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Labour party conference, is no-one else interested?

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foxie48 Wed 29-Sep-21 08:55:10

tbh I expected a few posts about what's been happening other than the ones about Angela Rayner's language but none have appeared. So what do you think of the show so far? Andy McDonald's resignation, does this signal open warfare from the left? Internal party reforms despite Momentum's objection, does this signal the end of the left's influence? Starmer's declaration that winning the next election is more important than focusing on party unity. Is this a sign that the Labour party is moving on from the Corbyn era and Brexit? Some suggestion that the left wing might start a new party? So where do you think the party is heading?

foxie48 Wed 29-Sep-21 12:08:57

GillT57 actually I've heard quite a few others being interviewed and Lisa Nandy was quoted
Asked whether this year's conference is about "burying" Corbynism, she replies it's about "showing the country we've changed".

She adds that Starmer has been trying to improve the party's trust with voters, and change the party so it can "look outwards" to the public.
I found that heartening and am looking forward to hearing what Starmer has to say in his speech. He may not be the most charismatic politician but I am hoping he has the skills to reposition the Labour party so it becomes electable. We'll see but I was pleased to hear people supporting him (Lammy, Beckett et al) There's absolutely no point in being in permanent opposition so if people have to pare back their expectations, then that is what is required IMHO.

Eviebeanz Wed 29-Sep-21 12:10:48

I tire of hearing (from all parties) what they think of each other - I don't care. What I would like to hear is what they would do for us. I'm fed up of all the he said/she said rubbish.

GillT57 Wed 29-Sep-21 12:15:10

I do hope that Starmer gets it across, I truly despair at the sneering disregard shown by Johnson and his party, they lie, they know they are lying, they know we know.......but they don't care.

MayBee70 Wed 29-Sep-21 12:23:58

What is the matter with these people trying to disrupt his speech. What good do they think they’re doing? I could cry…

GillT57 Wed 29-Sep-21 12:46:25

Johnson and his pals must be laughing their heads off

westendgirl Wed 29-Sep-21 12:47:31

Listening to Starmer at the moment. Good speech, covering many topics. The disrupters were put down firmly.He is getting good support from the majority of conference goers.

Kandinsky Wed 29-Sep-21 12:58:54

I get the feeling, that as hard as he tries, people just aren’t warming to Kier Starmer like they should - or were supposed to.
I find him very dull.

MayBee70 Wed 29-Sep-21 13:00:29

Do you find his vision for the future of this country dull, too?

GillT57 Wed 29-Sep-21 13:07:46

I agree that he isn't perhaps an inspiring speaker, but I will settle for dull if charisma gives us Johnson and his lies.

Kandinsky Wed 29-Sep-21 13:09:47

I had music lessons with Fat Boy Slim

Our future is safe.

Gossamerbeynon1945 Wed 29-Sep-21 13:13:31

I am watching him now. He is very boring, but I think it is his voice. I don't think many women will vote for him because of his attitude to Trans people.

westendgirl Wed 29-Sep-21 13:15:38

Kandinsky, if you were listening to the speech you know why the comment about music lessons with Fat Boy Slim was there. You have taken it completely out of context to add your sarcastic comment. Kier Starmer was actually talking at that point about music being taught again in schools , together with drama and other subjects removed from the curriculum.

Kali2 Wed 29-Sep-21 13:16:56


I get the feeling, that as hard as he tries, people just aren’t warming to Kier Starmer like they should - or were supposed to.
I find him very dull.

Dull? We have had enough of the opposite- and see what that achieves.

Give me dull, intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable, fair, balanced and more, any day.

Just like you MayBe70 I find the behaviour from the 'left' disgusting and abominable- and they will destroy the Party, never mind Starmer. And what will that achieve. Failure and failure forever to be in Opposition and actually bring some hope and prosperity to this wonderful Country and its people.

Kandinsky Wed 29-Sep-21 13:25:31

You’re right westendgirl, I really need to listen to the entire speech before I comment. It just made a laugh as Fat Boy Slim is hardly Beethoven or Mozart ( even though I loved FBS back in the day )

Whitewavemark2 Wed 29-Sep-21 13:30:53

A speech of integrity, values and full of policy.

PippaZ Wed 29-Sep-21 13:36:05

Just that Whitewave.

Anniebach Wed 29-Sep-21 13:36:15

The far left waved their red cards

westendgirl Wed 29-Sep-21 13:38:10

Kandinsky, it's surprising what teachers use as a stimulus. I used to use French pop songs, comics and magazines for comprehension. Makes a change. There's room for a variety .
Good speech.

JaneJudge Wed 29-Sep-21 13:42:30

Omg how can anyone diss the housemartins
are you quite mad?!

JaneJudge Wed 29-Sep-21 13:42:55

Every women, every man, join the caravan of love

Whitewavemark2 Wed 29-Sep-21 13:45:31


Every women, every man, join the caravan of love

Do do do do

Ilovecheese Wed 29-Sep-21 13:46:22

I thought that was a very good speech.
Anniebach anything positive to say?

MaizieD Wed 29-Sep-21 13:47:14

Lots of praise from commentators on twitter. Especially journalists.

Conference seemed very happy.

I thought he covered key points well. And handled the hecklers very competently.

Good speech

Ilovecheese Wed 29-Sep-21 13:49:43

BBC journalist still banging on about Angela Rayner 's words.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 29-Sep-21 13:53:19

He is the sort of character that you would trust your children and aged parents with with complete confidence.