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Trump's opinion on Olympic soccer team

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Elleee Thu 05-Aug-21 19:05:15

Trump's behaviour and opinions seem to be more bizarre and outrageous. What do you make of his statement that the women's soccer team would have won gold on the Olympic Games, instead of bronze, if they hadn't been woke?

DiscoGran Thu 05-Aug-21 19:20:56

I seriously doubt the team care one jot what Trump thinks, he is somewhat irrelevant nowadays.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 05-Aug-21 19:26:47


I seriously doubt the team care one jot what Trump thinks, he is somewhat irrelevant nowadays.

I wish he was! I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get back in again

valdali Thu 05-Aug-21 19:32:48

If he keeps on like this, hopefully he'll offend enough people ( there are 10 people on the team he's insulted, chances are some of them will have voted Trump, or their family) that he won't get a second chance. Keep on publicising his imbecile Tweets, he'll surely gun himself down long before the next election

maddyone Thu 05-Aug-21 19:39:53

I don’t know what to say. I suppose utter rubbish expresses my thoughts reasonably accurately.

MaizieD Thu 05-Aug-21 19:40:32

I don't think he tweets any more, does he? I thought he'd been banned.

vampirequeen Thu 05-Aug-21 19:57:33

He posts on some other site now and his followers still avidly read his rubbish.

Lincslass Thu 05-Aug-21 21:21:51

Oh dear, he’s not really worth a mention .

Elleee Thu 05-Aug-21 22:11:49

I disagree Lincslass, I feel that misogyny and racism is always 'worth a mention'
He still has a huge following and his words are inflammatory
In January, he incited the riots in the White House
He is a very influential and dangerous presence

Luckygirl Thu 05-Aug-21 22:29:30

But hasn't it been lovely to hear so little from or about him in the last few months?

polnan Fri 06-Aug-21 11:17:36

sorry, but who cares? I find the media , generally , gives far too much attention to what so called "celebrities" say or do!
again, apologies if this upsets anyone here, but I just wish the media would stop publishing Megan and Harry so much!

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 06-Aug-21 11:22:24

I think he bears a grudge because the team refused an invitation to a do at the White House. I don’t think they were the only sports team to refuse an invitation from him. This man is a spoilt child who, if you believe the American press, is doing his damnest to wreck democracy.

maddyone Fri 06-Aug-21 11:23:02

I agree with you polnan. The media are feeding the Harry and Meghan debacle and also the Trump one.

Susieq62 Fri 06-Aug-21 11:39:29

I truly feel that Trump and Farage should be banned from all social media! They are misogynists with their own agendas and stir up trouble wherever they speak or visit! Nasty, nasty men who should be shunned by all women everywhere!!

25Avalon Fri 06-Aug-21 11:44:53

He doesn’t like Rappinhoe taking the knee instead of standing for the American flag and anthem as he regards it as disrespectful. Once you realise this you can make sense of what he is saying. That is not to say you agree with it.

MaggsMcG Fri 06-Aug-21 11:49:46

I dont actually understand this taking the knee either actually. Not any more. I thought that black people wanted equality. Surely the best way to show that is to be patriotic to your country as a whole and only react and report to the law when its blatantly racist. I read recently that black musicians are grouping together to get fair treatment. Whilst I can see their point is this not segregation which is something they hated 40 years ago.

Shortlegs Fri 06-Aug-21 11:54:10

The man needs sectioning (or the US equivalent).

BlueBelle Fri 06-Aug-21 12:00:27

Oh maggs it is not being disrespectful to your country to take the knee it being respectful to the idea of ridding the world of racism and your post sounds as if you believe the only people taking the knee are black people which is wholly untrue it is a sign of solidarity for all like minded people who abhor racist and racism It’s a positive not a negative

Annaram1 Fri 06-Aug-21 12:05:26

At least old Trump gave us a good laugh, whereas sensible Biden is a tad boring.
By the way why does the press always refer to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, as Meghan Markel? And Prince William's wife as Kate Middleton? Its as if the women are not married.

Purpledaffodil Fri 06-Aug-21 12:08:31

Well said BlueBelle 🏆

Syracute Fri 06-Aug-21 12:29:50

Maggs: On taking the knee : it has been to protest the act of black people being unjustly arrested and often DYING in the process. You cannot just brush this under the carpet and people are getting fed up . So a very important gesture !

grandtanteJE65 Fri 06-Aug-21 12:45:45

I was never able to laugh at Trump - to me he is far to dangerous for the simple reason that a lot of people believe every word he says.

We may find him ridiculous, but that does not change the fact that others do believe him.

I hope and trust that he has lost his following in his own party, and that he before the next presidential elections will have done something so criminal that he cannot stand.

Aepgirl Fri 06-Aug-21 12:53:44

Who gives a toss what Trump says or does?

LondonMzFitz Fri 06-Aug-21 12:53:59

Trump behaves outrageously, belittles women (again) and yet this forum with less than 20 posts goes for the

"Sorry but Harry and Meghan .... "

Jesus wept!

158 million Americans voted in the 2020 Election. Biden won by 51.3% : nationwide popular vote was 4.4% (51.3% vs 46.9%) source Electoral Reform website. There's 46.9% of those 158 million Americans still interested in what Trump says. That's why he is still in the news / newsworthy.

The more the press publish his tantrums, his rages, his horrid nasty rants, the better for those of us who hope never ever to see that man in charge of more than a dessert trolley. The more publicity he gets for shouting down women athletes the better his supporters will see the real man behind the PR wagons.

Anneeba Fri 06-Aug-21 12:54:34

Ditto what Bluebell said. Also I think it is not possible to ignore Trump unfortunately. He still has an amazingly large number of ignorant followers to whose prejudices he panders with appalling success. I wish he was in prison where he belongs.