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Sometimes there are no words!

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Sarnia Thu 10-Jun-21 17:03:41

Boris has flown to Cornwall to discuss climate change.

Kali2 Thu 10-Jun-21 21:21:18


Was Boris the only one to fly there? I imagine all the leaders flew there along with their teams. And then there are all the Police and everyone else involved, quite a few people I'm sure.
Don't forget with so many people in this country our road and rail network are not always speedy and reliable.

Well other leaders flew in because they came from far and wide. And remind me why the road and rail network is not very good?

Surely it would have been a real opportunity to show an example for once.

Chewbacca Thu 10-Jun-21 21:48:51

Surely it would have been a real opportunity to show an example for once.

Could you provide an example Kali2?

Talullah Thu 10-Jun-21 21:52:09

Did you read my link, Kali2? Public transport is not functioning at all in some areas because of this summit. Here it is in case you missed it.

You're fighting a losing battle here.

GillT57 Thu 10-Jun-21 21:59:10

Saw Trump this week with horrendously fitted trousers. What’s up with them?? 🤷‍♀️ There were rumours online for a few hours that he had put them on backwards grin grin grin. After a rather grim day, I am much cheered by my vision of Alegrias dancing with a chicken....... doing the funky la la

SueDonim Thu 10-Jun-21 22:11:05

That was my thought, Muffinthemoo! A London-Cornwall zip wire would be an excellent transport mode. V popular with tourists, too, I should imagine.

alegrias 🤣 at the dancing chicken!

Ellianne Thu 10-Jun-21 22:34:06

Alegrias, were you learning the birdie song dance by any chance?

Callistemon Thu 10-Jun-21 23:03:45


Why not grab a Dartmoor pony for part of the journey? Wilfred would enjoy that.

Is that Haytor Ellianne?
I walked up there when I was older than Boris.
If I could do it I don't see why he can't.

I'm more worried about all the trees that were chopped down in the preparations for this conference. I hope they'll replant.

maddyone Thu 10-Jun-21 23:46:12

Alegrias dancing with a chicken 🐔 love it

muffin the moo the image of BJ on a zipwire from London to Cornwall grin