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should care home staff be female only!

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lemsip Mon 07-Feb-22 19:51:29

A dreadful case in the news today of a 49yr old man raping a 99yr old dementia sufferer in a care home jailed for life, minimum 10 years. caught on cctv installed by her family.
anyone else read about this..

Hithere Mon 07-Feb-22 19:53:45

Females are also very capable of committing sexual assaults

No, caregiving is NOT only for women

Kali2 Mon 07-Feb-22 19:54:09


EllanVannin Mon 07-Feb-22 19:57:36

Where you have mixed care homes, you employ mixed staff too.

JaneJudge Mon 07-Feb-22 19:57:37

There are laws that exist where females can insist on female only personal care. At the moment anyway until those laws are not eroded

Hithere Mon 07-Feb-22 19:58:35

How many patients assault female caregivers? That is common too

MissAdventure Mon 07-Feb-22 20:04:25

I'm inclined to say that for personal care, then yes.
Females, unless a preference is expressed to the contrary.

As far as I know, males don't give personal care to young females, so it should be across the board.

Pepper59 Mon 07-Feb-22 20:19:17

I honestly wish I hadn't read that story, that poor lady and her family. How many others had this person assaulted? I do hope the police did a thorough investigation. I don't know what the answer is as females are just as capable of doing awful things too. Perhaps no one carer left in a persons room at one time? How would that work though, probably impossible to manage. What a world.

kittylester Mon 07-Feb-22 20:30:59

My mum would have hated not to have the lovely younger men looking after her in the care home. She had a ball flirting with them and they flirted vack.

One bad apple and all that.

Doodledog Mon 07-Feb-22 20:37:35


I don't think that all care workers should be women, but I think that women should be able to ask for female care workers to carry out intimate personal care. It's about dignity as much as risk.

Grannynannywanny Mon 07-Feb-22 20:49:28

I have a close relative in a nursing home. When I was helping the unit manager to compile his care plan I was asked if he had a preference for male or female staff. But in reality it wouldn’t have made a difference if he did as the staff are predominantly female. There are several days a week when it’s an all female staff.

It wouldn’t always be possible for a resident to express if they had a preference even there was a choice.

Zoejory Mon 07-Feb-22 20:50:52


My mum would have hated not to have the lovely younger men looking after her in the care home. She had a ball flirting with them and they flirted vack.

One bad apple and all that.

My mother was the same. Her eyes would light up as she'd tell us about the lovely young man who worked there.

lemsip Mon 07-Feb-22 21:05:52

just thought I'd put it out there.... Not my opinion of it

MissAdventure Mon 07-Feb-22 21:07:27

I don't think I can bring myself to read it.
10 years?
Ot should have been much longer.

Redhead56 Mon 07-Feb-22 21:28:40

No it's not fair to class all men working in care work or nursing as potential rapists. When I had my son I had to stay in hosipital because of complications. The kindest most caring nurse looking after me was male who was a credit to the medical profession.

BlueSky Mon 07-Feb-22 22:09:56

Agree with Redhead. My late MiL during her frequent hospital stays, definitely preferred male nurses, much nicer than the bossy patronising female ones.

MissAdventure Mon 07-Feb-22 22:13:06

It's about risk reduction and dignity.

JaneJudge Mon 07-Feb-22 22:18:44

Unfortunately vulnerable women in care settings are at a high risk of abuse and that is why safeguarding is in place with respect to female only personal care. It doesn't matter whether you or other people have had good experience with male nurses or carers and it isn't even anti men. It is a sensible law based on the safety of vulnerable women

MissAdventure Mon 07-Feb-22 22:20:20

Exactly that, except the elderly are rarely given a choice.

JaneJudge Mon 07-Feb-22 22:26:39


BlueSky Mon 07-Feb-22 22:27:05

Exactly, just as well my MiL preferred male nurses as in hospital she had no choice, if they had male ones for that shift, that’s what you got. Same for men, they might have preferred a man, but got who was on duty in their ward.

MissAdventure Mon 07-Feb-22 22:28:11

I always query it during safeguarding training...
Never had a satisfactory answer, though.

Kate1949 Mon 07-Feb-22 22:38:07

Some things are beyond belief. That poor poor lady.

MissAdventure Mon 07-Feb-22 22:39:58

Imagine how her family must feel?
It's so, so despicable.
One of those crimes which under those circumstances needs a very long prison stay.

Kate1949 Mon 07-Feb-22 22:48:13

Yes and apparently she asked her family not to leave her as 'they will hurt me'. They put it down to the dementia, understandably.