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Here's an opportunity for all the Leavers

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MaizieD Thu 06-Feb-20 10:20:53

I see that Sajid Javiv intends to launch a 'Brexit Red Tape Challenge' with his budget He intends to invite the public to suggest ways in which Britian might diverge from the EU rule book according to the Financial Times.

So here's your chance to get your thinking caps on and let the Chancellor know what particularly irks you about EU rules.

Do share your thoughts with us because many Remainers are curious to know what red tape turned you against the EU...

Chestnut Thu 06-Feb-20 10:44:47

I suspect most leavers would be reluctant to post on this thread as there is already a pack of remainer wolves circling and ready to maul them 🐺🐺🐺🐺

AllTheLs Thu 06-Feb-20 10:53:22

Ha, ha - maul away.

First off, get rid of the EU farming regulations. Absolute disgrace! Paying farmers for food alone, never mind the land use being totally destructive to our bird life and wildlife, destroying the soil, destroying habitats, destroying land for wildflowers, hence pollinators, hence food for birds, etc, etc, etc. All for the sake of food production for profits. Farmers (or the system) have destroyed the countryside for wildlife and I would dearly love to see every EU rule in this area obliterated.

To be replaced by (as has been hinted at) rules which force farmers to produce food at the same time as benefiting the land environmentally and for biodiversity.

I can hardly wait.

Urmstongran Thu 06-Feb-20 10:55:08

I’ll be brave ...

The EU didn’t like Dyson’s vacuum cleaners. In these days of Dieselgate, it is essential consumers can trust what manufacturers say about their products. But the E.U. endorsed a measure that allowed Dyson competitors to game the system.

Now 29 other product groups are to be scrutinised by the EU.

Hair and hand dryers (blowers for personal care); electric kettles; gym and athletics articles; garden houses; humidifiers and dehumidifiers; imaging equipment; in-house networking equipment; lawn and riding mowers; mobile phones (smartphones); swimming pool heaters; anti-legionellae filters; aquarium equipment; base station subsystem; domestic kitchen appliances; elevators, escalators and moving walkways; energy-using equipment in means of transportation; reefers (refrigerated containers); garden houses; greenhouses; handheld power tools; hot food presentation and storage equipment; wireless chargers; inverters and static converters; patio heaters; sound amplifiers; tertiary hot beverage equipment; video projectors; water, steam and sand cleaning appliances.

Eco friendly?

Maybe not. The jury is out.

Chestnut Thu 06-Feb-20 11:17:20

Well here's a few of the ridiculous:
No bendy bananas (2009)
Illegal for Stilton cheese to be made in Stilton (2013)
Illegal for drink manufacturers to claim water hydrates you or that prunes are a laxative (2011)
UK not allowed to scrap the tampon tax
Fishing quotas - throwing back dead fish into the sea!
LED lighting replacing halogen even though there is evidence it damages your eyesight.
Imperial weights and measures banned (2010)

Teetime Thu 06-Feb-20 11:24:18

Not a day went by when I was in Nursing Management without another EU directive landing which required additional bureaucracy, time and money spent on regulations that had no impact on patient care. This was my main reasons for voting leave.

Teetime Thu 06-Feb-20 11:25:47

I should also say that DH worked 40 years in local government and he experienced the same there.

growstuff Thu 06-Feb-20 11:31:21

Would it be possible to give an example Teetime? I certainly don't ever remember daily directives - in fact, I'm pushed to remember that many, especially ones which had a negative effect.

growstuff Thu 06-Feb-20 11:36:34

AllTheLs I think that idea is interesting and I agree that there needs to be a greater emphasis on the sustainability of land. I don't know how that would work in practice, while providing the food people need. Do you have any more details or a link, where I can read about it?

growstuff Thu 06-Feb-20 11:38:42

Urmstongran and Chestnut Do you have any authorative links?

mcem Thu 06-Feb-20 11:47:59

Chestnut trotting out the old e u myths like the bananas really don't help your case at all.
Would be interested to read more about ug's concerns.
Some of LLL 's points could be valid.

growstuff Thu 06-Feb-20 11:52:09

I'm genuinely interested in them too, which is why I'd like to read up on them from a genuine source.

NanaandGrampy Thu 06-Feb-20 11:58:50

Can we still be called Leavers if we've Left? just wondering lol

ExD1938 Thu 06-Feb-20 11:58:55

As a farmer's wife AllTheLs I agree with what you've written which I'm taking to be supportive.
The acres and acres of paperwork to wade through at the end of a 12 hour day must to be seen to be believed and the armies of inspectors who waste time checking it all is ridiculous. Most checks could be carried out by one person in one visit, instead there is a different department responsible for everything from movement records, animal passports, medication and inoculation records, birth and death records, use of fertilisers if appropriate, health and safety, equipment inspections - I could go on.
Actually I don't anticipate any change as it would mean putting people out of work ...... but it really has reached breaking point.
I must say I'm writing from the point of view of a small, one-man operation, with no staff, where there would be no point in exhausting our land with overuse of fertiliser or ill treating our animals by neglect or unnecessary medication with antibiotics. (most of the antibiotic over use is in the USA though, not the EU) Where would be the profit
Its the constant, often aggressive?, checking up that irks me.

NanaandGrampy Thu 06-Feb-20 12:00:25

Re Bananas

Commission Regulation 2257/94 identifies certain restrictions for fruits that producers have to conform to in order to sell their produce within the EU. The regulation states that bananas must be "free from malformation or abnormal curvature." Class 1 bananas can have "slight defects of shape" and Class 2 bananas full-on "defects of shape"

Commission Regulation 2257/94

Is this the banana one you referred to Chestnut ?

25Avalon Thu 06-Feb-20 12:05:49

Can I just point out we are all leavers now?! Wanting to remain doesn't mean agreeing to every EU rule so if something bugs you put it in.

growstuff Thu 06-Feb-20 12:12:44

ExD1938 If the checking could be done by one person, are the extra people employed by the EU or DEFR? On the face of it, it seems like inefficiency by the British government. That's what you seem to be implying, if you see no change.

It's interesting that you have stated that most of the antibiotic overuse is in the US (that was my understanding too). Is this the direction British farmers will be forced to follow, if the UK becomes more closely aligned to the US?

JenniferEccles Thu 06-Feb-20 12:23:31

Quite simply, won’t it be nice to be self governing, rather than be dictated to by Brussels?

We now have the strongest economy in the eurozone so there is every reason to think we will thrive.

Oh yes and there’s a small matter of the billions we now won’t have to fork out.

GracesGranMK3 Thu 06-Feb-20 12:24:43

ExD1938 Neither as a mauling question or as a sycophantic one may I ask if all this paperwork means you receive money from government/EU?

Which bits do you think we could do away with without reducing the standard of farm produce?

GracesGranMK3 Thu 06-Feb-20 12:36:15

Quite simply, won’t it be nice to be self-governing, rather than be dictated to by Brussels?

But you and I will not be self-governing JenniferEccles, just governed by a different body. I, for one, am not sure that body has shown itself to be any more competent than what we have had for the last 40 years as they have been directly governing us and agreed to all the choices we have had. In fact, I believe they have overall been less so.

They will now agree with all the other countries we are hoping to make agreements with and they will agree with us just as we have with the EU - or we will not have those agreements. I am really not sure what direct change you expect to see.

It sounds as if it's an idea you like not the actuality. It's still going to be that some people would like their government to act in one way and some in another. So at any one time about half the country will not be happy with the government. But hasn't that always been the case?

Gaunt47 Thu 06-Feb-20 12:42:58

I voted 'leave' to support the fishermen.
Shortly before the referendum there was a directive being proposed which would ban fishermen from catching more than one species of fish! confused

Chestnut Thu 06-Feb-20 12:45:35

I don't think that anything which might result in a wastage of food can be dismissed ecem 🍌 especially as our planet is so fragile and the population is exploding.
There was also the Butter Mountain

vegansrock Thu 06-Feb-20 12:53:04

Only 16% of our rivers meet EU standards for cleanliness so we can just make our rivers and beaches as dirty as we like.

JenniferEccles Thu 06-Feb-20 13:00:02

Ultimately of course we will have to wait and see, but, misguided or not, I am optimistic for the future free from EU constraints.

That is not to say that I ,or anyone else probably , will completely agree with everything this government does in the next five years.

For instance I am very apprehensive about Huawei and 5G and HS2 seems to be completely spiralling out of control, cost wise .

growstuff Thu 06-Feb-20 13:11:30

JenniferEccles The UK doesn't have the strongest economy in the eurozone because it's not in the eurozone. What definition of "strong" are you using anyway?