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growstuff Thu 30-Sep-21 04:58:20

This article raises a number of issues about food security, which is relevant because it touches on a number of issues - trade, climate and sustainability, employment, cost of living, etc.

It's best to read the whole article, which raises a number of questions,


Are we prepared to accept gene editing?
Are we prepared to modify our diet eg by eating locusts?
Are we prepared to pay more for our food?

Josianne Thu 30-Sep-21 08:56:31


Did you try them yourself Josianne?

Yes, rather tasty.

If course you have adopted good cooking and eating habits growstuff because you were intelligent enough to research and think it out for yourself. A lot of the consumers aren't, so need to be encouraged/taught from an early age.

Josianne Thu 30-Sep-21 08:56:52

* Of not If

growstuff Thu 30-Sep-21 09:13:26

My son has tried cat biscuits and said they were a bit bland.

ayse Thu 30-Sep-21 11:55:37

The article in the Grocer was interesting. Thank you.

I think it may be difficult to find info on gene editing if you use the search term GE crops as it’s used interchangeably in many cases with GM crops.

Here is an article that explains gene editing in a straightforward manner and gives examples of trials already happening.

Here’s another discussing the pros and cons from human embryology research

These articles are nearer to what I was looking for yesterday on the food thread.

growstuff Thu 30-Sep-21 12:37:32

Thanks for posting those ayse. I'll have a look.