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What s wromg with the UK?

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Dinahmo Thu 19-Mar-20 20:00:25

I've been watching the Channel 4 News and 3 items have enraged me:

1. Young people still going to pubs and restaurants - they should all be closed.

2. There are still elderly people saying that they're going to carry on as normal. This is not WW2 when the threat was visible and/or audible. The corona virus is a silent enemy.

3. The report into the Windrush generation. Pritti Patel has "apologised" and yet it is her department that is responsible for the pain that those people have suffered. Those people have worked in the UK for many years. There will be records of their NI contributions etc etc etc and yet they have been asked to provide even more documentation.

What particularly annoys me is that we have left the EU at a time when countries should be working together. We are no longer a great nation but we are a selfish one.

Greymar Thu 19-Mar-20 20:04:33

a great nation? I think not! A sad little island full of people who have been manipulated by the press.

Fot the love of God, don't mention Corbyn, can't stand the man.

Dinahmo Thu 19-Mar-20 20:30:53

Apologies for my typing error in the heading. I was angry when I typed it.

suziewoozie Thu 19-Mar-20 20:38:57

And then there was that bloke with the messy hair who somehow thinks it’ll all be over in 12 weeks and that everyone is doing as they’ve been advised 🙄

Oopsminty Thu 19-Mar-20 20:40:44

The editor of The Lancet also thinks that this could be well under control in 12 weeks

That's probably where Boris heard it first

suziewoozie Thu 19-Mar-20 22:19:17

I didn’t know that but he thinks that BJ and our scientists have badly failed us- his latest Guardian article is excoriating

James2451 Fri 20-Mar-20 09:14:22

Many vulnerable pensioners are living below the poverty line & rely on food banks to supplement their low income are struggling. They cannot get to food banks, don’t have sufficient liquid funds to order food on line or delivered. Not even able to buy cleaning materials & essentials hygiene products as well as adequate nourish food, these are what we are identifying at Grassroots, Are they now the forgotten citizens, the Gov needs to provide urgently a living income for all citizens.

Baggs Fri 20-Mar-20 09:19:01

The report into the Windrush scandal has put forward a list of recommendations for the Home Office to enact. Priti Patel is supporting these as well as apologising for the failures in the Home Office from before it was her responsibility.

What else do you suggest she does, dinahmo?

Wiltshiregran Fri 20-Mar-20 09:45:32

I agree with James, yesterday one of our Care volunteers learnt of a lady aged 84 living on her own, was found crying because she had no money left to buy food for the rest of the week nor even toilet rolls, so was cutting up free newspapers. None of our MPs will have similar problems or be unable to obtain food or hygiene products. I wonder why they remain so silent about helping the most vulnerable, even the BBC & other media seem to be behaving in a deplorable ageist way.

It is quite appalling the way the Government is ignoring the plight of so many older people living in poverty. It feels as we are a third world country than one of the richest in the world.
We should be utterly ashamed that we are neglecting the most vulnerable.

We all need to use social media as well as directly telling our MP's to pull their fingers out and get the right financial help out to our most vulnerable citizens,

eazybee Fri 20-Mar-20 10:32:21

Perhaps one of the benefits, (I hesitate to use the term 'silver lining' )to emerge from coronavirus will be the identification of people genuinely in need.

In much the same way the second world war exposed the poor diet of much of the populace, and rationing enabled fairer distribution of food and a more balanced, healthy diet.

grandMattie Fri 20-Mar-20 10:36:16

EU together? You must be joking! Who helps Italy in this crisis? China! The borders have been unilaterally closed until someone in Brussels thought of making a stand. United? Ha!

suziewoozie Fri 20-Mar-20 10:38:08

Yes the virus has exposed the fault lines in our economic and social systems and the underpinning ideologies that sustain them. That’s one reason why the Government won’t come up with the sort of income replacement we are seeing in several other countries

Greymar Fri 20-Mar-20 11:08:19

There have been many verifiable articles written about the widening gap between haves and have nots. It's quite unbelievable how this has happened in my lifetime. Social mobility is a myth. The haves have pulled up the drawbridge.

growstuff Fri 20-Mar-20 11:10:09

I had naively hoped that maybe "all being in it together" would have resulted in people being kinder and more respectful to each other. However, having seen how the supermarkets have been stripped bare, the nasty comments about certain groups on social media and the fact that some people won't do as they're asked, as a matter of principle to defy the "nanny state", I'm really not very optimistic.

We'll be lucky if the epidemic itself has died down by this time next year, but the repercussions of deaths, bankruptcies, massive unemployment etc are going to change life in ways we can't yet imagine.

growstuff Fri 20-Mar-20 11:13:22

Wiltshiregran Would you be able to find a local support group on Facebook? I know we have one in my area and people are trying to identify those in need and organise a team of volunteers. There might be one in your area.

Dinahmo Fri 20-Mar-20 12:13:26

Baggs She's a bit late. We've been hearing for a long time about the Windrush problems.

Dinahmo Fri 20-Mar-20 12:16:08

The nephew of one of my friends works in a large Tesco, doing the shopping for the home delivery orders. On one list he had a request for 90 packs of hand wipes (it was for an individual rather than a care home)

Baggs Fri 20-Mar-20 12:57:25

Baggs She's a bit late. We've been hearing for a long time about the Windrush problems.

I had assumed she was apologising soon after the publication of the report that set out what was wrong in Home Office, why Windrush happened, and how to fix it.

Baggs Fri 20-Mar-20 12:59:45

Just checked and my assumption doesn't seem to have been far out. Whole page of references from yesterday and the day before.

Sounds like PP's apology was spot on as to timing.

Violettham Fri 20-Mar-20 13:04:15

Dinahamo, I agree with everything you have written. For the first time in my very long life I am actually ashamed of our Nation. The greed of some people appalls me.

mcem Fri 20-Mar-20 13:07:27

The fact that many pensioners live in poverty is an ongoing and shameful situation.
At least all pensioners know that they have a regular income (albeit inadequate).
I feel for young families who at the moment have no income while their children may or may not get their free meals and food banks are desperately short of supplies.
Or families relying on the income from a small independent business.
Arrangements are needed immediately for a basic income for all who need it.

suziewoozie Fri 20-Mar-20 13:20:25

I don’t want to talk about Windrush on this thread - it’s treating it like the people themselves were treated - it seems disrespectful and sidelining them. It should have its own thread. I know why you included it OP but it’s too big an issue to be intertwined with CV.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 20-Mar-20 13:20:41

What is wrong with the U.K.?

That nurse who had just finished 48 exhausting hours in the HDU and can’t find enough food to feed herself because of all the selfish b..........s

That tells you all you need to know

Mamie Fri 20-Mar-20 13:28:21

Have to say from the other side of the channel it looks terrible. If France, Spain and others can accept closures and strict restrictions on movement then why can't the UK? People don't like it here but most seem to accept that it is for the greater good. I am genuinely interested to know why the UK is acting differently.

Dinahmo Fri 20-Mar-20 13:39:40

The nephew of one of my friends works in a large Tesco, doing the shopping for the home delivery orders. On one list he had a request for 90 packs of hand wipes (it was for an individual rather than a care home)