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Granny23 Wed 31-Jul-19 09:34:16

Saw this today and immediately thought of Anniebach and her critiscism of JC for his inability to talk 'off the cuff'.

Aside from her presentation skills, I would be interested to hear what GNs think about what she had to say.

Jangran99 Wed 31-Jul-19 23:53:46

If she weren't obsessed with independence, she could (hypothetically) concentrate on other issues.
But the other issues are the job she’s paid for!!
She is very good at virtue signalling but we’ve seen and heard it all before

growstuff Thu 01-Aug-19 00:22:01

Fair enough! I don't follow her closely enough obviously. Nevertheless, I still think the TEDtalk was inspiring.

Granny23 Thu 01-Aug-19 00:32:31

The media, principally the BBC (who made Drug related deaths in Scotland their top story) failed to mention that policy on drugs is a reserved matter, nor that drug related deaths are recorded differently in Scotland than in the rest of the UK - i.e in Scotland, any death where an illegal substance is found in the body during a post mortum is recorded as drug related, even when the cause of death is an accident, murder, or the result of a pre-existing medical condition. This is not the case in the rest of the UK, where only deaths CAUSED by illegal drugs are recorded as drug related.

Nor did the BBC report that in the same set of figures released by the Office for National Statistics it was shown that

Scotland is the only country in the UK to have seen a significant reduction in alcohol-related deaths this century, an official report has revealed. In 2017, Scottish males were twice as likely to die from alcohol-related causes than those in England.But the report said the number had fallen by 21% since 2001. In Northern Ireland it rose by 40% over the same period.

This is significant because the SG DOES have powers in respect of alcohol/alcoholism because this is regarded as a Health Issue and has used these powers successfully to cause/contribute to, a 21% reduction in alcohol related deaths, particularly among younger people.

To those who consider that the SNP is a one trick pony, obsessed with Independence, I can only say that they have many admirable polices (remaining in the EU, making Scotland nuclear free, protecting the environment, creating a more equitable society) which will only come to fruition if/when Scotland is a self governing country, free to make its own decisions based on the needs, hopes and ambitions of its own people.

paddyann Thu 01-Aug-19 00:50:12

Nicola Sturgeon IS doing the day job and doing it a damn sight better than ANY unionist politician in WM.She rarely mentions Independence which is grass roots led NOT SNP led .
She has consistently worked for a better Scotland, at home and abroad and the hatred shown to her even here by people who should know better is appalling.
It would appear that its those who SAY they are Scots BUT are happy to be ruled by people not who we didn't vote for and who know nothing about our country and care even less.Why is it that Scotland needs PERMISSION to hold a referendum yet Westminster didn't need our permission to hold the Brexit one? Aren't we SUPPOSED to be parnters in this DIS united kingdom? Sad isn;t it that folk dont hav eenough confidence in OWN country to want it to rule itself .

Jangran99 Thu 01-Aug-19 01:02:32

^Sad isn;t it that folk dont hav eenough confidence in OWN country to want it to rule itself .I

Confidence,like respect, has to be earned!
Now, where have I said I hate Wee Nicola?
BTW ,your shouting rather makes my point.

SueDonim Thu 01-Aug-19 01:08:56

If you have to shout to make your point, you've lost the argument.

Granny23 Thu 01-Aug-19 13:25:58

Putting a few words in caps is not shouting - it is an accepted method of emphasising words or points in written work.

Why not address the points raised and contribute something to the debate/conversation and complain (if you must) in Pendants Corner

Callistemon Thu 01-Aug-19 13:30:58

Using all capitals is bad online etiquette (netiquette). It should not be used for emphasis, it is considered to be shouting.

I think if you want to emphasise a point you could embolden the print like this.

SueDonim Thu 01-Aug-19 22:00:23

Granny23 I've frequently rebutted Paddyann's claims on other threads but she seems not to like that and prefers to SHOUT instead.

Jane10 Thu 01-Aug-19 22:05:22

It's not worth engaging with the rabid SNP fans. It's not like either of us are going to change the others' mind!

SueDonim Thu 01-Aug-19 22:09:53

Quite so, Jane10! I suppose I could just copy & paste my previous responses. grin

Caledonai14 Fri 02-Aug-19 12:23:42

I don't understand the people who continue to want a no-deal Brexit despite all the warnings.

I've yet to hear sensible arguments for why crashing out of the EU would be worth the wholesale slaughtering of our farm animals (while arranging to double our imports of New Zealand lamb or open the way to huge imports of chicken and beef from the US) in the name of a sharp exit...even less so the rumoured plan for us to send Welsh and Scots lamb to Japan.

I was a natural Lib Dem voter who still can't get over how they unashamedly propped up the Tories at Westminster and the Labour party in the first two terms of the Scottish government.

If they become king-makers again in either place the vote will be wasted and we will be stuck with more of the same.

I'm, indeed, a fan of NS and the SNP because they have stuck to what the Scottish people voted for and consistently warned about the dangers for us of leaving the EU.

Under proportional representation, it is very difficult for any party to have an overall majority in Scotland and far easier for smaller groups like the Tories to have representation which would be denied under first-past-the-post. A better system all round and the Greens have proved to be excellent coalition partners while remaining true to their own principles.

A lot of very sensible pro-SNP comments here get battered down unreasonably and I am very glad to see that so many people have watched the video before commenting.

I agree with Jane10 that for some of us on both sides, minds will not be changed, but that should not stifle debate or prevent reasonable points being made.

I don't think the word rabid was helpful or fair.

mcem Fri 02-Aug-19 13:16:01

My reaction too Cal. A scattering of capitals, clearly for emphasis, is hardly shouting.
Why on earth in the real world would that be more offensive than using bold text?
The gospel according to 'netiquette'? Grow up!

I too object to being labelled as 'rabid' and have made the effort to voice my support of most SG policies in a rational and courteous way. I have neither invented nor exaggerated comments made by hard-working and professional friends and family ( none of whom could be described as rabid SNP fans).

SueDonim Fri 02-Aug-19 13:57:34

No SNP supporter (I'm fairly sure I've not used the term 'rabid' - it's not my style) on GN has ever responded to my concerns about SNP policies.

The unfairness of the SNPs concentration of funding in the Central Belt. My area gets the lowest funding for school pupils in the whole of Scotland and that's been the same for years now. Second lowest funding of Countil Tax, also for many years. Glasgow and Edinburgh have so many shiny toys such as cultural attractions, trams, bridges, roads. All we have - finally - is a city bypass, after 70 years (not that all that is the fault of SNP, of course!).

The rot in NHS Scotland. I used to be proud of how good our NHS was compared to England. Not any more. It's disjointed, lacks communication, is understaffed and over-bureaucratic.

The decline of education. Again, I used to be so proud of the education available in Scotland. It's now a shadow of its former self, falling down the PISA tables and using a system not even teachers and parents fully understand. The insistence on testing of small children, despite teachers saying it's not useful. The shortfall of teachers in many areas. John Swinney cannot bear admit he's wrong about anything and our children suffer for it. Please don't come back with 'Ah but we have free university' when many Scottish youngsters cannot avail themselves of a university education because places for Scots are limited while others places for English/non-EU students are unlimited.

The centralisation of emergency services to the CB , which has led to dire situations when emergency help is needed. The removal of defibrillators from this area to the Central Belt because presumably CB lives are more important than ours.

I could go on but I'm getting depressed now so I'm going to go and play with my granddaughter to cheer myself up.

Jabberwok Fri 02-Aug-19 15:16:51

Funny how independence for Scotland, running their own affairs,no outside interference, throwing off the chains of Westminster and so on is considered so admirable, yet we leavers who want to do exactly the same thing ref: - the EU are considered all the dreadful things under the sun including homophobic,stupid in the extreme, almost criminal, and much more besides! Why is so brave and noble for Scotland to run their own affairs free of outside interference and yet the worse kind of abomination for the rest of us?!!

Jane10 Fri 02-Aug-19 15:42:17

I used the word 'rabid' as I'm so used to seeing the more vociferous facepainted rabble grabbing attention at the expense of more detailed examination of what SNP have actually done rather than talked about.

English Grans be aware that by watching the TED talk you are seeing her presenting herself in the best possible light. There's another side to it all and it ain't pretty!
I could say much more.

The SNP Grans on here are welcome to their opinions as are us unionist Grans. I don't need to use capital letters.

mcem Fri 02-Aug-19 15:56:00

I say that opinions quoted by me do not come the 'rabid facepainted rabble' but from a cross section of intelligent, thinking, educated Scots.
By the way do you include rugby enthusiasts at Murrayfield sporting the Saltire on their cheeks as part of that 'rabble'? Or fans at Twickenham with their red n white face paint as the English equivalent?
This is the binary, polarised thinking that is divisive. It simply doesn't recognise that there is a broad spectrum of opinion.

Jangran99 Fri 02-Aug-19 16:13:10

I'm, indeed, a fan of NS and the SNP because they have stuck to what the Scottish people voted for and consistently warned about the dangers for us of leaving the EU.
The Scottish people voted to remain in the UK. They haven’t stuck to that result.
I have not used the word rabidbut I will never forget trying to cross George Square to reach the station and the comments of the marchers about breaking their ranks! A friendly policeman ensured my safe passage!
By the way, NS delivered a well rehearsed TED talk ,full of virtue signalling I hardly recognised her!There was nothing off the cuff about it .

Granny23 Sat 03-Aug-19 10:05:45

Suedomin I am puzzled by your reference to defibrillators being removed and sent to the Central Belt. I live in a village right in the middle of the central belt and know for a fact that our defibrillator and the 2nd one we are about to have were not supplied by the NHS or Scottish Government but rather by fundraising and sponsorship within the village. The local paper often reports on defibrillators in neighbouring towns/villages, all acquired in the same way. I also know that the defibrillators on the Ilse of Barra were funded similarly.

Perhaps you could expand on your comment to explain where/why this is happening?

mcem Sat 03-Aug-19 12:13:51

My thought too.
There's a defibrillator 3 minutes away from my home and another 5 mins away. Both funded by donations from the local community.

SueDonim Sat 03-Aug-19 13:22:12

I was referring to the defibs on emergency vehicles, not volunteer ones. It's another example of centralised decision-making to the detriment of those outside the Central Belt.

Yogagran70 Sat 03-Aug-19 17:31:23

Jane10, totally agree with everything you say, they try to give the impression that everyone up here in Scotland agrees with the SNP, but that is completely wrong, my friends and family all agree that the SNP have ruined Scotland, they only have one purpose, independence, so everything else is secondary to that