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Tony Blair makes my skin crawl....

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Poppyred Fri 22-Nov-19 22:58:24

Anyone else? The worst Prime Minister of all time ...

He told the whole world that the U.K. is open to anyone who wanted to come here and is solely responsible for the ongoing crisis in Calais...where the world and his wife thinks that the ~UK is the land and milk and honey!

crystaltipps Sun 24-Nov-19 05:55:47

There •are• plenty of complaints when unpleasant comments are made about Johnson, Farage, Corbyn, Gove etc so to say there are “no complaints “ is inaccurate.The difference is Blair is not currently in a position of real influence in any political party. The current crop of skin crawlers are. I agree Blair did put money into education, early years with Start Start, and was behind the GFA. So it’s not all negative. We can all point to disastrous policies from most ex PM as well. What about slime mould Cameron , he didn’t achieve much apart from dividing the country. Let’s pick on Margaret Thatcher and Edward. Heath next and what about Winston Churchill he wasn’t that marvellous at some things. Don’t get me started on Harold MacMillan ....

Iam64 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:36:50

Same - Maggiemaybe. Additionally, the families felt they mattered. One are I remember well is a former mining area, high levels of drug/alcohol abuse since the pits closed and very little opportunity for paid work. The new community school with its library, sure start centre, health centre, midwives, health visitors, social workers all on site was a centre of excellence. Probably like many been closed now because the local council lost so much of its government grants and can no longer afford to even meet statutory duties.

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 08:42:01

Yes, Sure Start was something that should have continued (even if other things had to go.)

crystal ?
I had my doubts about Anthony Eden.

janeainsworth Sun 24-Nov-19 09:51:54

Iam64 Thank you for your post @21.07 yesterday.

Chewbacca It does indeed janeainsworth. So how was starting a war with Iraq in 2003, and lying to the country about why invading them and starting a war was necessary, a good or positive thing to do?

Please have the courtesy to withdraw your implication that I said anywhere on this thread, or anywhere else, that the invasion of Iraq was a ‘good or positive’ thing to do. angry

Chestnut Sun 24-Nov-19 16:15:28

janeainsworth - I don't think an apology is necessary. Chewbacca was not implying that you said the invasion of Iraq was a good idea, but that Blair thought it was, knowing the history.

janeainsworth Sun 24-Nov-19 17:18:15

I didn’t ask for, or expect, an apology Chestnut as you will see if you read my post.

Chestnut Sun 24-Nov-19 17:58:37

Well, you are asking her to withdraw her comment which is an admittance that she wronged you, something she didn't do. You misunderstood.

janeainsworth Sun 24-Nov-19 18:05:50

Stop being so dramatic Chestnut.
I simply want it made clear that I personally didn’t think the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a ‘good or positive thing’.
It’s not a question of understanding posts. It’s a question of interpreting them.

grapefruitpip Sun 24-Nov-19 18:09:50

Oh get a grip of yourself Chestnut.

You are not running the show. Lemon is in charge.


janeainsworth Sun 24-Nov-19 18:42:31


Chestnut Sun 24-Nov-19 22:59:47

Surely asking people to withdraw their comments is controlling.

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 23:07:19

Envy is a terrible thing grapefruit ?