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Back to 60/Waspi Women

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Nico97 Wed 17-Jul-19 17:22:18

I see Amber Rudd has announced that she's sceptical that the women affected by this would get any additional support. I wonder if she knows something ? Probably does !! Sorry I can't post the link but I understand it's been reported in a couple of the tabloids.

suziewoozie Mon 22-Jul-19 08:08:00

I vaguely remember reading that when the women’s pension age was put at 60 in 1940/2? the thinking was that men usually married women younger than themselves and so this would enable them to retire closer together. Of course a lot less women used to have independent state pensions and this was encouraged by the married woman’s ‘stamp’.

Maggiemaybe Mon 22-Jul-19 11:52:54

Even now, women’s pension income in the U.K. is 40% lower than men’s.

I’m so glad I didn’t take the option of the married woman’s stamp when it was offered - those that did are presumably even worse off than those who have always paid a full stamp.

Maggiemaybe Mon 22-Jul-19 11:58:23

Actually, DH reached 65 the same week as I hit 60. We always assumed we would retire together, with our pensions. He’s had his for four and a half years now and I’ve still eighteen months to wait.

And don’t get me started on the bus pass he’s had since he turned 60 (and that I would have had too if we lived in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, London, etc). angry