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Mollygo Mon 07-Oct-19 22:17:11

Should she have to come back and face trial for killing that boy? I’ve read about diplomatic immunity. Should it cover killing by the diplomat or his/her family?

GagaJo Mon 07-Oct-19 22:18:51

No, it shouldn't. She lied to the police, said she wasn't going anywhere and then escaped. What a nasty piece of work.

jura2 Mon 07-Oct-19 22:22:06

She should come back and if she doesn't- we should go get her. Disgusting that diplomatic immunity is used this way.

Happiyogi Mon 07-Oct-19 22:27:40

I saw the family whose son died being interviewed on the Victoria Derbyshire programme this morning and thought they were impressively dignified and eloquent in their terrible grief. I hope the right thing will be done.

suziewoozie Mon 07-Oct-19 22:51:32

I’m sure she won’t come back but I agree, diplomatic immunity shouldn’t be used for this type of offence. Apparently her 12 year old son was in the passenger seat. I wonder how he’ll process this over time and what it will teach him? I’m glad her name is out - it’s blown her husband’s cover but no doubt they’ll both be looked after by the US authorities who will also bung some money over here to that poor family.

Marydoll Mon 07-Oct-19 22:54:22

I think she is a coward. Apparently, she admitted to the Police that she was driving on the wrong side of the road and agreed not to leave the country.
It seems the American Embassy waited until she had left the country before saying that they would not revoke her immunity.
A young man has lost his life and his family are broken hearted.
The Americans are quick to ask for our citizens to be deported.
The whole business is disgusting.

maddyone Mon 07-Oct-19 23:09:12

Yes, agree with everyone on here about this disgusting business. The woman clearly has no morals, how can she live with herself after killing a young man in this way, and then using diplomatic immunity to flee the country. I very much doubt the Americans will send her back, as I understood it, they actually advised her to leave. As suzie says, what will her twelve year old son make of this, it teaches him a lesson that he should not be learning, and that lesson is, don’t get caught!

janipat Mon 07-Oct-19 23:25:35

At least her name is out there now. Scant consolation for the family and friends of Harry Dunn, but I'd hope there would be some moral people in USA who will condemn her for her cowardice and lack of morals.

janipat Tue 08-Oct-19 00:08:54

The Times, meanwhile, says the US has been accused of "double standards and a betrayal of the special relationship" for refusing to waive diplomatic immunity for Ms Sacoolas, 42. In 1997, the US requested immunity be waived for a Georgian diplomat involved in a road collision in the US - that request was granted.

Fiachna50 Tue 08-Oct-19 00:21:16

I feel very sorry for the grieving family. The American woman will have to live with what she has done and I doubt she will be too popular within diplomatic circles. If she had any decency, she would come back and take responsibility.

NotSpaghetti Tue 08-Oct-19 00:24:17

I hope she does the right thing and comes back. She could choose to waive immunity if she wanted to.

janipat Tue 08-Oct-19 00:51:04

I'd bet she won't be doing "the right thing". All we can hope is that karma pays her back good and proper!

suziewoozie Tue 08-Oct-19 06:27:27

I wish I believed in karma. And also wish I believed in the ‘having to live with it ‘ No doubt it’s already been spun by her into ‘victim blaming’.

Loislovesstewie Tue 08-Oct-19 06:38:11

I can't find the words to say how disgusted I am about this. I can't begin to imagine the pain of the bereaved family and then they have to deal with someone who is too cowardly to face justice . And it is cowardly , nothing else. If she returned to face justice then the family could , at least, hope to find peace.

Anja Tue 08-Oct-19 06:54:58

Her name is out there now on social media. She may run but she cannot hide. Everyone now knows her for what she is.

Riverwalk Tue 08-Oct-19 07:05:06

I can understand some of the hurt the parents are feeling. When in his 20s my younger brother was knocked off his motorbike and seriously injured by a young woman who drove out of a side street; fortunately he made a full recovery.

I'm still narked at the fact that the next day she flew off on holiday, when he was so ill.

Beckett Tue 08-Oct-19 07:18:09

Diplomatic immunity was never meant to be used in this way. The Americans should waive her immunity and send her back.

It is being reported that she was previously fined for driving without "paying full time attention" in USA. Apparently it is usually associated with using a phone whilst driving or driving in the wrong lane.

Grandma70s Tue 08-Oct-19 07:29:28

This is such a shocking story. Has she no conscience? What is almost worse is that her husband has apparently colluded in this. I can understand that she might panic at first and flee in fear, but her husband should have stopped her.

Surely she will eventually see sense and come back. If not, she should be made to by law.

Davidhs Tue 08-Oct-19 07:39:33

Croughton is one of the main US communication listening stations if she had diplomatic immunity her husband is quite likely CIA. The military would had ordered them home immediately for security reasons, whatever the extent of her fault there is absolutely no chance that she will serve a prison sentence in the U.K.

It certainly is frustrating, in her absence she will be guilty and any compensation will be paid by her insurers (US Govt) and she will not be returning to the UK. Maybe a statement to the court will be sent but there will be no cross examination.

EllanVannin Tue 08-Oct-19 07:46:51

How disgusting is this ? Hiding behind immunity after having killed someone has to be the most cowardly deed. The young man's parents have a right to see justice done and I jolly well hope they do.
Those poor parents ! They're far more dignified than I would be.

EllanVannin Tue 08-Oct-19 08:08:37

She should be subpoenaed like others would be ! She's not above the law.
This country would use a court order.

LullyDully Tue 08-Oct-19 08:09:53

I should imagine Trump will support her " human rights" just because he can. Dirty business.

Pantglas2 Tue 08-Oct-19 08:21:30

Appalling conduct by the driver and the example she is setting to her own child astonishes me - how do you justify it in their eyes?

Anja Tue 08-Oct-19 08:23:00

Her own child was with her in the car at the time

Urmstongran Tue 08-Oct-19 08:26:21

I can imagine she panicked. But I cannot understand calmly packing a suitcase, getting on a flight with her own family and leaving another distraught and broken family behind.

On the American base where she worked, they drive on the other side of the road - as if still in America. Maybe she was distracted at the gates, talking to her son?

There ought to be a huge reminder sign on approaching those gates to leave the compound to drive on the LEFT.