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Lyndiloo Sun 29-Sep-19 01:52:12

(This is a light-hearted topic - or is it? Do think about it for a while ...?)

My brother, who is always watching 'conspiratory theory' ideas, maintains that the world is run, not by Governments of politicians, but by the richest men in the world.

They decide when there should be a war, with whom, and where. And manipulate the outcome.

The World Wars, the Twin Towers, the rise of Terroism, is all down to them.

They are so powerful that they decide who will become Prime Minister, or President, or Head of State. They control scientific research, migration, epidemics, rates of employment and education - and all the other aspects of our lives.

In short, They completely control US.

And it's all for money (of course). So that They remain the richest, most powerful men in the world.

Sounds fantastic ...? Yes, it does - but who knows? (Feel I should have some spookey music here - but you'll just have to imagine it!)

suziewoozie Sun 29-Sep-19 02:48:18

I actually don’t think this could ever be light hearted. These type of conspiracy theories are associated with the extreme right wing and anti- semitism. They are very dangerous indeed.

Lyndiloo Sun 29-Sep-19 02:54:05

Why the extreme right-wing and anti-semitism, Suzie?

rosecarmel Sun 29-Sep-19 05:15:52

Money and government work in tandem- Together they rule the world-

varian Sun 29-Sep-19 20:16:27

Just listen to the voice of reason

lemongrove Sun 29-Sep-19 20:25:02

No, it’s a paranoid and false view.

lemongrove Sun 29-Sep-19 20:28:40

Although....Who will take over the world first?

LondonGranny Sun 29-Sep-19 20:36:12

If you dig deeper on these conspiracy theories it is anti-semitic right-wingers who peddle this dangerous nonsense. Hitler did it on a grand scale but so have plenty of others and so are plenty still. Nonsense is not a strong enough word though but if I start swearing I'll end up on a mega rant.

absent Sun 29-Sep-19 20:38:12

Multi-national corporations wield an enormous amount of power and influence which they use for their own benefit. However, I doubt that that they conspire together – at least, not all the time.

Joelsnan Sun 29-Sep-19 20:40:51

Whilst I don't think there is a worldwide proletariat cabal working together to rule the world (something akin to ‘The Seniors’). The globalisation of economies has led to the enslavement of some countries by other richer and powerful. This is not a new phenomena as I suppose the European colonisation of most of the rest of the world shows this, as does the EU which also demonstrates this concept well. This is evidenced by using poorer eastern european countries to service the industries of the richer western countries with parts for their premium goods. These countries will now not bite the hands that feed them and will comply to the wishes of the stronger nations.

grapefruitpip Sun 29-Sep-19 20:41:29


Joelsnan Sun 29-Sep-19 20:42:54


Barmeyoldbat Sun 29-Sep-19 20:43:56

I think children rule the world these days. Just saying

rosecarmel Mon 30-Sep-19 05:12:56

Yes, I hadn't considered that ... Sort of like a global Lord of the Flies scenario being played ..

Dinahmo Mon 30-Sep-19 07:31:11

Lyndiloo I agree with your brother having been a firm believer in conspiracy theories for a long time. Prime examples are the newspaper owners - Murdoch, Barclay Brothers, Viscount Rothermere and Reach PLC (CEO Simon Fox) - who between them own over 70% of the UK market.

Don't forget, when Blair won the GE Murdoch was quoted as stating "It was the Sun wot done it"

MissAdventure Mon 30-Sep-19 08:00:30

I think we'll never know exactly, but it seems there is maybe an element of truth in the idea that the mega rich do whatever the hell they want.

Even the bible says that love of money is the root of ALL evil.

M0nica Mon 30-Sep-19 09:02:29

Ah, the Illuminati. Here is a reference to a very interesting article in The Guardian, written by a philosopher and discussing, how our desire to see pattern's and instrumentality in everything has both helped us to survive and also leads to conspiracy theories.

Research has been done that shows a relationship between the number of people who know a secret and the speed at which it fails to be a secret because it is leaked out. Not to mention whistle blowers.

But the problem with rational arguments like this, is that those who believe in world conspiracies, believe that this research has been influenced by the Illuminati who form this deep conspiracy.

Aepgirl Mon 30-Sep-19 10:39:51

Why do you say this is ‘lighthearted’ Lindiloo? If it’s all true, then it’s serious, worrying stuff that we should all be concerned about.

M0nica Mon 30-Sep-19 10:50:26

Aepgirl, why on earth should it be true? It is just daft. It is on a par with beleiving in Father Chirstmas or the Tooth Fairy.

GrandmaMoira Mon 30-Sep-19 10:51:05

My son has friends who believe in this stuff. They also believe that the moon landings were fake, Princess Diana was murdered, Darwin's theory is wrong - we did not come from apes etc. I find it quite disturbing that people have these beliefs.

NannyC1 Mon 30-Sep-19 10:59:31

I don't think your brother is wrong

Maggieanne Mon 30-Sep-19 11:00:47

And we all know the Earth is flat....don't we!!!

Sillyoldfool Mon 30-Sep-19 11:43:47

Whether or not there is any validity to the conspiracy theories I do believe people should question more deeply and not simply accept everything posited by newspapers, tv, online & especially politicians.

Newatthis Mon 30-Sep-19 11:55:51

Watch a programme called 'The Family'. True story and very scary.

homefarm Mon 30-Sep-19 12:11:54

Bankers and Lawyers appear to rule the world these days