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Stop complianing about lockdown. Thre are others a lot worse off

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Dinahmo Sun 24-Jan-21 13:43:05

Flicking through the photos of the week on the Observer web site I came across a photo of two children in a displaced persons camp in Syria. Their shelter is made of blankets strung up with rocks piled along the ground, presumably to keep the blankets anchored. There has been heavy rain and the two are leaning out from their makeshift home to feel the rain and smiling. The ground is waterlogged.

We, or some of us, are whinging about lockdown. I know that many are suffering from confined spaces, no jobs and a shortage of money. I know that it's difficult. But for most of us, our current situation does not in anyway compare to the plight of these children and refugees the world over.

I'm not suggesting that any one of you gives money, or complains to the govt or signs petitions but just to think, next time you feel sorry for yourself, about the poor people the world over who are in a far worse situation that you have ever, or hopefully will ever, experience.

Casdon Tue 26-Jan-21 15:47:57

I’ve been having a look to see what the situation is with nail cutting UK wide, but I can only find NHS podiatry services offering a nail cutting service to people who have an underlying pathology, eg diabetes, which affects the circulation to your feet - this appears to be nationwide.

Most areas seem to have arrangements for agencies such as Age UK to do toenail cutting, but it’s not available during the pandemic due to the risk to volunteers of contracting COVID. Not much help I’m afraid Anniebach, the only thing I can think of is to ring your GP practice to see if the district nurses would come in to do it for you as it’s affecting your mobility?

There must be thousands of people across the UK with this problem - I know my my mum who’s in the East Midlands is paying a private chiropodist to come to do hers, the chiropodist travels but does a number of people in the village on the same day, I think she got the lady’s number from her local volunteer bureau.