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Meat or no Meat - wow

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jura2 Mon 25-Nov-19 21:08:12

Watch BBC1 now- and see the truth.

merlotgran Mon 25-Nov-19 21:10:00

Watching it.

Sara65 Mon 25-Nov-19 21:35:59

Recording it

Peacelily Tue 26-Nov-19 09:58:25

I watched it and was totally devastated by what I saw. I eat meat but have cut down a lot on the red meat that I eat. In fact I have cut down on the total meat in my diet, and eat a lot of vegetables, which I really like. It appalls me when I see the amount of meat the Americans eat. But what can we do to educate people about the devastation we are causing to our planet?

Whitewavemark2 Tue 26-Nov-19 09:59:34

Our saviours will be the young folk. Look at Thurnberg And now understand her message.

MawB Tue 26-Nov-19 10:07:46

Vegan is not the answer. Did anybody hear Isabella Tree on Desert Island Discs? There is a powerful argument for stuck farming/wilding too.

merlotgran Tue 26-Nov-19 10:10:26

Our saviours will be the young folk

I wish I shared your optimism, Whitewave

Young folk will need a lot more educating on how to manage our precious resources than just listening to Greta Thurnberg.

Her message isn't difficult to understand - actually changing your lifestyle is far more of a challenge.

Gonegirl Tue 26-Nov-19 10:13:06

Slept through most of it. Quite unnecessary to kill that poor little hen though. (I know she was bound for the table anyway, but still hmm)

Gonegirl Tue 26-Nov-19 10:14:26

Many farmers are trying ways to reduce the gases. People will always want some meat. It's good for you.

omega1 Tue 26-Nov-19 10:15:23

seeing the chickens and pigs in factory farming was the worst bit

merlotgran Tue 26-Nov-19 10:20:59

I agree with every word of that article, Maw. I've been banging the mixed farming drum on gransnet ever since I joined and I speak from experience having moved to East Anglia in 1975. In those days parts of Cambridgeshire were nothing more than a productive wilderness.

DH took part in an extensive tree planting initiative to provide shelter belts and prevent soil erosion. He did the work, his boss got the OBE grin

He encouraged sheep farmers to strip graze sugar beet tops left after harvest so not only was the over chemically fertilized soil improved but wildlife returned!

It saddens us to see history repeating itself.

jaylucy Tue 26-Nov-19 10:21:19

Just hope that the programme will be shown in the USA, Argentina etc.
The farmers in the UK have for many years tried their hardest to raise beef, in particular, in a way that does not affect the environment. They also, through necessity , are having to look at and use alternative methods of farming.
Maybe we should also stop buying meat that has been farmed overseas - if there is a demand, there will be a supply created.

merlotgran Tue 26-Nov-19 10:23:21

I agree about the hen, Gonegirl. Totally unnecessary. angry

MawB Tue 26-Nov-19 10:26:02

I thought this simple diagram spoke volumes.

midgey Tue 26-Nov-19 10:29:14

Buy local and buy better meat. Never buy ‘bargain’ meat in a supermarket, don’t buy Danish bacon. Buy the very best you can afford, it tastes better and will have been raised well.

petra Tue 26-Nov-19 10:36:37

I hope this link works as it might explain how this all came about.

Peacelily Tue 26-Nov-19 10:57:15

Yes, you are right, but surely all generations should be willing to make the changes needed, and show that we are 'on board' to help and educate those who are turning a blind eye to the crisis we are now in.

Callistemon Tue 26-Nov-19 10:58:19

We farm very differently in the UK than they do in many other countries around the world.

and see the truth
I like to hear all sides of an argument before making up my mind; some truths are no more than biased propaganda.

Gonegirl Tue 26-Nov-19 11:03:32

I don't get that diagram. (Thicko here)

merlotgran Tue 26-Nov-19 11:03:58

Our seven grandchildren are not growing up on a farm like their parents did. They're scattered around various towns and cities as their lives move at a furious pace. I love our discussions. There's so much we can teach eachother about modern life but I can't help shaking my head when at least one of my grandsons nods his wise old head, listening to Greta Thurnberg at the same time as he's ordering a Domino pizza on his phone. grin

I'll be the one nagging him to put the box in the recycling and not in the landfill bin.

Callistemon Tue 26-Nov-19 11:06:22

Amazing isn't it, that some see no irony in espousing Greta word for word then ordering a takeaway to be delivered by Uber grin

Peacelily Tue 26-Nov-19 11:09:49

MawB - Agree totally with the article. We do not need to all become vegans or vegetarians, just need to eat more wisely. We all eat far too much anyway.

Grannybags Tue 26-Nov-19 11:14:11

MawB is agree. I also heard Isabella Tree on Desert Island Discs and found the whole wilding argument very interesting.

Grannybags Tue 26-Nov-19 11:14:31

Sorry - I agree not is!

merlotgran Tue 26-Nov-19 11:17:08

The rise in the popularity of veganism is a good thing because it will hopefully educate about alternative proteins to meat and fish. Supermarkets are now selling far more non meat products than ever before.

Nobody has to give up meat completely. Just eat less of it.