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Anniebach Thu 19-Sep-19 08:42:39

I am bereft ?

Urmstongran Thu 19-Sep-19 08:49:32

He’s had a good innings Annie in an industry that is notoriously difficult to break into.

At the age of 75 years it was high time he budged over to give a younger person a crack at it.

Wogan was the same.

And loads of others, clinging on by their fingertips. I’m not saying they weren’t good at what they did. Just greedy perhaps - for the money and/or the fame?

Sussexborn Thu 19-Sep-19 08:55:07

I thought he must have died in the night! OH reckons there will be no one over 40 working for the beeb in the not too distant future.

OH listens to the radio more than I do from the days when he drove for a living. JH is better than his colleagues. Most have grating voices that make me switch off or over.

Hope your day improves Annie.

JackyB Thu 19-Sep-19 10:04:27

Will he still be doing Mastermind?

Anniebach Thu 19-Sep-19 10:27:24

I don’t know if he will continue with Mastermind. He has done ‘Today’ for 32 years,

Urmstongran give over to a younger person ?

Melvin Bragg is 79. Jenny Murray 70, David Attenborough 93,
Judi Dench and Maggie Smith 83

Should they budge over for a younger person ?

humptydumpty Thu 19-Sep-19 10:31:34

Yes, he's still going to do Mastermind.

ug very ageist! JH has lost none of his edge - love his interviews, I'll miss him.

Jabberwok Thu 19-Sep-19 10:40:01

I too am bereft! The last of the big beasts! everyone else seems - light weight? certainly by comparison! He will be sorely missed!☹️☹️

Sara65 Thu 19-Sep-19 10:42:15

Oh Annie, I agree, my mornings will never be the same, just adore his voice

shysal Thu 19-Sep-19 10:42:41

I am sure I remember him retiring from the Today programme once before, several years ago. It wasn't the same without him so he returned.

EllanVannin Thu 19-Sep-19 10:45:00

People such as those mentioned are irreplaceable and always will be. Programmes/films are never the same without them. I no longer watch QT since David Dimbleby left.

Anniebach Thu 19-Sep-19 11:11:35

I first met him in 1966 when he was a young reporter for the
BBC, he left school at 15 and worked his way up,

And on a personal note , he is Welsh ? ???????

humptydumpty Thu 19-Sep-19 11:39:45

Yes Annie I remeber him presenting the 9 o'clock new on the BBC and his beautiful accent...;

Jabberwok Thu 19-Sep-19 11:56:50

Ah yes Annie! All part of his attraction!?

eazybee Thu 19-Sep-19 12:40:23

I am so sorry he has gone; I enjoyed listening to him eviscerating Cameron this morning for the final time.
My suggestion is that he replaces Andrew Marr on Sunday mornings who unfortunately has lost his touch.

Urmstongran Thu 19-Sep-19 12:49:16

My point was hat these well paid oldies don’t want to make room for new blood. Apparently these jobs only come up for grabs ... well, hardly ever!

Eddie Mairs would make a fine replacement. In my opinion.

humptydumpty Thu 19-Sep-19 12:52:12

I don't think there is any plan to replace him, is there? they have quite a large team of presenters now. Eddie Mair left the BBC, not sure if he'd be welcome back. Personally I'd like another bulldog - Jeremy Paxman or Andrew Neill would do..

Anniebach Thu 19-Sep-19 12:59:10

Yes eazybee , I do hope he will continue to broadcast

Eddie Mair ? I think he did present the One Show as a guest presenter !

Anniebach Thu 19-Sep-19 13:00:38

I miss Jeremy Paxman humpty

NfkDumpling Thu 19-Sep-19 13:08:55

I just want an interviewer who’ll let the interviewee finish what they’re saying without constant interruption. I know it’s necessary sometimes when a politician doesn’t answer the question but sometimes they hardly get a word in.

Mr Humphries had a better balance than many, especially that woman who’s name escapes me, so I hope they find a well mannered interviewer to attempt to replace him.

BlueBelle Thu 19-Sep-19 13:26:50

Uggg Jeremy paxman awful man
Can’t say I ve ever felt anything for John Humphries I too thought he’d died from the title and opening post

Goodbyetoallthat Thu 19-Sep-19 14:17:58

John Humphrys isn't my style at all.
I prefer an interviewer who gives the person being interviewed a chance to express their viewpoint & then I will make up my own mind!
I would love them to bring back Ed Stourton but please not Jeremy Paxman (he has put me right off University Challenge)

humptydumpty Thu 19-Sep-19 15:06:14

Couldn't disagree more Goodbye! I didn't like JP on UC initially, he was very stern, but he has mellowed a lot, joshes with the students at times and is entertaining.

Anniebach Thu 19-Sep-19 15:17:28

Give a politician a chance to express their viewpoint?

Goodbyetoallthat Thu 19-Sep-19 16:28:06

Well Yes Annie I am may well disagree with them but would prefer to hear what they have to say first!

Anniebach Thu 19-Sep-19 16:47:29

But Goodby they avoid answering questions so if the question isn’t repeated we would never heard the answer to the question would we ?