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Rosina Thu 19-Sep-19 08:39:57

I have just read that Trudeau should resign because he wore some tan/black face makeup at an Arabian Nights fancy dress party around twenty years ago.

Anyone care to join me in repeatedly banging our heads against the wall?

blondenana Sun 22-Sep-19 11:28:33

I think it's what people do now, and how they act now that counts, everyone makes mistakes, whoever they are even prime ministers, the past is past, people usually learn from their mistakes,
I don't think Trudeau should resign or apologise for something he didn't believe then was wrong,
I have a black grand child by the way

grapefruitpip Sun 22-Sep-19 11:54:26

Lots and lots of issues all mixed up here.

I cannot imagine any relative of mine attending a fancy dress party and blacking up. What a hideous phrase.

SirChenjin Sun 22-Sep-19 11:58:58

something he didn't believe then was wrong

We knew why it was wrong then, it wasn’t a case of believing or not believing. I presume you know not to call your DGC any of the words that would have been used to describe a black person 50 years ago because you know it’s wrong and you understand the historical context? 20 years ago we knew it was wrong for the same reasons.

MaizieD Sun 22-Sep-19 12:02:04

I've read your links, SirChenjin.

I come to the conclusion that the issue is far more nuanced than you would have us believe.

SirChenjin Sun 22-Sep-19 12:03:46

You know they’re not actually my words and that they are explaining the historical context in a great deal of detail?

What nuances do you see to justify your earlier factual claim?

SirChenjin Sun 22-Sep-19 12:04:45

As in the links re Morris dancers blackface are not my words (for the avoidance of doubt)

Davidhs Sun 22-Sep-19 12:49:17

Trudeau has a long record of “dressing up”, not just at fancy dress parties, on a recent visit to India he chose to wear Indian dress and his hosts were not amused at all. At least he didn’t wear any dark make up on that occasion.

GagaJo Sun 22-Sep-19 13:18:48

Trudeau will have known it was wrong then. Of course. It was only 20 years ago. The US civil rights movement preceded his actions by FORTY years. God knows why he does it. Is he a racist at heart?

We all have entrenched racist attitudes in one way, or another. I still make assumptions based on race despite having had a multi ethnic family for almost 40 years.

Pity he still hasn't sorted that out for himself, given the instance Davidhs mentions, in India recently.