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If we had another referendum

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Dottynan Wed 25-Sep-19 06:40:06

If we had another referendum next week would you vote the same way you did in 2016

tanith Wed 25-Sep-19 06:50:06


Oopsminty Wed 25-Sep-19 06:53:42


Sara65 Wed 25-Sep-19 06:59:34

I’d have to really give it some serious thought, but possibly not

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-Sep-19 07:03:27

I think that many, many people will now understand the implication of their vote and change from the original one.

Peonyrose Wed 25-Sep-19 07:10:50

Of course. But why would anyone bother when no notice is taken.
How many would you like?

NanKate Wed 25-Sep-19 07:18:24

Yes I would and then hope that the result is adhered to.

BlueSapphire Wed 25-Sep-19 07:19:38

I don't want another one, but absolutely I would vote the same.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 25-Sep-19 07:24:23


Davidhs Wed 25-Sep-19 07:25:02

If there is a second referendum it will be a last ditch measure on or very close to Oct 31st because the EU are likely not going to grant an extension.
3 yrs ago we voted based on the aims, hopes and lies that we were told at the time. This time if it happens it will be based on “No Deal”, an immediate “in or out” no transition no more talk.

A Big If, there are going to be lots of new moves by both sides in the coming days, we cannot predict the outcome.

Grandad1943 Wed 25-Sep-19 07:25:14

There is now only one party that is offering the British people an opportunity to reconsider their original choice by way of a second referendum, that being the Labour Party.

Marydoll Wed 25-Sep-19 07:28:49

I wouldn't change my vote.

ginny Wed 25-Sep-19 07:33:00

My vote would be the same.

Dottynan Wed 25-Sep-19 07:37:06

Whitewave Please don't speak for me. I know which way I voted and understand the implications and would not vote any differently. I am tired of people quoting what the masses now think

M0nica Wed 25-Sep-19 07:38:37

The next election will be a referendum'

Conservative - Leave
Liberal Dems - Stay
Labour - Don't know

kittylester Wed 25-Sep-19 07:39:58

grandad1943, the Labour Party are only offering another referendum after a GE which will in effect be a 2nd referendum.

Terribly judgemental comments whitewave.

LullyDully Wed 25-Sep-19 07:48:03

I would vote to stay again, however I think we are too far down the line to change direction ( if there is such a thing.) Another referendum could well be as acrimonious as the previous one. Stalemate?

Grandad1943 Wed 25-Sep-19 07:50:28

I feel that with all the information that has been brought forward since the referendum, and all the arguments that have taken throughout the last three years that have torn this nation apart, people may well change their vote within the privacy of the polling Booth, especially Britain's younger generation(s)

No one wishes to concede that they may have made the wrong choice, but as stated, in the privacy of the polling booth no one has to admit anything to anyone.

Framilode Wed 25-Sep-19 07:52:21

Yes. The chaos and division that have ensued since the referendum only confirm my decision to vote Remain.

growstuff Wed 25-Sep-19 07:57:09


growstuff Wed 25-Sep-19 08:11:40

I suspect that few people have changed their mind. Some who didn't vote last time, would vote in a second referendum; some who did vote, won't bother this time.

Crucially, over one and a half million young people will be eligible to vote and approximately the same number of people have died. I'm not in a position to predict how that would affect the result.

If there is a second referendum, I would like funding to be crystal clear with much tighter restrictions on advertising. I would have no objections to neutral, purely factual websites being set up and TV programmes with people answering questions and concerns rather than the rants which Question Time, etc have become. Hopefully, people have become more aware of the subliminal messages in spam and bots.

I would also like to see a 60% threshold before any important changes are made.

growstuff Wed 25-Sep-19 08:12:21

And, yes, I would accept the result of an honest referendum without any hesitation.

Grandad1943 Wed 25-Sep-19 08:13:17

Yes, taking back control and having our own Justice were key planks in the referendum leave campaign.

However, as soon as that justice confirms the unlawful actions of leave persons then those same leavers wish to undermine the whole system that they once so praised.

What a total scandal this whole Johnson administration is.

Beckett Wed 25-Sep-19 08:14:51

Yes, I would vote the same

gillybob Wed 25-Sep-19 08:15:54

I would still vote Remain.

Just heard about 2 more manufacturing businesses who are closing and moving to Portugal and Denmark where they are being offered huge incentives . Can’t say I blame them, who they hell in their right mind would run a business in the U.K. or more precisely England? (Okay well I’m not in my right mind though) .