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MissAdventure Sun 12-Dec-21 00:58:01

Tomorrow's newspapers will have images in showing Johnson hosting a quiz at one of the Christmas parties that never was.

Kalu Sun 12-Dec-21 01:32:20

I now have an ear worm on a loop..🎼The Party’s Over🎼.

MissAdventure Sun 12-Dec-21 01:34:23

It's not "the" party, but there seems to be an organised trickle of gotchas popping up, so I suspect there's more.

FarNorth Sun 12-Dec-21 03:55:29

How do they prove that's when it was?

Kim19 Sun 12-Dec-21 04:09:37

Saw it on the paper review. Didn't seem particularly daamning.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 12-Dec-21 06:41:15

Tinsel and paper hats give a clue farnorth

Lincslass Sun 12-Dec-21 06:50:18

Someone is a sneak, someone is trying to fell Boris. This person is a coward, come show yourself. Let us see the date on the photo, all digital pics have them. Could be Christmas just before Covid hit us. The taker was also there. Hypocrite.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 12-Dec-21 06:54:29

There would be nothing to show if Johnson was a decent prime minister.

Lincslass Sun 12-Dec-21 06:56:13

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Whitewavemark2 Sun 12-Dec-21 06:57:31

I see Johnson has been venting his fury at the BBC for reporting it all.

Tell me - we do live in a free democracy still don’t we? I know the window is getting smaller, but he hasn’t yet made reporting government behaviour illegal.

That’s next year.

vegansrock Sun 12-Dec-21 07:03:52

He’s teflon coated so nothing much sticks. This picture far less damaging than all the lies and corruption that have gone on in the past 2 years. People won’t admit he’s a lying shyster as that would be admitting they were taken in by a lying shyster, you’ll still get his supporters saying “he’s doing his best” and how marvellous Brexit is, when every forecast shows it to be a disaster. At the moment I’m sort of hoping he stays in post and more damaging stuff keeps rolling out, as then he’ll become a vote winner - for Labour, the SNP, Lib Dems, Greens etc.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 12-Dec-21 07:10:09

Johnson is furious because he has learned that as well as other reports on media stations and foreign media, 11 million people have viewed the Ross Atkins report.

The BBC is the only media that he has any control over.

ShazzaKanazza Sun 12-Dec-21 07:19:25

I agree with you Kim19 the picture shows him hosting a Christmas quiz with two work colleagues wearing tinsel etc how many millions hosted quizzes and Christmas jumper parties virtually I know we did. I’m no defender of the government at the moment but on this occasion it doesn’t look like big news to me. Someone is definately out to get him and I agree they should show themselves. I bet Dominic Cummings is loving this.

Kandinsky Sun 12-Dec-21 07:20:09

I think the grass who keeps leaking these photos is worse. Imagine having someone like that in your party? ( or at your party in this case haha )

Whitewavemark2 Sun 12-Dec-21 07:23:26

Well it is almost certainly a Tory.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 12-Dec-21 07:30:40

Look at the image. Look at the top left hand corner.

Is that a cloth covering the cctv?

bikergran Sun 12-Dec-21 07:33:27

I seem to think Cummings said, photos with start to appear.

I would think that other members who of course were at these fictitious/real parties will be keeping very quiet, as they will know they are probably in the photos(if there are any photos).

Plus we all know that digi photos can be played around with, so who knows what or who may appear.

bikergran Sun 12-Dec-21 07:34:02

> will <

Josianne Sun 12-Dec-21 07:46:24

Who would ever want to be Prime Minster?

Galaxy Sun 12-Dec-21 07:49:53

Johnson. It's been his lifes work to get to that position. Well I use the word work loosely.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 12-Dec-21 07:50:06


Who would ever want to be Prime Minster?

Someone with competence, integrity and intelligence. Someone who keeps the best interests of the nation as the main focus.
Someone that can be trusted and truthful.

Good qualities I would have thought.

loopyloo Sun 12-Dec-21 07:50:44

I think this is the Remainer BBC having a go at Boris.

Aveline Sun 12-Dec-21 07:53:53

Call me cynical but I'm not in the least surprised at all this. What is more interesting to me is the timing. Why is this only coming out now? This info would cause trouble whenever it was released. I can only imagine the secret plotting meetings going on. Men in grey suits working out the best way to stab Boris in the back and promote their man -whoever he might be. Gove anyone ? shock (Eek no!).

Aveline Sun 12-Dec-21 07:54:58

Whitewavemark2 You've just described Theresa May!

vegansrock Sun 12-Dec-21 07:57:37

Theresa May seems good compared to the current incumbent.