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Ed Davey has lost 2sts in 7 weeks‼️

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Urmstongran Tue 03-May-22 20:15:13

Goodness. Is this wise? He says his typical menu these last 2 months (at the age of 56y) has been:

Sir Ed Davey’s typical daily diet

Breakfast: Earl grey tea, no milk
Berries or kiwi fruit

Almonds or walnuts

Lunch: Salad, sometimes a bit of fish

Dinner: Roasted cauliflower, lentils, beans and broccoli

Snacks: Nuts, Kimchi, carrots, edamame beans

Grandma70s Tue 03-May-22 20:21:30

All nice things, but only as extras!

No, I don’t think it’s wise. Just too much.

MawtheMerrier Tue 03-May-22 20:24:08

I won’t be accepting any dinner invitations chez Davey if that’s all they eat!

DaisyAnne Tue 03-May-22 20:25:45

Doctors do prescribe very low calorie diets for health reasons. I doubt that he intends to be on this forever.

JaneJudge Tue 03-May-22 20:30:55

I think I'd have the constant trot and presumably i'd lose weight too confused

Jane71 Tue 03-May-22 20:32:23

Good for him.

ayse Tue 03-May-22 20:46:41

It’s a low carb diet that helps loose weight relatively quickly and can reverse T 2 Diabetes. Maybe it was suggested to him for his health. It can be easier to stick to a restricted diet. The diet he is following had good protein and fats with plenty of snacking foods and loads of vegetables.

Callistemon21 Tue 03-May-22 20:49:22

That's ok for 2 days a week then eat sensibly for 5 days.

Losing too much weight too rapidly is not a good idea.

HousePlantQueen Tue 03-May-22 22:34:18

It looks to me as if he has been advised to follow a diabetes reversal of prevention diet. The foods themselves look healthy if limited in quantity. No processed carbs which is a good thing. Well done Mr Davey, I mat try it myself as I have a long awaited holiday looming smile

HousePlantQueen Tue 03-May-22 22:40:02

Or even might

NotTooOld Tue 03-May-22 22:40:45

Sounds horrible but obviously works. I wonder how long he's going to stick it.

Sago Tue 03-May-22 23:12:09

I lost a lot of weight recently through illness, most of it is fluid though.
The kick start has spurred me on to cut out carbs 5 days a week, last time I did this it dropped off.
Unfortunately like most diets you have to work hard to maintain the weight loss.

MawtheMerrier Tue 03-May-22 23:34:23

Do you remember when Nigel Lawson lost a lot of weight?
He certainly needed to, but looked dreadful afterwards. As does Bill Clinton -I actually thought he must be gravely ill!

MaizieD Tue 03-May-22 23:56:09

He's lost it too fast. Not healthy.
10 to 1 he'll put it all back on again.

Urmstongran Wed 04-May-22 05:59:09

I get the ‘low carbs’ idea etc it’s just that I’m astonished at the huge amount he’s lost in such a very short time.

Esspee Wed 04-May-22 08:06:20

I put on weight over lockdown and am now worried that when I eventually pick up the courage to diet I'll end up with surplus skin and saggy breasts.
Davey's extremely rapid weight loss has to be unhealthy.

Joseanne Wed 04-May-22 08:13:01


I get the ‘low carbs’ idea etc it’s just that I’m astonished at the huge amount he’s lost in such a very short time.

I'm in competition with him. It's seems easy enough if you eat (good nutritious) rabbit food.
4 weeks = 1 stone 2 lbs
But as someone said, just for a short while - to go on holiday and eat, eat, eat.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 04-May-22 08:26:32

I would find no joy at all in that diet. What a boring existence. I do like to look forward to a meal!

Kim19 Wed 04-May-22 08:27:53

I'm so glad to read this explanation of his weight loss. I actually thought campaigning was making him ill. He certainly doesn't look well to me but I'm sure he is in good hands.

Riverwalk Wed 04-May-22 08:36:25

I haven't read the article as it's behind the Telegraph's paywall - maybe it was an attempt to reverse/prevent Type 2 diabetes. This sort of drastic diet does seem to be successful for that.

Obviously keeping it off will be hard but is do-able with determination and hard work.

Yes Clinton and Lawson did look gaunt when they lost weight but they were both very overweight with round podgy faces so it's the face we focus on. Clinton's had heart problems/surgery over the years to I expect he was ordered to lose weight or else!

JaneJudge Wed 04-May-22 08:41:25

why do men lose weight quicker than women?

when i went to a slimming club the men would always lose huge amounts quite quickly whilst all the women had much smaller losses over a longer period of time

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 04-May-22 08:43:51

It would be good as a 5:2 diet, I hate walnuts, lentils, kimchi and edamame beans, so would have to double up on …….fish?
but I would have to stay close to the loo as well.

Well done though.

Joseanne Wed 04-May-22 08:48:07

Didn't the same thing happen in the case of Theresa May? I think she was diagnosed with diabetes.

Mamie Wed 04-May-22 08:57:00

I think Theresa May has type 1 diabetes, you can't reverse that.
I agree that it sounds a bit like the Newcastle? regime at the start of low-carbing. Once you introduce healthy fats back in it becomes much easier.
We did a gradual low-carb diet some years six or seven ago. We have stuck to it and never put the weight back on. DH had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, but has never needed medication. It does work.

karmalady Wed 04-May-22 09:06:07

good on him, that is a very good quick start to a healthier lifestyle, as long as he builds in some exercise. No doubt that was media clickbait and no doubt that he would not be so foolish so as to keep that daily diet as it is. He now needs to add various foods. I am sure he knows that. Something must have sparked an alarm bell in him