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Sussexborn Sat 18-Jan-20 18:49:35

It looks as if Harry and Meghan really may have to make their own way in the world after all. Hopefully their new landlord will put his hand in his pocket if need be. He probably won’t miss the odd £billion.

I am surprised as I thought they would be given whatever they want to avoid any tell it as they see it documentaries.

NotAGran55 Sat 18-Jan-20 18:54:16

At least he will have a home to come back to in a couple of years when they split up.

maddyone Sat 18-Jan-20 18:56:41

Very, very sad. I feel sorry for Harry, but as my mother used to say, he has made his bed, he will have to lie on it.

Anniebach Sat 18-Jan-20 18:59:41

They will make millions so this should keep them happy .

suziewoozie Sat 18-Jan-20 19:42:04

And they’re off again ??????

GagaJo Sat 18-Jan-20 19:43:22

Hahaha, Susie!

suziewoozie Sat 18-Jan-20 19:43:37

You know, if you could all cut and paste, you’d save yourselves hours of typings

suziewoozie Sat 18-Jan-20 19:44:56

Or you could try cross- referencing between the various threads ????

lemongrove Sat 18-Jan-20 19:46:21

You know what you can do don’t you suziew ? hmm
Not contribute to a thread you have no interest in, easy peasy.

sodapop Sat 18-Jan-20 19:50:43

Well said lemongrove

suziewoozie Sat 18-Jan-20 19:50:44

Yep I know that * lemon* but it’s fun to signal my disdain

suziewoozie Sat 18-Jan-20 19:50:58


lemongrove Sat 18-Jan-20 19:52:07

I don’t expect they will be returning much to the UK ( I mean, what’s in it for them?) However I think after the initial euphoria wears off for Harry, he may come to regret how things have worked out.
Public affection will be reserved for William and Catherine now and in a year or so there will be little interest here in the UK for the Sussex pair.

lemongrove Sat 18-Jan-20 19:52:51

It’s certainly childish suziew hmm

merlotgran Sat 18-Jan-20 19:55:30

Oh dear, suziewoozie. This is going to run and run. Better than Brexit or any of the soaps.

You're in for a frustrating time. grin

sodapop Sat 18-Jan-20 19:56:03

I must admit I was surprised too. They have achieved their aim if almost total withdrawal was what they wanted,

Grany Sat 18-Jan-20 19:59:29

I prefer Harry and Meghan to William and Catherine.

Though would prefer if we didn't have any Royals

Pantglas2 Sat 18-Jan-20 20:00:08

Let them go, let them be happy and let’s carry on regardless!

It’s like any job - folks think they’re indispensable and they never are, there’s always someone else who can do it, maybe differently but just as well.

lemongrove Sat 18-Jan-20 20:03:37

...or even better! ?

Anniebach Sat 18-Jan-20 20:05:52

Doesn’t take much to do better than writing on bananas

GeorgyGirl Sat 18-Jan-20 20:13:57

They may as well have gone their own way right from the start and not had the big royal wedding and Frogmore etc. if they really knew in their heart of hearts they were going to walk away, would have saved all the heartache and embarrassment for the Queen.

Chewbacca Sat 18-Jan-20 20:21:12

Why do the same posters go from thread to thread, trying to police who posts and what is said? Surely, they can see from the thread title what the discussion will be and if they have no interest in it, why don't they just hide it or ignore it? confused

suziewoozie Sat 18-Jan-20 20:25:50

Oh grow up Chew I’m not policing just laughing ????

tickingbird Sat 18-Jan-20 20:27:07

Chewbacca - agree and a pity they don't police themselves.

suziewoozie Sat 18-Jan-20 20:27:55

Actually writing on the average banana does better than the average anti-Meghan post written on GN