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Reintroducing Imperial measures…..

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MayBee70 Fri 17-Sep-21 00:10:51

Please tell me the government aren’t planning to do this and it’s just a joke…..

Doodledog Fri 17-Sep-21 00:19:57

I don't think they are, no. I think it's more likely to be a reversal of the rules that said that items had to be weighed and priced in metric units, rather than imperial ones.

It will equate to 'getting our sovereignty back' for some, and won't make a jot of difference to most, so I'm going to ignore it and carry on as usual.

Zoejory Fri 17-Sep-21 00:21:57

I read about this. Is it not just allowing shops to use Imperial measurements if they want? Not sure.

I have to admit to still asking for a quarter of whatever at the butchers. Or a half. Pint of milk etc etc .

And why did we never embrace metric when it came to weighing babies?

welbeck Fri 17-Sep-21 02:25:54

i hate metric

BlueBelle Fri 17-Sep-21 05:06:29

I still think in old weights I ve never mastered weight and length in metric It’s not about loyalty to our old ways I just find it so hard to think in the metric measurement I m fine with money and weather temperatures but everything else I still use imperial then have to look up the difference
A pint is still a pint and I m still 5 foot 5 ins with a size 6 foot
I think the problem is we ve never really got rid of impartial have we? I ve never ever thought the next town is so many kilometres away it’s still 10 miles

But I m sure as our generation goes the next will be fine with it

vegansrock Fri 17-Sep-21 05:58:22

Wel obviously this is the most important issue facing the country.Forget climate change, food prices, housing, pollution,………….

rosie1959 Fri 17-Sep-21 06:08:53

Totally agree BlueBelle great if they give my weight in kilos haven’t a Scooby what it is

Whitewavemark2 Fri 17-Sep-21 06:31:18

I await the introduction of £.s.d. - so British.

Let’s get rid of these Johnny foreigner’s stupid ways.

Dear oh dear talk about looking backwards.

It is the country’s young that matters not the fact that we never moved our asses sufficiently to understand the metric system.

It is pandering to the lazy.

rosie1959 Fri 17-Sep-21 06:46:42

That would be too scary Whitwavemark2 doing my Tesco shopping over 4 bob just for a cucumber

Whitewavemark2 Fri 17-Sep-21 07:03:58

Tbh this is what I hate so much about Brexit.

It is the old fart, nationalistic regression.


Whatdayisit Fri 17-Sep-21 07:21:34

I was born after we went metric. So at school we learnt metres and centimetres etc. All fine then during 1987/88 GCSE's a big panic happened and conversions were included in the exams. They had to quickly ram imperial measures down our necks and that was that. The opportunity of going metric completely was lost because Tory Government's were never committed to it.

JackyB Fri 17-Sep-21 07:39:35

I don't think that imperial measurements will be coming back. The generations that knew them (us and our parents) are dying out, and even those of us who are still well and truly alive are retired and don't have much clout any more regarding the goings on of the retail and manufacturing worlds.

Having said that, there may well be a market for niche shops and museums. Children enjoy seeing how people lived in "olden times" and it is educational for them to see what life was like only last century.

There are speciality shops here in Germany where you can pay in Deutschmarks and buy items that are no longer produced. Or so I've heard. (Might just be hearsay, can't find anything online, except that C and A still accept them. Especially in Eastern Germany where all aspects of life were completely bulldozed out by the Westernisation of the past three decades.

At the butcher's and greengrocers you can still ask for "ein Pfund" (500g) or "ein Viertel" (125g) it anything. I have also heard "ein Zentner" (50 kg) for a sack or potatoes. So the words still exist, although the metric values have been around for much longer, of course.

So much so that, once on a guided tour of a little German town, we were shown the markings on the church door which defined the local values for an ell (eine Elle), a foot (ein Fuss). Etc. One of the ladies in the group asked why they used such an odd measurement (1.41 m). She seriously couldn't understand that there had been a time when metres hadn't been invented yet.

BlueBelle Fri 17-Sep-21 07:43:16

I totally agree with those saying keep it as it is (whitewave) and I hope my post didn’t come across as colonial British as
I m just the opposite I think we should stay metric for as I said once we ve gone no one will know anything about imperial but I do have to admit that I still think in imperial simply because I was taught it and it’s stuck there in the recesses
If we had gone completely metric we would have had to learn it but we ve always been half and half so my lazy mind has never got used to it
So I m totally a stay Metric gal although I still think imperial

Kim19 Fri 17-Sep-21 07:53:13

Thinking imperial can sometimes be mindboggling. Don't know why I reverted the coinage in my head but just came out of the bakers realising I had paid 12&6 for a single scone in old money. Amazing!

MaizieD Fri 17-Sep-21 07:59:15

I think it's just a dead cat, a diversion, a little something thrown in for the amusement of watching people froth at the mouth with indignation about it. After my initial reaction of extreme annoyance I'm ignoring the idiocy. We've worse things to worry about, like government ministers who think you can only only catch covid from strangers. They're the really dangerous nutters, not the ones who think we all want to live in the past.

Anyway, we've been 'bilingual' in weights and measures for donkey's years now. After some initial stupid prosecutions in the 70s of market stall owners for selling banana's (sic) in lbs we've been left to get on with it. As long as traders' weighing machines are accurate no-one really cares what they call the quantities they're selling.

Urmstongran Fri 17-Sep-21 08:06:55

“The iconic Crown Stamp proudly adorned British pint glasses for more than 300 years and was a guarantee that the pint or half pint glass you were handed was genuine.

It was introduced in 1699 in the reign of King William III to stop unscrupulous publicans ripping off their punters by serving drinks in smaller glasses.“

rosie1959 Fri 17-Sep-21 08:08:07

We have never totally embraced metric
Signage for travel is still in miles
Never heard anyone say how much the baby weighed in kilos
I still think in imperial looking at dress lengths I convert to inches
Does it really matter

Urmstongran Fri 17-Sep-21 08:09:29

I think the return of the Crown stamp is symbolic because it was banned by the EU and replaced by their European conformity mark. Symbols are not at all important in themselves, their power resides in what they represent - in this case independence - and the freedom to choose a different path.

Galaxy Fri 17-Sep-21 08:12:14

I have never looked at the symbol on my pint in my life. And I have drunk a few of them.

MaizieD Fri 17-Sep-21 08:12:48


I think the return of the Crown stamp is symbolic because it was banned by the EU and replaced by their European conformity mark. Symbols are not at all important in themselves, their power resides in what they represent - in this case independence - and the freedom to choose a different path.

I'm afraid that it just represents mindboggling stupidity to me.

ayse Fri 17-Sep-21 08:14:32

Considering that children are taught in metric only, even if it was serious, is a nonsense.

Would you want to inflict the intricacies of Imperial on them?

Could it be to fit in with USA measurements? After all, we seem to be moving rapidly in that direction, much to my disgust! Let’s become the next new state of the USA!

BlueBelle Fri 17-Sep-21 08:17:36

Oh no that worries me too Ayse it doesn’t bear thinking about

sunseeker Fri 17-Sep-21 08:17:58

As far as I am aware this won't a compulsory change - if anyone wants to continue using metric they can. It is merely allowing shops to use imperial if they wish, why is anyone getting so het up about it

Urmstongran Fri 17-Sep-21 08:20:03

Which is why you voted Remain MaizieD and I voted Leave.

MaizieD Fri 17-Sep-21 08:20:34

USA don't use quite the same measures as us. Try using a US recipe.

I don't think it's anything to do with the US. It's just about appealing to the insular Brexit voters.