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The Queen has COVID

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tanith Sun 20-Feb-22 11:53:26

She has tested positive with mild symptoms, let’s hope it stays that way. I truly hope she comes through it.

Those of you with faith maybe say a little prayer 🙏🏼

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tanith Sun 20-Feb-22 11:54:58

Gosh that of course should say has, sorry maybe it could be corrected.

FannyCornforth Sun 20-Feb-22 11:57:43

I’ve asked for it to be changed tanith
It’s the first I have heard about it.
Quite worrying thanks

merlotgran Sun 20-Feb-22 11:58:02

Just heard this on the news. What a horrible time she’s having right now.

Thoughts, prayers, fingers crossed etc,. For a speedy recovery.

Josieann Sun 20-Feb-22 11:59:14

I hope she will be ok. She could certainly do without that.

lemsip Sun 20-Feb-22 11:59:46

where did you get that information? I news watch all the time and have not found it.

Galaxy Sun 20-Feb-22 12:01:49

It's on sky news. BBC tends to be slower.

lavendermine Sun 20-Feb-22 12:02:17

Oh dear, sorry to hear this. Get well soon.

mokryna Sun 20-Feb-22 12:02:25

Her Majesty is in my thoughts.
I hope she has a speedy recovery.

lemsip Sun 20-Feb-22 12:04:02

foun it now. news....
The Queen has tested positive for Covid, Buckingham Palace has said.

The palace said the monarch is experiencing "mild cold-like symptoms" but expects to continue "light duties" at Windsor over the coming week.

Casdon Sun 20-Feb-22 12:05:26

I’m glad she didn’t catch it from Charles, he would feel dreadful if she had. Hopefully her symptoms will remain mild.

tanith Sun 20-Feb-22 12:08:30

Thanks FCforth

GrannyGravy13 Sun 20-Feb-22 12:09:25

Hopefully it’s omicron, I guess she is fully vaccinated and any symptoms will be mild.

FannyCornforth Sun 20-Feb-22 12:10:18

How do they/ we know that she didn’t catch it from Charles?

tanith Sun 20-Feb-22 12:10:20

Lemsip I would always check several news sources before posting something like that.

ShazzaKanazza Sun 20-Feb-22 12:10:46

I hoping that she’s had it a few days and they’ve waited to see how she is before releasing the news. 🤞she carries on only having light symptoms. She’ll have the best care.

FannyCornforth Sun 20-Feb-22 12:10:58

She’ll have access to the antivirals too, I should imagine

BlueSky Sun 20-Feb-22 12:16:39

Got the news from the Australian press, before seeing it on the BBC. Of course they are so many hours ahead of us! wink

Grandma70s Sun 20-Feb-22 12:26:36

Nothing can happen to the Queen! The kingdom would fall! (Or perhaps I should say the Queendom.)

VioletSky Sun 20-Feb-22 12:33:29

Wishing her a speedy recovery

BlueBelle Sun 20-Feb-22 12:34:21

The news doesn’t seem to be in cinque as just now on radio 4 it said the queen has a mild cold

maddyone Sun 20-Feb-22 12:35:33

Hope she gets well soon.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 20-Feb-22 12:36:56


The news doesn’t seem to be in cinque as just now on radio 4 it said the queen has a mild cold

I thought I heard that the Queen had cold like symptoms

Namsnanny Sun 20-Feb-22 12:43:25

Funny I woke up thinking about her this morning. Not something I usually do, pontificate about the royals first thingsmile.
I think it was because she looked thinner the last time I saw her on the TV, but her voice sounded so determined and strong, it made an impression on me.
Yes I hope the press arnt downplaying her symptoms.
What a horrible past couple of years shes had, I feel sympathy for her position.

BlueBelle Sun 20-Feb-22 12:43:59

Yes I think you’re right grannygravy I maybe didn’t hear the start of the report and just heard mild cold symptoms
Poor old gal hope she’s alright Charles would never forgive himself if she got very ill