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Scrap the Sovereign Grant

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Grany Wed 21-Oct-20 12:00:41

Hi Grans Netters

Would you consider the monarchy having a annual budget costed rather than a Sovereign Grant which always goes up never down and isn't based on need? If you are then you can sign this petition and share it if you like on social media.

The Sovereign Grant has gone up by 60% since it was introduced in 2012 - from £31m to £49.4m last year (excluding costs of renovating Buckingham Palace, which pushes the cost over £80m).

eazybee Wed 21-Oct-20 12:23:20

No, I would not consider it.

Grany Wed 21-Oct-20 12:51:08

Well it's ok if that's your choice eazybee Do you know the Royals are over publicly funded as well as Sovereign Grant They get security paid for all the houses 19 round the clock £100 million metropolitan police pay for that local Councils pay £1000s for there visits, walk abouts

They spend public money as if it's their own on various transports as for their private interests.

PC gets £20 million from the Duchy which should go to treasury. They pay no corporation tax or capital gains tax on that though it's run like a billion pound corporation giving them an unfair advantage The Queen gets a similar amount from the Duchy of Lancaster So all in all they are all doing extremely well out of the tax payer.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 21-Oct-20 13:19:03

No I will not be signing.

Lucca Wed 21-Oct-20 13:20:29

Hi grany I fear you’re a lone voice crying in the wilderness ! You’re only allowed to criticise two members of the RF on GN!

What you suggest sounds sensible to me though.

Grany Wed 21-Oct-20 13:34:22

Thank you Lucca Yes it is sensible. Oh I see, like Maghan and Harry.

The Sovereign Grant needs to be scrapped and the monarchy funded through proper annual budgeting, in line with the normal processes used for funding all other public bodies.

The Sovereign Grant is a nonsensical way to fund any public body. The funds come from the Treasury but are linked to the profits of the Crown Estate. There is a 'ratchet' clause that means once the Grant has gone up it can't go back down.

The result has been a massive increase in the grant over the past ten years, while public services are cut and jobs lost. The monarchy should be funded on the basis of need and budgets should be scrutinised and set annually, as they are for other institutions.

boheminan Wed 21-Oct-20 13:35:04


parkersheen Wed 21-Oct-20 13:40:36


Whitewavemark2 Wed 21-Oct-20 15:07:34


Auntieflo Wed 21-Oct-20 15:27:45

Grany, Why do you ask whether someone would be willing to sign, then reply by questioning their choice?

Nortsat Wed 21-Oct-20 15:29:56

Thank you.

GagaJo Wed 21-Oct-20 15:30:33


Grany Wed 21-Oct-20 15:54:10

Thank you all who signed

Auntieflo Because some may not realise the total cost of funding, it's not just the Sovereign Grant. Just explaining really.

Lucca Wed 21-Oct-20 16:00:44


Kamiso Wed 21-Oct-20 16:01:20

I have no problem funding the royal family. We are lucky to have most of them.

trisher Wed 21-Oct-20 16:04:51


silverlining48 Wed 21-Oct-20 16:47:50

Signed. Wouldn’t it be nice if the state pension for those who retired before the new pension was introduced were upgraded to the same amount? there’s a £40 pw difference.
Something the RF don’t have to concern themselves with.

ginny Wed 21-Oct-20 17:11:53


KaEllen Wed 21-Oct-20 17:31:08

This petition is long overdue. Will sign now!

MissAdventure Wed 21-Oct-20 18:11:22


Anniebach Wed 21-Oct-20 18:28:34

Will you list the 19 houses please ?

Grany Wed 21-Oct-20 18:59:03

You see the houses listed in this video Annie

Pantglas2 Wed 21-Oct-20 19:06:44

This is going so well is seven hours not many signed up! Perhaps try Mumsnet?

Lucca Wed 21-Oct-20 19:08:21


I have no problem funding the royal family. We are lucky to have most of them.

Thus is not about NOT funding them but doing it in a more rational way

Anniebach Wed 21-Oct-20 19:45:25

grany the properties in Kensington Palace are all as one, each property is not separated, same with the properties in
Windsor and Sandringham and Balmoral.