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I love GB News

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MrsHappy Wed 29-Jun-22 15:02:44

I recently started watching GB News and am finding it so interesting. Once you get past the different format to the usual news programmes it is very good. There are so many different views expressed from all political spectrums. I like that contributors are allowed to say their piece and it's then debated. Not just left or right wing views.

Zonne Wed 29-Jun-22 15:14:29



karmalady Wed 29-Jun-22 15:18:11

Me too, I like how every person is given time to speak without interruption. Eamonn and Isabel are a breath of fresh air early morning with Stephen Dixon and Anne Diamond at the weekend. I also like very much that Calvin Robinson ordination was shown

DiamondLily Wed 29-Jun-22 15:24:36

My DH loves this channel, first thing. I can't stand that dirge of the national anthem, that early, so it goes on mute, for a minute or so, but the rest is ok.

The only thing is that the production goes down at times, and outside broadcasts go horribly wrong.

Bea65 Wed 29-Jun-22 15:26:38

Sorry am not a fan...I need subtitles as vision is not good..

MerylStreep Wed 29-Jun-22 15:28:56

People who bash it think that it’s output is to the right of Genghis Khan. I’ve more derogatory/ scathing comments on the Tory party than any other news outlet ever
My favourite is Free Speech Nation with Andrew Doyle.
If it’s so right wing why do they have so many left wing guests?

volver Wed 29-Jun-22 15:32:12

I've never managed to last longer than 10 minutes with it so, in the interests of research, can someone please name some of these left wing guests they have on and tell me when and where, so that I can go and watch it on catchup?

I understand Farage is on a lot, and he regularly bashes the Tories. I guess we need a new distinction of what constitutes "right wing".

MerylStreep Wed 29-Jun-22 15:36:03

Here is one regular guest on GB News and Andrew Doyle, a presenter.
Both left wing.

karmalady Wed 29-Jun-22 15:36:20

I like it on the radio too, I get so fed up with radio 4 and often don`t want music

Galaxy Wed 29-Jun-22 15:36:27

To be fair there was a time when I thought Farage must be having intimate relationships with someone at the BBC he was on so much.

volver Wed 29-Jun-22 15:46:03


Here is one regular guest on GB News and Andrew Doyle, a presenter.
Both left wing.

This guy? The one who was prosecuted for hate speech?

And her? The former IRA supporter?

You don't get to be left wing just by saying you're left wing ?

volver Wed 29-Jun-22 15:48:22

Sorry MerylStreep, I forgot to say thank you for answering me. flowers

Galaxy Wed 29-Jun-22 15:55:37

He hasnt been prosecuted has he. I have followed him for a long time and am not aware of that and cant find it anywhere? Titania is a parody account and they often suspend that which is fairly funny.

MerylStreep Wed 29-Jun-22 15:57:01

Your correct. He’s never been prosecuted.

Galaxy Wed 29-Jun-22 15:57:24

He is a centrist at heart I think and thinks identity politics cause damage, very committed to free speech.

volver Wed 29-Jun-22 16:02:54

Agreed, he has never been prosecuted, my mistake.

Also I don't think I meant "right wing" or "left wing". The bits I've seen are very confrontational and dismissive of what they believe to be "woke".

twinnytwin Wed 29-Jun-22 16:03:19

I'll watch it occasionally. I like the format and find the views of presenters and guests interesting, even if I may not agree with them all the time. I get disallusioned with the BBC for its blatent bias sometimes and can't get on with Kay Burley etc on Sky so it's nice to have a different programme to watch.

tickingbird Wed 29-Jun-22 16:41:27

Ken Livingstone is one left winger I’ve seen on GB News. I believe it was Farage he was chatting to. All very civilised and although they weren’t in agreement on everything, they discussed why they felt as they did.

It is refreshing to listen to opposing viewpoints without someone shouting or talking over the other person.

Mamardoit Wed 29-Jun-22 17:19:11

Lembit Opik has been on a few times and Benjamin Butterworth is often on there. A few of the Jeremy Vine regulars too. Not that I watch JV now.

I quite like watching the daytime presenters but rarely watch in the evening. Much better than anything on the BBC. I do watch Sky when Kay Burley isn't on.

Oldbat1 Wed 29-Jun-22 20:01:52

No way! It is like watching a gcse class attempting to do a news program - in fact the gcse class would do it better.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 29-Jun-22 20:06:06

Stephen Dixon, Ann Diamond, Eamonn Holmes - no thanks.

Urmstongran Wed 29-Jun-22 20:07:34

I like it.

DiamondLily Thu 30-Jun-22 04:43:01

It's very lightweight, with too many "has been" presenters, but it is an alternative to the mainstream news programmes.

They do have some interesting discussions on there, although they don't seem to get any of todays well known politicians going on there.

Mamardoit Thu 30-Jun-22 08:23:46

They do have members of the shadow cabinet on. John Healey was on today. So they do have those who would like to become well known. The interviewers let them speak too.

DillytheGardener Thu 30-Jun-22 08:37:50

DH who has become a slave to the idiot papers like The Daily Mail and the Sun, watches it occasionally. As far as I can see it looks like a another poster said, a bunch of has beens and imo lunatics.
Rather jealous of my son living in NZ, apparently devoid of fringe media and tabloids.