosecuted for withholding her journalistic information.

I think it depends. If she withheld it before the police investigation into Banks was initiated but failed to disclose it once it was, it doesn't look good.

Her book is now available, I presume. I wonder if she disclosed the information in it? Or did she just intend to sit on it rather than incriminate a fellow Leaver?

Callistemon Mon 08-Jul-19 20:15:16

Why would this be treason?
Do you mean sedition jura?
Even that charge could be considered spurious.

EllanVannin Mon 08-Jul-19 21:03:26

With a name like that she should be charged.

jura2 Mon 08-Jul-19 21:15:25

Exactly Maizie.

GracesGranMK3 Mon 08-Jul-19 22:06:58

In UK law, as I understand it, to report any and all criminal activity you have knowledge of. If you don't you could be changed with Complicity, being an accessory, or aiding and abetting. What really would determine any or what charges could be brought against Banks.

Callistemon Mon 08-Jul-19 23:08:04

With a name like that she should be charged.
confused I don't understand that
What does it mean.

If you don't you could be changed with Complicity, being an accessory, or aiding and abetting.
or perhaps conspiracy, in this case to pervert the course of the referendum?

GracesGranMK3 Mon 08-Jul-19 23:42:01

I think it would depend on what Banks could be charged with Callistemon. If he can't be charged I wonder how she could be. If there is reasonable evidence of treason I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.

EllanVannin Tue 09-Jul-19 07:46:42

Where's your SOH Callistemon ?