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The govt talks the talk but does it walk the walk?

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Dinahmo Tue 23-Mar-21 19:04:36

Back in 2017 T May's govt set up an advisory body, the Industrial Strategy Council (ISC) to help boost productivity and regional prosperity. Ministers have announced that this is to be scrapped in order to replace it with the govt's build back better programme. Probably because it disagreed with BJ.

The ISC's final report has just been released and is critical of Johnson's promise to re-balance Britain. It states that his plan risks failure, its ambitions are vague, there is too much emphasis on infrastructure and it would struggle to stand up to scrutiny.

At a recent event, the ISC leader, Andy Haldane (Chief Economist for the B of E) said that putting more spending decisions into the hands of local communities should be prioritised.

Members of the ISC include Archie Norman (M & S), Sir Charlie Mayfield (formerly chair of John Lewis) and Emma Bridgewater. Known names who are running successful businesses (even if having difficulties in the current climate), unlike those unheard of businesses and "entrepreneurs" who received the govt's largesse during the past year