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Covid funeral rules ..yes it's about PP funeral

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vampirequeen Thu 15-Apr-21 06:57:05

The rules say only 30 people can attend a funeral and a lot has been made of the fact that the RF are following this rule. Now it seems that 30 people are going to be in the chapel but 750 members of the armed forces will be in attendance to do a bit of marching and band playing.

How come 30 means 30 to the rest of us but 30 can be 780 for this funeral?

Not being particularly anti RF. Just seems an unnecessary Covid spreading risk.

tanith Thu 15-Apr-21 07:06:04

I saw some of the rehearsals yesterday and did wonder why there were no masks and lots of brass band members close together blowing away on instruments. It doesn’t really make sense to me are they all immune?

Mamardoit Thu 15-Apr-21 07:07:43

I'm guessing they will all be outside and wearing masks. They will probably have been based together for a while.

I have stood outside a crematorium socially distanced recently while a funeral was taking place.

Calendargirl Thu 15-Apr-21 07:09:46

I’m sure they will all be outside, not going in the chapel.

suziewoozie Thu 15-Apr-21 07:11:41

But they are not going to be in the chapel are they? It is a ceremonial funeral and thus is part of the ceremony. At least idiots like Jeremy Vine weren’t listened to.But even more significant is the Q’s deciding re no uniforms for the family. Very astute and sensible and imo a real reaching out to Harry.

vampirequeen Thu 15-Apr-21 07:14:07

Does it matter that they're outside? I've seen some of the rehearsals and they don't seem to be social distancing. The bandsmen/women can't wear masks if they're to play instruments that need blowing. All the blowing in and through instruments in close proximity to other band members is surely a Covid risk. They may all be in the same bubble if a bubble can contain 750 people but that doesn't mean one or more haven't got Covid and this will simply became a super spreading event for those taking part and by default anyone they come into contact with.

lemsip Thu 15-Apr-21 07:23:28

Oh for goodness sake, give it a rest.

BlueBelle Thu 15-Apr-21 07:50:40

Why are people so incredulous and so late to realise that there is one rule for the royals, politicians and upper echelons and one for everyone else
Marmadoit I d love to see the trumpeters wearing masks 🤣🤣🤣thats hilarious
I think the queen has made a really good move to have no uniforms not only for Harry but it will stop more gossip about Andrew on that particular day
I have never understood the uniform and medals, for what !!!

Casdon Thu 15-Apr-21 07:54:51

There have been much more risky situations in the last few days and weeks though which haven’t proved to be superspreader events. The first night the pubs reopened the pictures of Covent Garden were scary, and there have been lots of protest rallies. At least at this event the troops will have been lateral flow tested and won’t be drunk.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 15-Apr-21 08:13:49

Military units work, socialise and live together in quarters marching and performing outside is what they do when they are not deployed.

A fitting tribute to Prince Philip.

Iam64 Thu 15-Apr-21 08:14:15

This funeral has been scaled down because of Covid. That doesn’t mean no marching bands, or military presence. He was the Queen’s husband. He served this country over a long period in our history.
Of course his funeral should reflect this.

Elegran Thu 15-Apr-21 08:38:08


Oh for goodness sake, give it a rest.

RIP PP flowers

sodapop Thu 15-Apr-21 08:40:00

I agree GrannyGravy & Iam64 lockdown seems to be over in town centres etc so I don't understand why this should be different.

Ellianne Thu 15-Apr-21 08:47:00

For goodness sake, they are working. That is their job. They have not been on furlough throughout. All precautions are taken at the camps where they live together etc.
Everyone on here was very happy when the army rallied round to do the vaccines. This is just the same sort of work they get called on to do.

Anniebach Thu 15-Apr-21 08:47:01

It’s different because it’s the royal family, I ache for the Queen,
she knows the republicans, the press , the media are waiting, hoping for something to criticise.

vampirequeen Thu 15-Apr-21 08:53:39

Why should it be any different because they're the RF? DH's uncle was a war hero (as were many others). He saved the lives of several fellow soldiers and civilians whilst putting himself in great peril. He then did his duty as a good citizen of this country. Worked hard. Raised a family. Paid his way, his taxes and his dues. Where was his fanfare? There was none. His funeral was low key affair following the guidelines.

Pittcity Thu 15-Apr-21 08:58:22

Armed forces are tested twice a week and live and work in isolated bubbles. So the bands, guards etc are counted as one household, thus are allowed to be together outside.
I know this because DS is in the forces and has been a Covid tester in recent weeks.

Pittcity Thu 15-Apr-21 09:00:46

OP funeral directors and celebrants don't count towards the 30 people either as they are working.

Anniebach Thu 15-Apr-21 09:01:30

VampireQueen it’s different for the royal family, they can be criticised for breathing .

I don’t recall threads about the drinking in pubs this week, protests are supported here,

So it should not be different for the royal family but it is as your O/P shows clearly

grannyactivist Thu 15-Apr-21 09:05:39

Pittcity is correct; my son-in-law is also in the forces and has worked throughout the pandemic.

suziewoozie Thu 15-Apr-21 09:07:12

But hardly anybody gets a ceremonial funeral do they pandemic or no pandemic? COVID funerals have mostly been relatively less than normal and sometimes very sad indeed. We watched my dhs beloved aunts funeral online and I cried as the family walked in to the chapel - not being there to hug and share and say a proper goodbye. But I went to my neighbours actual funeral and it was able to be outside around the grave and was quite beautiful and moving with lovely poetry instead of hymns. Just the wake swapping stories and memories was missing and that was sad. I think PPs funeral is a sensible compromise and it’s a relief to be shared the full works.

Lollin Thu 15-Apr-21 09:10:23

I would say his funeral should reflect the situation we are all in and the rules we are all trying our best to abide by for the sake of ourselves and others. We had a burial (no funeral just outside in the snow) for a very close family member recently. It was made all the harder by the present restrictions but it is done and we will remember it even clearer than others because of the restrictions.

suziewoozie Thu 15-Apr-21 09:10:32

Spared not shared obvs

Alegrias1 Thu 15-Apr-21 09:19:22

I started talking about this on another thread, sorry, I didn't realise one had already been started. I don't think that this is going to be a superspreader event, that's not the issue for me.

It was the fact that they got a lot of Brownie Points IMO for sticking to the Covid rules for funerals, asked people not to lay flowers etc. But suddenly we find there will be 750 service people marching around. So not a Covid era funeral at all.

As for the suggestion that there is a parallel between this and the army being involved in vaccines.....well, I am actually speechless.

Shropshirelass Thu 15-Apr-21 09:19:59

They will be outside and will probably be more spaced out than usual (distance that is!!!!). They have probably all been in a large bubble anyway. The virus doesn’t transmit easily outside so will be OK.