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Family die in Spanish swimming pool

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GagaJo Sun 29-Dec-19 17:05:48

Gabriel Diya, 52, his daughter Comfort Diya, 9, and his son Praise-Emmanuel Diya, 16, died in the pool at Club La Costa World, near Fuengirola.

Police say they are checking claims the young girl got into difficulties and the other two died trying to save her.


There are questions as to how these three people died in the resort pool and why CLC would re-open the pool so soon within barely 48hours after this sad incident and before a full investigation was concluded. The re-opening of the pool is grossly insensitive, disrespectful and shows no regard whatsoever for the deceased and their family members and clearly tampers with the evidence that could have been obtained from the pool.

Clearly a thorough investigation is required given the newspaper reports that:

a) the girl’s swimming cap was found in the pump;

b) the worker who managed to retrieve the bodies reported difficulties in getting out of the pool, describing the effect as being “like swimming in a wild river”.

CLC claimed in a Press Release yesterday that- "The Guardia Civil have carried out a full investigation and gave formal permissions to reopen the pool as they found no concerns relating to the pool or procedures in place".
This is appalling and misleading to the public as Guardia Civil are not qualified to do this, it is not in their remit to do so. Only a full investigation by the right authority can help resolve the many questions and ensure the safety of lives at the resort so that this does not happen to another family.

Apparently, there have been safety concerns raised in the past according to a facebook user by the name Meagan Kelly whose family member witnessed a young boy who almost lost his life at same pool awhile ago. Her facebook post on CLC official facebook page reads. ''Heart breaking news , god love them❤ cannot believe this pool is open again, this pool is not safe and there is no life guards at any time around this pool, we had to plead with CLC to get life guards at the pool when a family member found and had to resuscitate a young boy lying at the bottom of the pool. He spent days in a local hospital. I t took 20mins for a life guard to get from another part of the resort as my niece had to run up to the nearest pool. A lifeguard was put on for two days then he was away again. The pool is too secluded not to have a lifeguard. It may not be a huge pool but it’s dangerous and should be closed.

There is a petition to sign if you could.

BlueBelle Sun 29-Dec-19 17:11:34

The mother also said all three could swim the pool was ‘too small for it to warrant lifeguards’ if this is really the case then something must be very wrong and being covered up
Dreadful tragedy and needs investigating
I will readily sign, whether it will make any difference or not

GagaJo Sun 29-Dec-19 17:18:35

The girls swimming cap was trapped in the pump. I've heard of people being caught up in drainage suction before, but not to this extent. One I heard of was a girl trapped under water in a hot tub, sucked down to the base of the tub. Life guards present though, so she was saved.

At the very least, I hope they completely refit the pool pump and electronics (can tell I'm not technically minded!).

Oopsminty Sun 29-Dec-19 17:23:11

Terrible tragedy

The sister had said they couldn't swim initially

What an horrendous thing to happen

lavenderzen Sun 29-Dec-19 17:24:05

This is an awful tragedy. I did listen to the reports on the tv and radio, three people drowning at the same pool, just bizarre. I thought at the time this will be covered up.

I hope there is a full investigation, although I am sure the pump/suction apparatus will have been removed or put right.

I have signed the petition.

EllaKeat Sun 29-Dec-19 17:27:44

It is totally unbelievable that three people would die in a swimming pool, unless there was a reason for it.

My guess would be the pump. But I have no expertise and would assume the real reason will never be known.

It is an awful shame, just unimaginable.

MawB Sun 29-Dec-19 17:46:31

I would not be prepared to sign any petition regarding something I know nothing about other than what has been reported in the media - and we have seen how totally different stories have come out about the same incident.
That is not to say I do not care that three members of a family lost their lives in a tragic accident, but it is none of my business and I feel people are encouraged to sign petitions willy-nilly and somehow made to feel it is their business to interfere.
How would we feel if a petition was got up in some other country about, for instance a level crossing accident in this country? We’d tell them to mind their own business, wouldn’t we?
I think it should be up to the relevant local authorities to deal with it. And if holiday makers don’t trust the H&S procedures in a resort, it should not be licensed or on the books of any reputable travel company.

lavenderzen Sun 29-Dec-19 17:52:35

That may be. However, these are British citizens and I did think at the time hopefully there will be safety officers from here/the travel company investigating the matter. It has certainly been done in the past. Travel companies send investigators when there is food poisoning etc.

BlueBelle Sun 29-Dec-19 17:56:23

But you don’t need to know anything about either the family the pool or the engineering to sign the petition all it’s asking is for it to be thoroughly investigated which it hasn’t it was looked at but not by experts and immediately reopened
It’s not rocket science to think it’s totally abnormal for an adult a teenager and a child to all drown within minutes in a small pool and to ask for this to be examined thoroughly
It is an English family so I think we have every right to ask just as they would if a Spanish family all drowned in a pool here
I have happily signed it may save another child’s life what’s to lose

lavenderzen Sun 29-Dec-19 17:58:03

Just to add, three British people drowning in a swimming pool in a foreign country is rather different than an accident on a crossing.

mumofmadboys Sun 29-Dec-19 18:09:51

The hotel surely wouldn't reopen the pool if there was any danger of a further accident.

notanan2 Sun 29-Dec-19 18:11:46

I feel there is an eliment of racism against the family. Specifically the "they obviously cant swim" counter claim. Its below the belt.

The mother has refuted this.

mumofmadboys Sun 29-Dec-19 18:16:36

I am not sure that is due to racism. I think people are just wondering how on earth it happened. Initially when I heard the news I wondered if alcohol played a part and then when I found out they were ? West Indians and the husband was a pastor it seemed very unlikely.

JenniferEccles Sun 29-Dec-19 18:17:32

There is no doubt this is a tragedy but I agree with MawB

Signing petitions willy nilly does seem to be the in thing at the moment.

I see there is also a petition complaining about Iain Duncan Smith receiving an honour!

BlueBelle Sun 29-Dec-19 18:19:33

mumofmadboys if it means bad press for the hotel of course it’s in their interest to say there’s nothing wrong

notanan2 Sun 29-Dec-19 18:25:00

I didnt see any comments suggesting they couldnt swim until the photos were released. Before then all comments suggested chemical or pump issues!

GagaJo Sun 29-Dec-19 18:36:24

notanan2, playing to the old stereotype of not being able to swim. I agree. The wife/mother has refuted this though. She should know her own family.

notanan2 Sun 29-Dec-19 18:39:19

Yes she has, I think the resort were purposely "putting it out there" at the same time as the photos because even if its not true, it'll ring true to certain types regardless of facts and take the heat off...

sodapop Sun 29-Dec-19 18:59:12

I agree MawB I'm so sorry for this family but think the relevant authorities should be left to investigate.

Smileless2012 Sun 29-Dec-19 19:34:39

There's clearly something very wrong here; signed.

lemongrove Sun 29-Dec-19 21:35:48

Regardless of online petitions, this case will be investigated.
If the FO need to get in on the act, they will do I would hope.
I thought it was an awful decision by the hotel to open up the pool again, and really, who would want to swim in it after what happened?

Barmeyoldbat Sun 29-Dec-19 22:30:14

I have signed, also signed the one about Ian Duncan Smith. What happened in the pool is unbelievable, 3 people of various ages in such a short time. It must be the pool.

notanan2 Sun 29-Dec-19 22:48:24

The resort is "playing dirty" IMO and trying to blame the family, so actually I DO think in this case the FO should at least make it known to the authorities there that they are watching, so that the proper protocols are followed!

Callistemon Sun 29-Dec-19 23:15:40

This was a shocking tragedy which I hope will be fully investigated by properly qualified investigators.
It is the height of insensitivity for the hotel to reopen the pool so soon.
Perhaps they may have been able to swim but not everyone is trained in life-saving. Someone who is drowning and panicking may drag on their rescuers and pull them under.

I doubt that any drink was involved, two were children and the father a pastor.

I immediately thought there could have been a fault with the pump and the force of the water dragged the little one under or that there was an excess of chlorine producing chlorine gas, but we do not know at the moment.

notanan2 Sun 29-Dec-19 23:22:36

Everyone initially thought pump/chemical due to the mix of the group: one got in trouble and others tried to help but were overcome.

Its a dirty tactic to be suggesting that 3 family members simultaniously just got in and drowned because they couldnt swim. And extra dirty to make that suggestion coinciding with the release of the identities/pictures.

Even if they couldnt swim (its been confirmed they could) why throw that in before the investigation, unless they are trying to distract?