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Wales you are having Covid Passports. Is this a 'Fix?'

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love0c Wed 06-Oct-21 16:42:11

I do not live in Wales but I am certainly not happy with how this has got through.

Jane71 Wed 06-Oct-21 16:54:38

Why love, what is wrong with it?

Casdon Wed 06-Oct-21 16:56:23

I don’t know what you mean 0c, it was a vote by MPs of all parties that passed it. I’m glad, it’s a good thing.

Casdon Wed 06-Oct-21 16:57:21

PS why do you care if you don’t live in Wales?

Anniebach Wed 06-Oct-21 16:59:04

I live in Wales, the Welsh Parliament voted and I am thankful
they voted for the passport.

fairfraise Wed 06-Oct-21 17:04:08

I live in Wales and I'm appalled by this. It was apparently an accident, in that one AM could not make his Zoom connection. If he had been able to it would have been tied and the Presiding Officer would have voted against as apparently he should. Why anyone should have to,produce papers about their health, to another person with no medical qualifications, when they go into a nightclub smacks of an authoritarian state and Drakeford is just revelling in it.

It won't affect me personally as I don't do nightclubs or large events as such, but it's the principle of the thing!

LauraNorder Wed 06-Oct-21 17:04:55

If it keeps people safe and protects the NHS for another winter then I’m all for it.

love0c Wed 06-Oct-21 17:07:34

fairfraise that is my point too. Really not happy about it. I think the same thing could well happen here too in England. Politicians think it is their 'right' to manipulate to get their choice of result.

Casdon Wed 06-Oct-21 17:19:33

‘The principle of the thing’ is sound in my book fairfraise.
It only covers:
Indoor, non-seated events for more than 500 people, such as concerts or conventions
Outdoor non-seated events for more than 4,000 people
Any setting or event with more than 10,000 people in attendance
People who are fully vaccinated in Wales can already download the NHS Covid Pass to securely show and share their vaccine status. It also allows people to show they have had a negative lateral flow test result within the last 48 hours.
I’m going to the Stereophonics et al concert in December at the Millennium Stadium, and glad it will be safe. The choice is simple, have the vaccine or don’t go to nightclubs or large scale events so everybody else who does is safer, everybody has a choice.

fairfraise Wed 06-Oct-21 17:20:17

I am thankful I do not have any condition that requires frequent visits to doctor or hospital, as so many have. There have been so many stories on here of people suffering dreadfully because of policies of the past year. I do have one chronic condition that is fairly well monitored and have had just phone annual consultations lately and TBH I am etermined to see medics as little as possible. An old friend of mine died last year in St. George's London after 2 weeks in an induced coma, following a fall. She was only 67. Not even her 95 year old mother could see her, and the same thing as happened in Wales too. All compassion has gone out of the window.

Totally off topic I know!

fairfraise Wed 06-Oct-21 17:25:27

I've had the double vaccination, most people have and many have acquired immunity. We downloaded the Covid Pass but that was a real palaver, and taking it with us when we go to large outdoor event in Manchester on Sunday. Enjoy the Stereophonics in December Casdon.

frenchie Wed 06-Oct-21 17:34:13

Well in France we have to have our Covid vaccination pass as an app, or paper form. We have to show it for bars, restaurants, cinemas, concerts, museums and all confined spaces apart from shops. We also have to wear a mask nearly everywhere.
Our COVID infection rates have dropped radically. It does work!
I am in England at the moment and wear a mask all the time as fearful that I might catch it here.

Lucca Wed 06-Oct-21 17:38:05


If it keeps people safe and protects the NHS for another winter then I’m all for it.

Me too and they will be having them in Sydney, when they start opening up soon.

Bibbity Wed 06-Oct-21 17:59:49

I am in Wales. And I am married to a night club manager. I am happy with it.

Galaxy Wed 06-Oct-21 18:03:47

Its horrific to be honest. I have said this before but in my area a young mother died from complications of the vaccine, she left two very young children. It's not beyond the realms of imagination that those children may have reservations about the vaccine (they may not of course but its possible) what they need is support and compassion, and information, not coercion and being divided from the rest of society.

Bibbity Wed 06-Oct-21 18:20:32

The information is there. The vaccine works. Like anything in life reactions happen.
But the greater public health is more important. And one sad story doesn't allow those children to then spread a virus at will

Casdon Wed 06-Oct-21 18:20:51

Sorry but that’s a gut reaction to a sad instance, not a logical response Galaxy. Well over 100,000 lives have been saved by the vaccine, and comparatively, very few people have died as a direct result of being vaccinated. For their loved ones it is tragic of course, but many more families have lost young and healthy parents who refused the vaccine and caught Covid.

Galaxy Wed 06-Oct-21 18:35:24

It's not a gut reaction its asking that people are treated with empathy and understanding. I understand the risks of covid versus the risks of vaccine, but I also understand the risks of dividing a society in that way. Those who have had the vaccine can still transmit covid, are they too 'transmitting the virus at will'

Grandmabatty Wed 06-Oct-21 18:36:01

Scotland has introduced a covid vaccination passport. You only need to use it if you're going to be at events with many people as far as I know. I have no problems doing this as I'm thinking of others, as well as myself.

varian Wed 06-Oct-21 18:46:08

I am a Liberal Democrat but believe that vaccine passports, in our present circumstances, make sense.

If you are double jabbed you are less of a threat to your fellow citizens. So why not prove that you have been double jabbed?

Bibbity Wed 06-Oct-21 18:52:25

No... because they have done everything in their power to stop the virus.

Unless people have the relative degrees then they don't get to make decisions that effect everyone else.

varian Wed 06-Oct-21 18:56:57

Does Boris Johnson have "relevant degrees"?

Casdon Wed 06-Oct-21 19:00:40

Bibbity it was recommended by the Chief Medical Officer, endorsed by Public Health Wales, who do have the relevant degrees. The Welsh Government does listen to the experts who have the relevant degrees, and act on their recommendations.

Galaxy Wed 06-Oct-21 19:03:41

But my understanding is the impact on transmission rate is not yet proved? Alegrias where are you, I am having the same discussion as the last timegrin.

fairfraise Wed 06-Oct-21 19:07:26

Varian you could just produce a paper copy of your vaccination records. Why should people have to download an app that takes ages, relies on your phone not being undercharged etc. I was on a train 2 weeks ago and a boy was wandering up the aisle, asking if he could use anyone's charger as he was down to 40%. He did find a compatible one in the end. His ticket was on it. I don't like the idea of being tracked by our phones.