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Anyone understand why Johnson is so far ahead in the polls?

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Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:16:19

I don’t.

janeainsworth Fri 30-Apr-21 07:20:42

Because his supporters don’t read the news?

vampirequeen Fri 30-Apr-21 07:22:22

Because many people are stupid?

silverlining48 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:23:48

I don’t understand either. Or do his fans forgive him everything ?

Opal Fri 30-Apr-21 07:24:19

Because his supporters don't believe the trash that's written about him?

Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:25:59

One theory I have is that unless voters feel it is hitting them directly - they don’t care.

But I’m not sure that is right looking back historically.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:30:30

I have been posting for weeks now, saying that the men/women in the street have more important things on their minds than politics.
GMB have run a poll and 77% replied don’t care

There may be a point whereby it turns, but it’s a long way off in my opinion.

Urmstongran Fri 30-Apr-21 07:32:03

I read the news. I’m not stupid (in my opinion anyway).
I think he does well because he called it spectacularly right employing Kate Bingham to procure and facilitate delivery of vaccines - even though many (and some on here called his out for ‘cronyism’ at the time). He is also a liberalist at heart although having Covid (again some awful accusations when he was in ICU) have made him über cautious regards restrictions, some scientists are saying unreasonably so. But, here’s the thing. He has charisma. He cheers us up with his daft jokes which make us laugh. He is popular with many (the polls reflect this). Sorry I do know that 90% of you on here find fault, think he’s falling below standards required etc but you gloom buckets are continually in the minority!

Witzend Fri 30-Apr-21 07:32:10

I’d say it’s down to the success of the vaccine roll out (regardless of the brains behind it) added to the easing of lockdown,
plus equally or maybe even more so, the lack of a forceful and inspiring opposition.

As for current news, I doubt that too many people honestly give a monkey’s about who paid for fancy wallpaper etc., as long as it wasn’t the taxpayer - in the great scheme of things the money is a mere fleabite.

Chucky Fri 30-Apr-21 07:32:31

Probably because they don’t like the opposition!

Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:35:41

ug how ever can you say that he cheers you up😳😳😳😳

I always come away after watching and listening to him as utterly bewildered how we managed to vote in such a fool.

If I want cheering up I have never in my entire life turned to the U.K. prime minister.

Urmstongran Fri 30-Apr-21 07:36:00

Ooh this is better approval so far for Boris than I thought he’d get! About 50/50 so far.
Mind you, won’t be long before the usual suspects come along to tip the balance with their forensic knowledge of everything political....

Gajahgran Fri 30-Apr-21 07:37:37

I'm with you Urmstongran and I am also not stupid. Most voters see through the nonsense and pseudo outrage about curtains etc. There is also the fact that Labour are not presenting an effective opposition and Boris has not been thrown out of a pub!

Urmstongran Fri 30-Apr-21 07:40:04

Because he’s not a gloomy bastard WW he does try to infuse us with the thing we need in this godawful pandemic ... POSITIVITY!

Plus, as regards the polls, he did deliver a better Brexit than I was fearing. He has engaged the stellar services of ‘Frosty’ the details man the details men go to - to steer us through the next phase.

Apologies as I know most on here didn’t vote to Brexit. So I’m not rubbing it in or being mean. It’s just that I think it’s another reason why he is still riding high in the polls!

Urmstongran Fri 30-Apr-21 07:41:38

Gajahgran 👍

Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:43:28

ug yes I take your point about positivity, but there has to be truth behind it.

That is what I can’t understand. He is a consistent liar, so. Where can there be trust?

Pantglas2 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:46:59


Probably because they don’t like the opposition!

Got it in one, Chucky! Look at the alternatives...

NannyJan53 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:47:33

Yes, Whitewave anyone can be positive when they are consistently lying. Eventually they come to believe their own lies! Sadly he has convinced many others too.

JaneJudge Fri 30-Apr-21 07:48:04

The Sun

Urmstongran Fri 30-Apr-21 07:49:44

... shines out of his bottom? 🤔

Gajahgran Fri 30-Apr-21 07:52:50

Gosh Ug you are on form this morning.

Ellianne Fri 30-Apr-21 07:52:55

I'm with you Urmstongran.
Many voters can't be doing with forensic examination of politics or even trying to understand the half of it. At the present moment it's all about positivity and even if he is a bit of a fool, he gees people up to go forward.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:53:42

So are people saying that he will still get their vote even though they know that he is untrustworthy?


Galaxy Fri 30-Apr-21 07:53:58

Vaccine bounce.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Apr-21 07:54:55


Vaccine bounce.

Yes I think that is a large part of it.

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