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Keep this one simple - if HGV driver from Europe, would you come to help out on a 3 months contract?

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Kali2 Tue 28-Sep-21 12:12:54




will do here.

Kali2 Thu 30-Sep-21 20:42:25

The driver shortage is Europe wide- but nowere, but nowhere are there any issues with deliveries of anything, let alone petrol

And drivers are better paid and have far better conditions in Europe, and are much nearer home and without any of the hassle, red tape, massive waits in ports and so on.

I do not believe your graph is correct. If it was, why would the UK now beg drivers to come back?

Kali2 Thu 30-Sep-21 20:44:32

Just seen a fabulous picture on line - Eric Morecambe and André Previn 'there is no shortage of petrol, but it is not necessarily in the right place!?

Kali2 Tue 05-Oct-21 12:06:59

It seems they have answered the question I asked.

I wonder though- which checks will be made on their qualifications, experience, and political/possible terrorist status. It would be the perfect Trojan Horse, no?

3nanny6 Tue 05-Oct-21 12:24:01

No ; What a cheek to ask them first tell them they are not wanted and then ask them back to help us.

If they were offered a huge wage for helping us then that might give them some incentive. Heard on the news not much interest has been shown by most about 150 "maybes" out of the 500 they are looking for.

growstuff Mon 11-Oct-21 19:20:35

I read that 29 people have applied for temporary HGV visas.

varian Mon 11-Oct-21 19:29:10

It is not surprising that so few HGV drivers want to come to this country.

The Vote Leave government has completely trashed our international reputation as a decent trustworthy nation.

Having "worked in UK" on your CV could damage future employment prospects. Only six years ago that would have been a badge of honour. How low we have sunk, thanks to the Leave Liars.