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Fracking Abandoned

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AllTheLs Sat 02-Nov-19 08:28:08

The BEST news. Well done, Boris & Co for rethinking this dreadful practice. And a huge well done for all those tireless and persistent protesters in Lancashire. You did so well and must be feeling very relieved.

Bathsheba Sat 02-Nov-19 08:33:16

Do you have a link please? I can't find any news reference later than 14th October when Cuadrilla claimed not to be abandoning fracking.

Lisagran Sat 02-Nov-19 08:36:14

BlueBelle Sat 02-Nov-19 08:36:52

It’s on all the news programmes bathsheba it is banned for now

I doubt Boris had much to do with it far to busy making up his err errr err excuses it’s down to his unrelenting ‘subjects’

BlueBelle Sat 02-Nov-19 08:37:57

Sorry lisagran posted almost simultaneously

Oopsminty Sat 02-Nov-19 08:39:03

Excellent news.

Banned with immediate effect

Whitewavemark2 Sat 02-Nov-19 08:49:49


Labour had already announced it was banning it.

But the Tories are only stopping it for the time, it isn’t a complete ban.

I would like to see what is in their manifesto, as I don’t trust Johnson at all not to reintroduce it after the election to please his powerful friends.

Daisymae Sat 02-Nov-19 08:50:01

Amazing that they ever considered it viable in this country. In some parts of the US earthquakes are up by 900per cent. Expect they get away with it because they ate so much less densley populated in some areas.

Bathsheba Sat 02-Nov-19 08:54:22

Oh dear, yes I can see all the news on it now, but my first google search revealed very little, haha! Very good news, so pleased with this announcement.

Luckygirl Sat 02-Nov-19 09:28:20

I am sorry to be so cynical, but I believe this to be an election ploy to try and get some greenies on board for Dec. 12th.

If the Tories form the next government, they will very quickly bow to the financial vested interests and reinstate it.

Greta Sat 02-Nov-19 09:34:00

I agree with you, Luckygirl. Fracking has been halted - for now. Convenient for the government to announce this at the start of the election campaign.

AllTheLs Sat 02-Nov-19 09:40:01

It's great news. Full stop.

lemongrove Sat 02-Nov-19 09:40:43

I don’t care if it’s an election ploy or not, just good news that it has been given the red light.It seems obvious that this method of extraction could cause all kinds of problems.

Riverwalk Sat 02-Nov-19 09:41:42

It's only been suspended - I wonder why?hmm

glorious news for humanity was Boris Johnson's previous opinion on fracking.

suzied Sat 02-Nov-19 10:25:41

Now waiting to hear about HS2

Whitewavemark2 Sat 02-Nov-19 10:28:10

If the Tories get in fracking will be back on the agenda, and no doubt all the Tory supporters will be thinking up good reasons why that should be the case.

winterwhite Sat 02-Nov-19 10:30:36

Fracking should clearly never have been permitted in the first place. Too much has now been invested in it for anyone to believe seriously that it will be stopped for long. 'Playing politics' is a much used Andrea Leadsom expression. Quite so. How can these tory politicians be so un-self-aware?

Daisymae Sat 02-Nov-19 11:04:54

Having read some of the comments, I think that they could be right about this being a cynical ploy. Poor old mother earth, they won't be happy till she implodes. Or chews us up and spits us out.

AllTheLs Sat 02-Nov-19 12:07:02

I'm not too sure. On the radio this morning, the presenters were discussing the issue and it turns out that fracking is too dangerous to continue. The government will wait to see if the fracking industry can come up with scientific evidence to prove otherwise. But this will be very hard for them to do as the technology just doesn't exist. Apparently, the UK is full of fault lines and the imaging technology to locate these fault lines (in order to avoid them) just isn't there, and the government spokesperson said it was unlikely to be available for a long time.

jura2 Sun 03-Nov-19 12:23:11

Leadsome has made it clear the ban was temporary. I do not trust them one tiny little bit. It is just an election (one more in a long series) bribe.

toscalily Sun 03-Nov-19 12:55:56

My first thought was " that's good news" my second this is all about the election and gaining votes in the North West & North East. But then again maybe I'm just a cynical old thing hmm

craftyone Sun 03-Nov-19 13:07:23

Don`t get relaxed about it, it is only a temporary ban and my family member an anti fracking activist up north, says to remain watchful. Big industry and brown envelopes will not let this slip away

SirChenjin Sun 03-Nov-19 13:44:31

It’s a temporary ban until the science shows it’s safe. I’m willing to bet the science will show just that by the end of December.

GrandmaKT Sun 03-Nov-19 14:12:02

1. Hmm, the timing of this announcement does make you think it's an election ploy.
2. I'm not actually sure this is good news. We are still heavily reliant on gas and will need to buy it in from elsewhere (having first negotiated post-brexit trade agreements of course.

3. Amongst all the "Fracking Halted" headlines, I noticed this small piece in today's Sunday Times: "Deep coal mining will return to the UK after the government decided not to intervene in Cumbria County council's decision to grant permission for a new colliery. The mine will extract coal from under the sea bed off St Bees, creating 500 jobs"

Deep coal mining is much more damaging to the environment and hazardous to life than fracking.

NotTooOld Sun 03-Nov-19 14:30:18

Excellent news. I'm so pleased. For those of you who say you can't trust Boris, well, perhaps you can't but don't fall into the trap of thinking you can trust any of the others either.