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Uncouth Angela Rayner doing Labour no favours

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Maudi Thu 23-Sep-21 12:28:55

Well I'm from a working class background but please Angela Rayner having a go at Raab did herself and Labour no favours.

MaizieD Thu 23-Sep-21 12:31:34

But you're right wing, Maudi so you're bound not to like her.

I've seen a lot of praise for her PMQs session on social media. Even from Julia Hartley-Brewer shock

eazybee Thu 23-Sep-21 12:32:17

Uncouth is exactly the word i thought of when I heard her this morning.

Alegrias1 Thu 23-Sep-21 12:34:35

What did she say?

Casdon Thu 23-Sep-21 12:43:58

She had him rattled, I watched it yesterday afternoon. He was like a fish with its mouth open. She’s not polished around the edges public school for sure, but she wasn’t uncouth, she didn’t swear or behave unprofessionally that I saw.

Josianne Thu 23-Sep-21 12:45:55

I think I said the same about Boris on a thread an hour or so ago, she is who she is, what you see is what you get and you won't change her now.

Ilovecheese Thu 23-Sep-21 12:51:09

She was really good at pmqs. She sounded as if she actually cared.

eazybee Thu 23-Sep-21 14:24:02

Uncouth means lacking refinement, grace, manners, sophistication, culture.

Casdon Thu 23-Sep-21 14:38:54

When did those qualities become important to have your opponent on the rails and expose his weaknesses and lies easybee?

Zoejory Thu 23-Sep-21 14:43:58

I'm neither right nor left so no axe to grind but I didn't think Raab look remotely rattled. He just seemed to find her amusing. Just the one dig about Crete would have sufficed

trisher Thu 23-Sep-21 14:46:19

Let's only have posh MPs. They are so much better. (At everything including lining their pockets and the pockets of their mates

Bea65 Thu 23-Sep-21 14:48:39

I actually found her to be informative/passionate/not at all UNCOUTH......and yes she did rattle Raab who I found patronising...

ayse Thu 23-Sep-21 14:51:04

I think Angela Rayner did a good job. I’m fed up with the posh accents that are totally unrepresentative of the way ordinary folk talk.

I agree with Trisher re: the lining of pockets by the current political elite. They’ve led our country rapidly towards a disaster of almost unprecedented proportions.

Urmstongran Thu 23-Sep-21 14:58:04

She played to her gallery. Can’t blame her really.
Real working class - called £’s - ‘quids’ in her heckling! I think she lays it on with a trowel, those roots, appealing to old Labour and the union block vote.

Grandma70s Thu 23-Sep-21 14:59:47

She is somewhat uncouth (lovely word), but then so is Boris Johnson much of the time.

vegansrock Thu 23-Sep-21 15:00:25

And we can’t have that can we? Better they all speak like Jacob Rees Mogg and appeal to the forelock tuggers.

Casdon Thu 23-Sep-21 15:04:34

She certainly appealed to the mass media, lots of articles today were supportive, in the less biased press.

humptydumpty Thu 23-Sep-21 15:08:16

I went off her when she was interviewed on the Today show recently; she had a prepared speech and launched into it (using the same words) 3 times, refusing to answer the question she had repeatedly been asked

Blossoming Thu 23-Sep-21 15:08:34

Uncouth means lacking refinement, grace, manners, sophistication, culture.

Oh dear, I appear to be uncouth.

On the other hand I am not lacking in intellect, education, empathy, social conscience, generosity.

BlueBelle Thu 23-Sep-21 15:26:52

I like her I like to know where I am with someone I d rather someone was plain speaking and dear oh dear ‘uncouth’ than a snake in the grass with posh vowels and hands in everyone’s pockets whilst pretending to care

JaneJudge Thu 23-Sep-21 15:50:06

I really like her. As a working class woman myself with an education that I have worked bloody hard for, married to a working class man who is one of the most skilled in his field in the UK, we have a GUT FULL of people treating us like we are 'common' and 'uncouth' and 'chippy'. Honest working class people with an education and passion have a lot to offer in government and society.

Urmstongran Thu 23-Sep-21 16:05:56

I don’t think Angela had much of an education though JaneJudge to be fair. Pregnant at 15y and lived on benefits in a council flat. No comparison with your well earned, hard working ethos.

When she screeched ‘A ‘undred and fifty quid’ yesterday my toes curled.

She’s a passionate lass though, got to give her that. A bruiser - you can tell she enjoys the cut and thrust of PMQ’s!

Galaxy Thu 23-Sep-21 16:14:17

Sorry I dont understand what you mean urmstongran, so if at some point in her life Jane had been in receipt of benefits that would make her less hard working?

Iam64 Thu 23-Sep-21 16:14:26

I’ve not seen pmq’s. Angela Radnor was a child cater, her mum has mental health problems. Yes urmstongran, she was pregnant at 15 and left school without qualifications. She’s one of many bright girls who had a tough childhood. She was helped out of poverty and deprivation by a combination of hard work, Sure Start and her union. She had an education with the support of Sure Start and her union.
Good background for a Labour mp. More representative of the electorate than /Johnson and his public school crew

Alegrias1 Thu 23-Sep-21 16:15:36

Copied from Wiki: leaving the school aged 16 after becoming pregnant, and did not obtain any qualifications. She later studied part-time at Stockport College, learning British Sign Language, and gaining an NVQ Level 2 in social care.

After leaving college, Rayner worked for Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council as a care worker for a number of years. During this time, she was also elected as a trade union representative for Unison. She was later elected as convenor of Unison North West, becoming the union's most senior official in the region.

I suspect she's no stranger to hard work.