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A winter of very expensive heating and little food?

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PippaZ Sun 19-Sep-21 09:14:43

What is happening about this? I must admit I feel worried.

If this is true and will be paid for by those who have lost in-work benefits and are paying higher NI, how on earth will they get through the winter.

I'm a Pensioner and not rich enough to expect them to do anything for me.

lemongrove Thu 14-Oct-21 17:38:48


3 more gas suppliers failed today. This is quietly happening whilst the country’s focus is on the petrol issue

Lots more small suppliers will fold.There are a ridiculous number of them in any case.You can start one from your own sitting room, and some have.They take no risks and won’t look after customers like the larger suppliers do.

Dinahmo Thu 14-Oct-21 18:24:34


Haha, I remember the dogs on bed cartoon, it was a birthday card I once sent to a friend who had three dogs, she loved it, wonder if you can still buy one?

Remember the group "Three Dog Night"?

I once saw an advert for a charity in a French magazine. The photographer had 6 Pyrenean Mountain Dogs laying on a bed.