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Trump cleared. An outrage.

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Jane10 Wed 05-Feb-20 21:38:59

Unbelievable. What is wrong with Americans? How can it be right that Trump has been cleared? How can Republican senators sleep at night? How can they even look at themselves in the mirror? This is so fundamentally wrong.

rosecarmel Tue 11-Feb-20 05:43:17

The party holding office during impeachment never won the following election-

I don't know if that formula will hold up against a party of 1: Donald Trump- The Republicans have become Republican in name only- They've become who they represent- And who they represent have become followers of 1-

It's the most divided our country has been in modern times- The Civil War was the last- We've yet to reach that depth of division-

The government can't fix the division- It consistently deepens the rift- Its up to the people-

Hithere Mon 10-Feb-20 18:39:05

I cannot wait for November.

rosecarmel Mon 10-Feb-20 18:35:36

Today he announced a new budget ... To reduce social safety net funding and allot more towards the military and building the "wall"..

Callistemon Sat 08-Feb-20 10:10:30

There are lies awash on the internet about Nancy Pelosi too.

Now who started those I wonder hmm

Jane10 Sat 08-Feb-20 10:08:42


Davidhs Sat 08-Feb-20 10:07:23

“”Women don’t love their husbands”
Is he speaking from experience, does Melania love him ?.

varian Sat 08-Feb-20 08:41:10

Trump stoops to a new low

rosecarmel Fri 07-Feb-20 16:40:59

Health care in the US is a pyramid-

Those in government positions receive the best health insurance coverage-

Next are those who receive coverage through their employer- The employer pays a portion of the cost, the employee pays a portion- These well known insurance companies only work with employers-

Next is Medicare- A federal government insurance program for 65+, disabled, and people with end stage renal disease- It's paid for by the insured -

Obamacare- The double-edge sword of the bunch- Without it, Americans that don't fall into the above categories (or below) would be without a healthcare option- None- With it, Americans can still be out of luck since policy options vary regarding what's covered, and the company options vary not only by state but also county as well as zipcode- And aside from a "life event", such as death of a spouse, you can only apply for it between November and December-

Medicaid and other federally, state and county funded coverages are only available to those who qualify and fall below the poverty line- Again, not all medical facilities accept them-

Millions of Americans cannot afford Obamacare but do not qualify for Medicaid and low income options-

To clarify- The insurance companies that work with employers are well known and widely accepted- Those that work with Obamacare are not and not accepted everywhere-


Corporate law protects profits- By law, corporations do not have to offer healthcare options to part time employees- By law, they do not have to offer full time positions- So they don't- As a result, more than 2/3 of Americans work more than one part time job- About 1/3 work full time-

Americans are at the mercy of corporate law- That's not a booming economy, it's capitalism at its worse- Necessary spending leaves Americans in increasing, personal debt-

Hithere Fri 07-Feb-20 14:32:44

Impotus, love it!

Yehbutnobut Fri 07-Feb-20 13:57:29

That incidentally was a quote from the IMPOTUS.

Vulgar, yes. But what do you expect?

Yehbutnobut Fri 07-Feb-20 13:55:47

And it’s all ‘bullshit’ according to him.

Jane10 Fri 07-Feb-20 10:46:14

Trump is a very bad man by any standard of judgement. angry

Callistemon Fri 07-Feb-20 09:49:39

Yehbutnotbut that is interesting.

However, I wondered if this would just strengthen support for him.
Poor Donald, those bad people, very bad people were out to get him.

Davidhs Fri 07-Feb-20 09:17:08

Just like the UK and most countries there is plenty of poverty in the US, there are the haves and the have nots, that happens everywhere.
Trump won the last the last election against the odds for two reasons. 1) Hillary Clinton was not liked or trusted by many, especially women, who might otherwise have voted Democrat. 2) Obama was universally loathed by all Republicans even the centrists, not just the rednecks. Clinton was a big mistake, a different candidate would likely have won.

Republicans believe that Trump has raised the Morale and self respect of the US with a much stronger foreign policy as well as domestic affairs, whoever emerges as the Democrat candidate has a mountain to climb.

Urmstongran Fri 07-Feb-20 08:16:32

X posts MaizieD

Urmstongran Fri 07-Feb-20 08:15:58

Wages have increased but personal debt has increased even more-

Same over here in the U.K. apparently rosecarmel.

Thank you for raising some issues from the other point of view. It made for a balanced and interesting read.

MaizieD Fri 07-Feb-20 08:12:34

Please keep telling us like it is, rosecarmel,

rosecarmel Fri 07-Feb-20 04:00:14

Construction and mining are two big areas where Trump has created jobs (up)

But manufacturing and agriculture (down)

Trump promised farmers and manufacturers the moon, he did not deliver on that promise- Yet-

Fatal and non-fatal occupational injury are both on the rise-
Predominately older workers-

The trucking and distribution industry is in desperate need of employees-

Many people hold down more than one part time job and don't have health insurance-

Mergers that should have never been allowed are making a mess of health care, and as anticipated, causing human harm- Many insured have recently been forced into receiving their prescriptions via mailorder- If they choose to have them filled at their local pharmacy, their insurance won't cover it- They'll have to pay full cost- Prescriptions are arriving late or not at all- The prescription insurance company hasn't enough staff to handle all the calls-

Since Trump took office, fewer people have healthcare coverage, the numbers increased each year-

Wages have increased but personal debt has increased even more-

Lolo81 Fri 07-Feb-20 03:15:02

@quizqueen, I obviously have my own personal political beliefs, and I have on various occasions attempted to understand why there has been such a dramatic shift to the right in recent years. Unfortunately I have never actually had anyone explain to me why they think this is the right thing for the western world. I am genuinely curious as to the policies/ideology that make you think this is the way to go? I am not looking for an argument as seems to be the “go to” on many of these posts - I would really like to hear a researched viewpoint to try and see what I am so far missing.

Urmstongran Thu 06-Feb-20 21:36:34

Sorry 😐
Yes quite right SirChenjin I got carried away by his article and didn’t reference it. I usually do remember to put in quotation marks if I post from an article.

SirChenjin Thu 06-Feb-20 20:37:03

So say Freddy Gray, formerly the literary editor of the American Conservative, and deputy editor of the Catholic Herald, writing in the Telegraph.

Tut tut Urm - remember to reference your source otherwise people will think you’re trying to pass off pro Trump rhetoric as your own work.

Urmstongran Thu 06-Feb-20 20:08:02

Correct David

In that State of the Union speech, Trump went through his achievements as commander-in-chief.

Any fair-minded observer would have to admit that he has plenty to brag about.

Stock markets continue to defy gravity. He’s winning his trade wars. Unemployment has hit record lows and wages are rising, especially at the lower end. He has cut taxes and created a more business-friendly regulatory environment.

He has conducted a judicial revolution, installing many conservative judges to protect the constitution on one hand, while reforming the criminal justice system to be fairer to prisoners on the other. He has also launched Space Force, which is wonderfully weird.

He may not have built his wall – at least not much of it – but his “remain in Mexico” anti-asylum policy has dramatically reduced illegal immigration. “I keep my promises,” the president said. “We did our job.”

Davidhs Thu 06-Feb-20 19:58:41

In my book Trump is a odious boor that should have never been elected, despite being a vey clumsy diplomat his popularity is increasing, the economy is doing well and he hasn’t actually started any wars. In fact US military interference overseas is decreasing.

Politics are very polarized in the US, they hate each other with a passion, the Democrats don’t seem very organized yet, whereas Trump is off to a flying start. Before you demean Trump do remember our own PM is a very similar character

Urmstongran Thu 06-Feb-20 19:44:27

On Monday, the Democratic party held its “first-in-the-union” caucuses in Iowa.

It should have been a warning shot to Trump: be afraid – the Democratic candidates of 2020 are coming for you!

But a catastrophic IT glitch meant the results could not be tabulated, and the caucuses descended into farce. Neutral observers were left wondering: if the party can’t organise a vote in a small state, how can it expect to run the country?

With the Democrats embarrassing themselves so spectacularly, almost nobody noticed that Donald Trump had won his own party’s caucus in the same state by an enormous margin.

He has killed the #NeverTrump Republican faction, and can claim to be the most popular leader on the Right since Reagan.

On Tuesday, a poll came out showing Trump had hit 49 per cent job approval, the highest since he took office. Barack Obama ended his first term on 46 per cent.

Urmstongran Thu 06-Feb-20 19:40:00

But it’s their system. Ours is also annoying, to some.