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Sarnia Wed 01-Sep-21 13:49:56

Comforting news that double murderer and rapist, Colin Pitchfork has been released 2 years earlier than his 'life' sentence. The families of the young girls he murdered must be wondering how this can be called justice.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 01-Sep-21 13:53:36

Let’s hope this doesn’t turn out to be another case of the parole board making a fatal error. There has to be a question mark over whether the sentence was long enough in the first place.

Zoejory Wed 01-Sep-21 13:53:45

I was shocked about this as well, Sarnia

Such vile crimes. It would have been better he serve a real life term. He is going to have to wear an electronic tag and can't go to certain places but that's of little comfort to the families.

Just to know he's out and about whilst their beloved daughters like dead is such an insult

Blossoming Wed 01-Sep-21 15:06:31

Madness. He admitted to the two that were found. I wonder what else never came to light?

sodapop Wed 01-Sep-21 17:58:09

I wondered about that as well Blossoming

Lucca Wed 01-Sep-21 18:04:41

Goodness what a name for a murderer

Galaxy Wed 01-Sep-21 18:05:15

You dont need to wonder. When he was arrested he admitted to 1000 incidents of exposure, there is in my opinion zero chance of him not being an ongoing danger to women and girls.

BlueBelle Wed 01-Sep-21 18:26:15

Very bad news indeed he should have served his full sentence and more
It is an unfortunate nane isn’t it lucca

MissAdventure Wed 01-Sep-21 18:34:16

He is suspected of many more crimes.
I believe he should be spending the rest of his life locked away or better still, should have been executed

welbeck Wed 01-Sep-21 18:39:07

you're not the only one who expected that he would spend the rest of his life in gaol.
The Lord Chief Justice at the time of his sentencing said: "From the point of view of the safety of the public I doubt if he should ever be released.

Riverwalk Wed 01-Sep-21 18:39:52

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “Public safety is our top priority, which is why he is subject to some of the strictest licence conditions ever set and will remain under supervision for the rest of his life"

If he's subject to such strict conditions I assume that means he's still a risk to young girls, in which case why is he free?

Now out of prison he has to live somewhere - hope to fuck he's not in the vicinity of my 12-year old granddaughter.

Of course, if things go wrong then we can rest assured that 'lessons will be learned'.

MissAdventure Wed 01-Sep-21 18:44:53

I've no faith that he will be constantly monitored.
I have known people who have been tagged and largely gone about doing their own thing.

My neighbour's relative cut their tag off, moved away, and neighbour had a hell of a job getting someone in to take the box thing away.
It took months.

Mamardoit Wed 01-Sep-21 18:50:27

He's not a frail elderly man either. If he repeats this crime the parole board who sanctioned this should be locked up with him for life. Why are these monsters given a second chance.

I'm guessing he will be allowed to change his name to something less identifying.

welbeck Wed 01-Sep-21 18:54:12

he has been seen out and about in the bristol area for several years.
don't know if that is where he will now stay.

SueDonim Wed 01-Sep-21 20:19:46

If I was the mother of one of those poor girls, I don’t think I’d be responsible for my actions if I knew his whereabouts.

Callistemon Wed 01-Sep-21 21:17:43


he has been seen out and about in the bristol area for several years.
don't know if that is where he will now stay.

I think we should be shown photos of what he looks like now.

Presumably he will be given a home and no-one will be told his whereabouts.

Kate1949 Wed 01-Sep-21 22:29:14

There are several photos of what he looks like now if you Google it Callistemon.

Callistemon Wed 01-Sep-21 22:38:44

Thanks Kate1949

Quite disturbing, as photos show him at Christmas coming out of shops strolling around and he appears to be alone, so he's been out on day release for some considerable time.

Kate1949 Wed 01-Sep-21 22:41:48

Yes sickening.

Chardy Thu 02-Sep-21 07:04:16

1988 when he was sentenced was a different world. These days it seems to be all about money, how much it's costing to keep someone in prison vs public safety.
Secondly, I don't think we trust what we're told by the 'authorities' any more. People with power seem to lie at will.

henetha Thu 02-Sep-21 10:38:48

It's appalling. Full life imprisonment is the only way that the families of the murdered get justice, and he still remains a danger to the public.

Luckygirl Thu 02-Sep-21 12:33:07

I do not think he should be released.

Some young men commit dreadful crimes when young and wet behind the ears and under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I have no problem about eventual parole for them under strict rules. Hopefully they will have grown up a bit and be different people.

But someone who plans and executes such inhuman and abnormal acts should NEVER be released.

Riverwalk Thu 02-Sep-21 12:55:40

There was a two year gap between the killings, so not a moment of madness; and he was caught by DNA, didn't voluntarily give himself up.

Sarnia Thu 02-Sep-21 13:12:48

He was the first murderer convicted using DNA evidence. He had asked another man to provide a sample using his identity. It was only when this man began boasting about it that police were told and Pitchfork arrested.

GillT57 Thu 02-Sep-21 14:00:47

From what I know, these were not sudden impulsive crimes, they were planned, hidden, and as Sarnia said, he got someone else to provide a sample when it came to mass DNA testing. This to me, shows cunning and planning, and he cannot be considered safe to be released.