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Covid: UK start to pandemic worst public health failure ever, MPs say

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MaizieD Tue 12-Oct-21 07:10:34

Just in case people are puzzled as to why Boris the Beloved is constantly being criticised.

The Select Committee report on the the government's handling of the covid pandemic out today (well, yesterday really)

I expect that's why he's gone on holiday. Hoping the flack will have died down before he gets back.

Alegrias1 Thu 14-Oct-21 17:35:09

I'm not a government apologist. I also don't think they were taken by surprise.

I do think that they were too late in taking the decisions because of the enormity of what we were facing, at least to begin with for the first lockdown.

I know its not a popular position, but there you go.

railman Thu 14-Oct-21 18:20:56


^Yet still, some believe (or say) that the government were taken by surprise? Unbelievable!^

The government went to sleep on the job.

There had been quite a bit of pandemic planning going on since the Y2000. But the recommendations for improvement arising from the results of exercises to test the planning were ignored, latterly because the government was too preoccupied with Brexit to take notice of our planning shortcomings.

The section of the report on Pandemic Planning details it all.

Preparation for emergencies is part of a government's job. This point does not seem to be understood by the apologists.

Pandemics have been forecast for years. It was just a question of 'when' it actually happened.

Spot on MaizieD

I was responsible for creating business continuity plans for the boards of a small number of my clients - if I'd failed to provide them, I would have been sacked.

In the case of our 'beloved Government' they were provided, and updates recommended, but I can only presume for reasons of political dogma/ideology they were deliberately ignored.

Such actions in a company, had their been a fatality as a result of not implementing similar plans could well have resulted in criminal proceedings for the company and its directors.

I wonder if the same rigour will be applied at the public enquiry in 2022.

varian Thu 14-Oct-21 18:47:12

Why do we wonder we we have a PM who could go on Mastermind with "getting away with anything" as his specialist subject?

Catterygirl Fri 15-Oct-21 22:51:37

The Costa Blanca has strict rules about mask wearing and only allowing visitors in who are double jabbed. Google new cases today. Zero. Why aren’t we following their example?