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Yay‼️ GB News Channel about to launch ...

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Urmstongran Wed 26-May-21 22:33:19

GB News will attempt to shake up the broadcasting landscape when the news network launches its TV channel in early June.

The news service, spearheaded by veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil, has announced plans to go live on Sunday June 13.

In a tweet, the channel said it would launch at 8pm with a special programme, 'Welcome to GB News'.

I can’t wait!

theworriedwell Wed 26-May-21 22:37:37

Do you know if it's subscription or freeview? I've got Prime and Netflix so if it's another subscription I won't be watching even though I do like a news channel.

theworriedwell Wed 26-May-21 22:39:05

Just checked, it is on freeview so I will have a look.

EllanVannin Wed 26-May-21 22:40:22

Yes, I read about that and I like Andrew Neil too.

Gwyneth Wed 26-May-21 22:40:36

Thanks for your post Urmstongram. How will we access it though. Will it just be on terrestrial TV? I’m probably sounding very stupid as I don’t know very much about it but I do like to listen to Andrew Neil. Any other information you have would be much appreciated.

Gwyneth Wed 26-May-21 22:41:54

Just read your post theworriedwell great it’s on free view. Thanks.

Urmstongran Wed 26-May-21 22:42:05

It’s Freeview.
Will check the channel.

Urmstongran Wed 26-May-21 22:45:01

236 apparently.

Urmstongran Wed 26-May-21 22:46:48

The UK’s newest news channel in 30 years.

theworriedwell Wed 26-May-21 22:48:20

That makes sense. 231 BBC news, 233 Sky news, 234 RT, 235 AlJazeera. So all the news channels together. I can flick from one to the other so handy.

Gwyneth Wed 26-May-21 22:49:44

Thank you urmstongran it is exciting and hopefully there will be more balanced reporting.

Urmstongran Wed 26-May-21 22:50:10

The new channel will be chaired by former BBC political presenter Andrew Neil and promises to "change the face of news and debate in the UK".

It was announced last week that Neil will also lead the channel's evening news coverage.

Ex-BBC host Simon McCoy, ITV veteran Alastair Stewart and ex-Sun journalist Dan Wootton are also on the line-up.

It will launch with a special show called Welcome To GB News, and will be available on Freeview channel 236 as well as other platforms including Sky, Virgin Media and Freesat.

GB News will provide "a new approach to how news is done - stories that really matter to people in the United Kingdom", its Freeview listing says.

Urmstongran Wed 26-May-21 22:51:03

Yr welcome Gwyneth!

Kali2 Wed 26-May-21 23:13:23

Sometimes it is better to just not respond.

Anyone who get excited about Fox News on speed, well


Kim19 Wed 26-May-21 23:14:02

Thanks Urm. I'll be there!

maddyone Wed 26-May-21 23:16:12

I will definitely look in and see if I like it.

Zennomore Thu 27-May-21 07:34:30

" With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone."

love0c Thu 27-May-21 08:24:16

Just read it Aires on Sunday 6th June at 8pm. Not sure this is the best time for a first showing?

JenniferEccles Thu 27-May-21 08:38:32

Thanks for the information Urms
I heard about this a while back but didn’t realise its launch was imminent.

I too am eagerly awaiting it.
Exciting news indeed !

Alegrias1 Thu 27-May-21 08:49:07

Apparently they are going to have a section called "Wokewatch" and presenters will be free to say what they think.

I'll probably watch for the entertainment value. Once, anyway.

JenniferEccles Thu 27-May-21 09:26:05

It definitely sounds like my type of programme then!
Any person or organisation which calls out this awful insidious ‘woke’ nonsense gets my vote.
I think I also read that Piers Morgan may be involved.
I’m by no means a big fan of his broadcasting style, but, like a lot of people I was in complete agreement with his views of the Meghan Markle interview.

Urmstongran Thu 27-May-21 09:29:49

I’m glad Alistair Stewart will be one of the newscasters. At 68y I think he has gravitas. Lends an air of authority to the new channel in my opinion.

lemongrove Thu 27-May-21 09:31:59

I’ll certainly take a look at it, Andrew Neil is a formidable interviewer and always worth watching.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 27-May-21 09:34:47

Definitely worth a peek 👀

Urmstongran Thu 27-May-21 09:44:23

It won’t suit some on here ...